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Celestine's World

A young woman suffering from hallucinations sees a different world thru the eyes of an abused girl, desperately asking to be saved from her hellish life. Suspenso/Misterio EMPIEZA A LEER

The Baying of the Hounds

A man tormented by his past hides from the world. Cuento EMPIEZA A LEER

The Shopping Mall

A story about the bless of obedience, and also the effects of the lack of it. Drama EMPIEZA A LEER


<<Último aviso para los pasajeros del vuelo IB7856 con destino a Nueva York. Embarque por puerta D27>> Cuento EMPIEZA A LEER

Querida Iris

Relatos de mis sueños, pesadillas y anécdotas. Paranormal EMPIEZA A LEER

Sueño interrumpido

Mi historia para el concurso Microrelato (ya acabado) Horror EMPIEZA A LEER

The Last Royal Standing

I've lived my whole life far away from home, my name is Kate, short for Kathering De Lavingee the second. I was never supposed to be born, nobody in my kingdom knows of my existence. I'm the last d... Ficción adolescente EMPIEZA A LEER

The Man Who Was Not There

As I was walking in my house, I saw a man who was not there, he was not there again and now I hope for the man to go. #MicroPanic #HorrorStory Cuento EMPIEZA A LEER

Vale Dicere

Uma poderosa Rede Científica chamada “Organização Phoenix” é comandada pelo ambicioso Dr. Addan Melvick que realiza experiências ilícitas nos laboratórios do hospital sem que as autoridades britâni... Post-apocalíptico EMPIEZA A LEER