indigo-klaire Indigo Klaire

About a daughter of a wealthy family finally figures out why her family is so weird. She finds out a dirty secret that her family has been hiding from her..

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Chapter One:

I am a woman of color. I am proud of who I am. Nothing is going to stop me from being proud of myself and color.

Wait. I am dreaming.

I woke up from my nap. I was wide awake. Children playing in the garden woke me up. I heard their little giggles and them chasing each other around while screaming. I looked into the mirror. I saw a dark figure. A beautiful one. I walked over to my small closet. The doors were falling off the hinges and the wood was peeling. I stared into it and started looking for clothes. I put on a light yellow shirt with a pair of overalls. They were a faded light blue. They were darker at one time, but they faded from all of the work I've been doing.

My walk to work begins on a dirt trail in the middle of a large forest. I love passing by flowers and falling leaves. Everything is so green and natural. I have some animal friends too, they see me and run up to me and I pet them on the head. Most of the animals are stray dogs or cats, chipmunks, squirrels, birds, or rabbits. I just love animals. The one chipmunk that visits me everyday is Suzie. She is my best friend. I love her with all of my heart. She has a orange tint to her fur. Like one of my friends, May. She has orange hair. I love it. It matches her nicely. Not because she is pretty, because she has a fiery temper. I love to see her dance around in the flower patches. She always wears dresses with flowers on them. I love her, but we are forbidden to talk to each other.

I walk pass her every morning when I am walking to work. She will smile at me. I just put my eyes on the floor. It hurts my heart, but it is the only way for me to not get into trouble. Her daddy was my boss for some time and I couldn't talk to May.

When I'm done slipping on my overalls and shirts. I begin my journey. --to the kitchen of course-- and I snatch some biscuits out of my fridge. I have been very busy after work. I have been attending my garden. I love growing food and watching plants grow. It seems like just yesterday I was a little girl picking flowers from the plantation my parents worked on. It was my favorite thing to do. Watching flowers grow.

I have been listening to my radio. I have been hearing news about a man names Martin Luther King Jr. He seems like a nice man. I hear how he is making peaceful protests. That's just what I like to hear. No violence. I have seen signs in my town saying "White" and "Colored". I would try to get me some water and I can't because there is nothing around that says colored. I see white people going into stores and small shops all of the time. I feel a ting of anger. I try not to show it as I stare into my reflection in a window at a white only clothes shop.

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