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Jungkook finds himself in a mental dilemma for a few moments: he finally decides to risk the danger that this intruder, who easily entered his house, may represent for him.

Fanfiction Bandas/Cantantes Sólo para mayores de 21 (adultos).

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Chapter 1

Jungkook was lying exhausted on his bed. This week he had decided to place a brown plush duvet over him for the cold season. Zero degrees Celsius could be read on the news. He was in his boxer shorts. There was no problem since he was now in his own home: the one he and his partner had got together. It was not long before his husband arrived and he wanted to surprise him. In addition, he already had a very high libido and the desire to be intimate with him was already unbearable. He went to her closet and squatted down to reach the drawers at the bottom. He opened the one he had designated for his underwear and rummaged underneath. Out of habit, what he planned to wear was tucked under all other underwear. At last he found what he was looking for and proceeded to put it on him. The sensation of the tiny thong creeping up his legs aroused him even more. Feeling the elastic adjust to his thighs and as the back strap rises a little more, it enters through the middle of your buttocks. That was the feeling he liked the most because in his case, that was one of her most erogenous zones. He knew his husband would love it: especially after several months of leg exercise at the gym. He put on his pants and his shirt and sat on the bed to look at the cell phone, enjoying the sensation of the thong tightening through the middle of his buttocks and squeezing right there. He looked at his cell phone screen and checked his messages: his husband would arrive at any moment.

Just as he placed the cell phone on the bed he heard the keys jangle as they were pulled out of his pockets and the unmistakable footstep of his husband in the living room after opening the front door. He hurried down the stairs to pounce on him, and when he reached the living room, he became petrified: The man in the living room was not his husband.

The person in front of him was much taller than Jungkook and looked as if he had recently left the auto shop a few blocks from his house. With a deep throaty voice he approached Jungkook with one hand in his pockets. Jungkook froze; it was certain that what the man was trying to get out of his pockets was a weapon or even worse: a razor. He had always joked with his friends and family that one of the most horrible ways to die was by being burned or stabbed. It seemed that his end would be the second way.

"The money is in the main room. On the second floor,” Jungkook said hurriedly and with a trembling voice. The man just grunted and kept walking in their direction. The boy was still motionless.

Suddenly Jungkook saw how his hands were extended towards him at the height of his waist. There was nothing I could do. The man took it and pulled it towards him with incredible force and began to kiss his neck aggressively. Jungkook's head was spinning non-stop: he was supposed to be afraid for his life, but he wasn't. He hated to admit it but it had ignited something in him that he did not know or perhaps had repressed. All his fears disappeared and the question arose: If that individual did not intend to harm him, what was he looking for? The answer was pretty obvious, but why?

Jungkook still had no control over his body and his hands were still glued to his sides. The man slid his gigantic hands down his back and began to insert them under his pants and felt his fingers feel the elastic of the underwear he was wearing and with it an uncontrollable flame ignited inside him: He no longer thought about his husband who would undoubtedly arrive at any moment. If he found him, it didn't matter. The moment was too exciting. The man put his right hand under his pants and at the same time grabbed the elastic from both sides and pulled up as Jungkook heard a growl in the man's throat. He felt like with that pull his underwear was getting even more between him buttocks and rubbing hard there: in his most sensitive erogenous zone. He couldn't help it: A moan came from his mouth, soft but audible after all.

"I knew you'd like it," the man said in an extremely guttural voice. “From the outside you look very sophisticated, but I knew you'd be a horny bitch if someone played your keys the right way.”

The big man continued to stretch Jungkook’s thong while sucking on the boy’s neck and letting the elastic settle over his hipbones. Then Jungkook could feel the scratchy skin on that guy's limbs lick his buttocks. He could feel each of his fingers and without thinking he wrapped his arms around the man's torso. The intruder squeezed Jungkook’s buttocks even tighter and lifted him off the ground and Jungkook was able to be even more aware of the thin strip that stretched between his buttocks. The invader led him to the second floor as if he knew where the room —where he and his husband slept— was located. Upon arrival, he pressed Jungkook over the cold bedroom door that was ajar and rushed through it, then threw Jungkook back onto the bed. The thief, as Jungkook began to call him in his mind, put his hands behind his knees as he made his way between his legs to get on top of him. Jungkook could feel every muscle in his abs through his shirt and he let the guy take off his shirt. The man then did something Jungkook did not expect: He kissed his mouth and bit his lower lip.

Jungkook was ecstatic. If it hadn't been for his head spinning at that moment, he would have had an orgasm. The thief broke away from him for a moment to unbutton his pants and strip him of them. Then, he slowly removed his underwear and Jungkook could feel the elastic of his thong roll up while the strap that went between his buttocks was gradually coming out of its hiding place. When the man had thrown the clothes to the ground, he proceeded to remove his shirt and unbutton his pants. Jungkook realized that the thief was not wearing underwear when he began to lower his pants and decided to look away so that he would not discover him staring so intently.

Already naked, the intruder raised Jungkook's shirt to his ribs and began to kiss his stomach and slowly went down until he reached Jungkook's penis, which at that moment was fully erect. To his surprise, the thief did not stop there but continued down to his most intimate parts until he reached his rear. Jungkook could feel a wet tingle there and stifled a giggle. The invader kept doing his thing while Jungkook bit his lip. That feeling was totally new to him. He had never done it with his partner.

"Go on," he said, unable to contain his words any longer.

Jungkook felt something a little warmer and drier break through. He put his chin on his chest so he could see better and saw the man manipulating that sensitive part with one of his fingers. He withdrew it and proceeded to insert two. Jungkook could feel the small resistance his body offered to contact with a foreign object but there was no pain. Yet.

"You're still very tense, kid."

The hefty man began a rocking motion with his hand and then gradually began to insert three fingers now. Jungkook felt a bit of pain but got used to it. The thief put his fingers inside Jungkook a little more and turned his hand a little so that Jungkook could not contain a sound made by his throat. He no longer offered resistance. The man withdrew his hand leaving only the tip of three fingers inside and proceeded to insert a quarter, this time he pushed his hand a little more, turning it so that his palm would be turned towards the ceiling and with his thumb he began to massage, exerting little pressure , that area between Jungkook's private parts and his rear area. Jungkook tightened his fingers around the edge of the mattress and bit his lip. He wanted to release one hand and begin to masturbate while he enjoyed it all, but he wanted to extend that moment of pleasure and held back.

"I know you like it," the intruder said, then stopped and began to withdraw his hand, "but you'll like this better."

The man straightened, and this time Jungkook was able to appreciate the man's reproductive system in its entirety. It was fully erect and he could feel it curving slightly towards his navel. The intruder took Jungkook's legs behind the knees and pulled them towards his chest, keeping them shoulder-width apart. Then he moved his hips to caress the boy's anus with his member, while Jungkook also raised his hips to also contribute to that exciting massage. The man stopped suddenly and pushed a little and the tip of his member fit perfectly in Jungkook's first sphincter.

"Stop," Jungkook objected as he put a hand on the man's abs, who ignored him completely; He did not keep pushing but with one hand he held his penis and began to make circular movements to get Jungkook used to it. He seemed determined that the boy would enjoy it all.

After a few seconds he kept pushing and once Jungkook's sphincters stopped offering resistance and a little more than half of his member was already inside him, he gave an onslaught that drew a moan from Jungkook's mouth, which by his intensity could be mistaken for a scream. The young man was totally aware of that intimate part of his body, he could feel the pressure exerted by that man's member on the walls of his anus, especially on the frontal walls that were closer to his reproductive system; He could also feel the intruder's pubic hairs on his testicles and on his buttocks as they brushed against his testicles. The urge to masturbate was almost unbearable and he had to summon all his strength to contain himself. Jungkook then felt an uncomfortable sensation as the robust man withdrew his member completely and then rammed it again. The force with which he did it was such that Jungkook's penis moved a little like when his legs bounce when they hit his knees with a small hammer and now he could not stop moaning.

The thief kept doing his thing for a few minutes and then leaned forward to kiss Jungkook's neck. He could feel a little tug on both legs as he had to bend a little more supporting the weight of the intruder. Now the man was completely on him and instinctively Jungkook arched his back a little so that the other could wrap his huge arms around him. The man did so as if reading his thoughts. Jungkook wanted to feel it even more inside him, if that was possible, and he wrapped his legs and arms around him while the thief continued to kiss his neck. That would probably leave marks on him, which he would later have to hide from his partner, but that would happen later, he had no head to worry about that now. The moment was so exciting.

The man pulled him closer and began to bend slightly at the back, so that his hips rose and fell so that he could maintain the back and forth motion. Jungkook could feel the intruder's private parts totally against him and the rest of his body as well. Everything was so intimate.

"I think I'm going to cum," Jungkook said as the man pulled him closer to him and the back and forth motion made the intruder's abs brush against the young man's penis.

The strong man stopped and straightened up again without withdrawing his member.

"Turn around keeping me inside you."

Jungkook without hesitation carefully passed one leg in front of him to be face down only supported by his knees and elbows.

"I want you to put your cheek on the mattress and your hands in front of your head." I want to see them all the time because I don't want you to touch yourself, ”he told Jungkook.

Once Jungkook was placed in that position in a totally submissive way, he felt exposed and vulnerable. The man took him by his hips and continued to thrust him several times now even harder. With each thrust Jungkook moaned louder and louder and felt his penis wobble with all that hustle and bustle. When he felt his neck numb from being in that position with his cheek on the mattress, he rested his forehead and then the top of his head and from that angle he could see how a transparent liquid drained from his member and fell on the mattress. It drove him crazy to see how the man's testicles collided with his own as the intruder's large member disappeared behind him.

"Now start masturbating. I'm about to cum,” the muscular man ordered as he spread Jungkook’s buttocks a little wider and went deeper with each thrust.

Jungkook leaned on one of his elbows and obeyed. That man kept ramming him even faster and began to moan louder and louder.

Jungkook began to ejaculate first and could feel the contraction of his sphincters around the man as he released one last loud moan and pressed his hips to Jungkook's buttocks as if he wanted his whole body to be inside him. The young man could feel the slight pumping that the man's member made inside him when he ejaculated.

Moaning and panting, the two stayed like that for a few moments until the intruder withdrew his member from the young man. Jungkook had a strange sensation at first and then a hollow sensation in his anus.

Jungkook rolled onto his back and then sat on the edge of the bed as he watched the man pick up his pants and put them back on top.

"You liked it right?" The man asked as he gave a mocking laugh.

Now it was shame that washed over Jungkook. How was he going to explain everything to her husband if he found out? Should he tell him? Ultimately, he had had sex with a complete stranger in every sense of the word. He had let someone who had entered his house, an intruder, touch him and have sex with him. He had let someone else dominate him.

“Yes. I liked it. But, who are you? What is your name?”

“I can not tell you. You just have to know that everything is fine. You don't need to say anything to your partner. Trust me.”

"Do you know my partner?" Jungkook asked, startled.

"Don't ask questions and enjoy," he said as he finished dressing. Dress up and act like nothing happened. He'll be here soon, ” the man said as he picked something up from the ground. I think you should go put this away, ”and he handed Jungkook his thong.

Jungkook watched as the man came out of his bedroom and was able to appreciate his broad back and powerful legs again. Then he heard the downstairs door slam shut.

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