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Lucas Williams is a young Navy Seal that just got back and things between him and his long time best friend get heated

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Chapter 1

Smiling, Lucas Williams, the eldest of the Williams triplets, slid into the booth with his brothers, Liam and Logan, and their older brother, Matthew.

"You out yet?'

"Sorry, Liam. It's not gonna happen. I can't believe Logan lost so quickly."

"Not even a month."

Grinning, Logan folded his hands behind his head and leaned back. Matthew yawned as the triplets continued their bickering.

"With you guys being Navy Seals, y'all shouldn't argue as bad as y'all do."

Lucas and Liam looked at their big brother with shocked expressions.

"Since when do we need advice from a priest?"

"I wasn't born into priesthood, you know."

"You act like it."

"Ok. Here's a non-priest thing. Shut the hell up."

Lucas pretended to look surprised, as Liam began to comment.

"Uh oh, the priest cussed! Aren't you gonna get in 'big trouble' with God?"

"Just shut up, Liam Alexander Williams!"

"Okay, okay. I was trying to have some fun. Jeez."

"You're idea of 'fun' is to annoy the fuck out of me? What the hell!"

"Sorry! Don't yell at me! Yell at Logan for losing the bet!"

Lucas laughed at his brothers. Logan sighed and closed his eyes softly.

"Will you two stop fighting? The waitress is coming over."

Narrowing his eyes at Liam, Matthew motioned for Lucas to order for him.

"He'll have the Chicken parmesan and I'll have Chicken Cord on Blue."

Smiling, the waitress scrawled it down and looked at Liam, who ordered spaghetti. Logan wasn't hungry.

"Just a water, please."

"Okay. Everything will be out in a few minutes."

Lucas nodded at her gently and she winked at him. Stomach growling noisily, Liam stretched.

"Damn, that food can't get here any faster."

Matthew narrowed his eyes at his younger brother, muttering "Do you ever shut up anymore?"

"Nope. I no longer keep my mouth shut."

Lucas sighed.

"Just stop with the arguing. Both of you."

"Fine," Liam and Matthew mumbled together, still glaring at each other. Lucas glanced at Logan and they shared a secretive smile.

"Matthew, don't you think it's childish that you're arguing with your younger brother?" Logan asked playfully.

"Not you too!"

"I'm just playing. Just relax, Matt. Everything's gonna be fine."

"Lucas, you've been rather silent. How come?"

"Nothing. I'm just bored. Logan, how's the married life going for ya?"

"It's great. You should try it."

"Yeah, no."

"There's got to be a girl that's caught your eye."

Not a girl. Lucas thought.


"Wow. What about you Liam?"

"No way."

"What is wrong wrong with you two and marriage?"

"Let's see, I don't like being tied down."

Running his hand through his hair, Lucas got up and walked out the door. He was in a bit of a hurry. He needed to get to Mark's garage.

You're in bad shape, Lucas Williams.

Lucas smacked his palms on the steering wheel before he started his 1991, ice blue mustang. As the vehicle roared to life, Matt dashed out.

Just my luck.

"Where you heading?"

"What's it to you?"

"No need to be so rude. Just curious."

"Curiosity killed the cat."

"Nevermind. I'm getting the feeling that you don't want me to know where you're going."

"Who would've thought that, dear brother."

"I get it, I get it. See you around, Lucas."

"See ya."


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