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Iris is a young woman looking to join a group and become a hero, on the way she meets the man of her dreams but will it last? Will she become the woman she wants to be or someone else?

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Prologue: The Start of a New Life

Iwas aboutten when I ran away from home. I ran away for a few reasons, but the biggest one was probably the fact that my parents had thrown our most expensive China at my head and then yelled at me for breaking it. I mean, I wasn't even in the room!

But I am getting a little ahead of myself, my name is Iris and I am an Elipson of the Crimson Pack and I am in love with the Gamma. There I go again, sorry.

As I was saying I left for a pretty good reason. But even though it was for a good reason, but I still regret it deeply. After all, I left my sister to the mercy of my parents by running away alone.

what I just told you was one of the many reasons I left. It would take me millions of pages to tell you all of the reasons, but I will do the best I can. Some of the many reasons why I left are: I only got fed twice a month, I was beaten every freaking day, my parents killed every pet I had, and they killed all of my siblings except Margrett, my little sister. Now that you have some idea if why I ran away, let me explain why they are not in jail. The reason they are not in jail is simple, really simple actually. There is no such thing as a prison where I live. The reason is the place I live is not actually your world. I probably should go into that more huh?

We live in a world called Fleur de lune or in your language, which I believe, in English is Moon Flower. And I live on a continent named Shadowcrest. There aren't countries or even different continents. There is one big continent, and that whole thing is one big country.

In this world, there are things called Hidden, and they tear apart your town, and they kill your children and spouse. They have no heart or soul, and it is incredibly hard to kill them. I probably should tell you why we aren't dead yet. Well, the reason is that there are people who cankill them.

These people all live together like pack and hint, train, and kill together; much like wolves. That is why they are known as the Crimson Pack. The Crimson Pack has nine rankings, but three if them only have one person each. There's 1 Alpha (leader), 1-3 Betas (heirs), 1 Gamma (wild cards, meaning that they would take over Alpha if all the heirs die or Delta if he or she dies), 1 Delta (general), 2 Epsilon's (second best, first is Gamma), 4 Zetas (guards), 20 Lots (messangers), 200 kappas (foot soldiers), and 100 Omegas (servants that cook and clean camp). However, women fall into a completely different category, there are very few women here just because they like to stay safer at home instead of dying in battle.

Now that I have bored you to death, I will tell you what I was wearing when I ran away. I ran away wearing only a tank top and shorts. I didn't have any shoes, water, food, anything. I know your thinking that I was foolish not to plan. And I was! But that was because they threw, they blamed, I ran. That was how it went. I probably gotten some stuff as I ran out the door, but I wasn't thinking straight.

Anyway, as I ran, I tried to think of some way to get shelter, but I couldn't think of a way to ask for it without seeming like a beggar. I was about to give up hope when I stumbled across a waterfall. I decided to go on the other side since there was usually a cave, but after I walked through, I saw a man walk throught the wall. I was curious, so I walked up to it, and suddenly there were these guards on either side of me saying, "Who are you?"

I was stunned, after all, they seemed to come out of thin air. But I managed to say, "Iris, Iris Williams, I am running away from home and was hoping to find the Crimson Pack." That seemed to jar them.

"How do you know where we are?"

We? I thought to myself. "Ummm, I just took a gamble. I guess I do get lucky sometimes."

They talked amongst themselves but finally said: "Right this way Miss, you shall meet the Alpha.". They walked up to the wall and muttered, "mi amor hrabri." Then we just walked through the wall into a beautiful camp. Surrounding the entire camp there was a huge wall covered with vines. The camp itself is pretty big. As you walk in, on your left there is a giant bunker house, which I found out later is where everyone sleeps. And to your right is a large tent with people eating in it, it's the eating house and has a kitchen behind it. Behind everything, except the wall, was a hugetraining area. I finally looked straight ahead to see a huge mansion, or mini palace, with guards posted on either side of the door.

As we walked up to it, I felt my knees start to shake. I mean who could be this important? We walked up to the doors, and the guards guarding me walked up to the guards at the door and said: "We need to see the Alpha immediately." The guards looked at them, at me, at each other, and then at me again and nodded. They turned and walked inside, shutting the door behind them. The guards with me nodded at me politely and said, "Tell the Alpha what you told us and why you ran away from where you had been. We must be getting back. Good luck!" With that, they turned and left.

I must admit that I was a bit nervous. I mean I didn't know how I was supposed to address the Alpha, much less greet him. As I was freaking out about all of this, the guards for the Alpha came back and told me to come with them to see the Alpha. I was terrified, but I willingly followed, wondering if he was going to be mad at me.

When we arrived at his study, I was brought inside and got to see a strong, tired, bored, old man in his 50s early 60s. The room itself was very nice. It had a big brown desk and old paintings lining the room. There were two comfy-looking chairs in front of the desk and one behind the desk.

"Sit down my child. Let us talk about why you want to join." He said pointing to a chair and handing me some hot chocolate. I felt like I could trust him, so I was signed up for their pack. They handed me clothes which I was told to put on.

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