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Short Story- Twins

Twins is about getting away with crime. The justice system. Stereotype. Crimen EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland X Part 3: The Big Fight Part 2

Colourea fights Easeion, Crayon and Colour Dictator fight against Colourik and Malicia. Acción EMPIEZA A LEER

Filthy Dark Secrets

Every hero has a villainous side which becomes a FILTHY DARK SECRET. ___________________________________________ "Don't worry, you are safe here Miss Alpha ." He said while pulling on the chains ... Crimen EMPIEZA A LEER

The Guillotine

The text talks about the invention and use of the guillotine. It was originally written in Portuguese and aimed at children and adolescents, so whenever a less colloquially used term appears, a syn... No-ficción EMPIEZA A LEER