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Angels & Demons A Jewish Perspective

Mankind has always been fascinated by the dark, mysterious & even malevolent forces in the world. Terrifying & haunting images that hide in the primal ravines of our psyche reminding us we are afra... EMPIEZA A LEER

Angels Of Three

Unseen watchers watch over both the wayward and faithful children of God. EMPIEZA A LEER

A Thousand Moons: A Christian Poetry Collection

A smile. A tear. Dancing in the meadows. A poetry collection. EMPIEZA A LEER

Call It What You Will

A Spiritual Examination of Sin and what it means to our souls. 🙏 EMPIEZA A LEER


Yet again, a story of romance arises in the Churchill neighborhood; but this time, it's just not really your ordinary romance. ... "Hey! What are you doing?" Jesse stepped back. "Are you a perver... EMPIEZA A LEER

Ellie's lessons

What my dog teaches me about life. EMPIEZA A LEER

Finding Eden

A wreck lands a man on the island of paradise. EMPIEZA A LEER

Finding Eden

A wreck lands a man on the island of paradise. EMPIEZA A LEER

Flowers From A Killer

"Hello my Sweet. Did you really think I would let you go? Your mine, and I will never let you leave." I just wanted one day. One lousy day to be a normal girl. No guards. No overprotective dads. N... EMPIEZA A LEER

Like A Tree

A little song based off of Psalms EMPIEZA A LEER

Look What The Lord Has Done: A Pentecostal Book Of Miracles

A book of miracles among Pentecostal Christian circles. EMPIEZA A LEER

Prayer Life

A prayer garden with different prayers suitable for different occasions and different type of human relationships EMPIEZA A LEER

The Bishop's Daughter

Tabbie Kimball grew up in the Mormon church. Her family had always had a squeaky clean image, her father’s distinguished image even landing him the position of Ward Bishop. Her sister, Demi, had ju... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Miracle Of A New Being

One of the satisfactions that a couple can feel is at the moment when they realize that they are going to be parents, but what happens when the opposite happens? I invite you to discover it in this... EMPIEZA A LEER

What If...?

Swaziland was her home. Key word "was". But now she faced the challenge of having to go back there again. The place she left behind. PSA / Disclaimer: If you're on wattpad, you might have seen or ... EMPIEZA A LEER

An Unneccesary Pact

Perhaps at this moment no one knows you and somehow you long to be recognized and be the center of attraction. Possibly after you read this little story you can change the way you think EMPIEZA A LEER

A Serea

1º Entrega da serie "Fábulas Grotescas" Particular revisión do popular conto de Hans Christian Andersen. Conflicto entre a amizade e a falsedade, entre o compromiso e o egoismo, entre a tenrura e a... EMPIEZA A LEER

Christian Values Childcare in Mangere

New Zealand's most advanced philosophy surrounds our childcare and child-education system here in Rise and Shine. The founding philosophy of Rise and Shine is a combination of Reggio Emilia princip... EMPIEZA A LEER

Dangerous Dream

Rose queria que tudo não passasse se um maldito pesadelo, porém não podia fugir da realidade. Mesmo sempre colocando a vida de Lissa em primeiro lugar, Tatiana a atribuiu a outro morói depois da fo... EMPIEZA A LEER

Dulce Tortura

Cuando piensas que todo este perdido llega alguien que te hace ver lo contrario, es demasiado perfecto. Con esos ojos que enamoran, con esos labios que si los unes con los tuyos se te hacen adictos... EMPIEZA A LEER


El inicio de esta historia viene inspirada bajo experiencias reales. Mucho de esta ilustración es una metáfora que proyecta un romance juvenil con el que cualquiera se puede identificar, pero más a... EMPIEZA A LEER

"I didn't know"

A life changing discovery. EMPIEZA A LEER

I'll follow You

Sienna es una mujer que ha vivido los últimos diez años de su vida enamorada de Samuel. Cuando un diagnóstico desafortunado la hace cuestionarse sobre el rumbo que va tomando su vida vuelve a casa ... EMPIEZA A LEER


Knock is a poem inspired by knocking on the door that leads to everlasting life. I’m looking for my master, I want to get in and with perseverance the door is opened. EMPIEZA A LEER

Lucifer’s Spawn [B x B]

Ryder never asked to be Lucifer's spawn. But when he finds Chrystian, God's Lead Angel, will he be able to change who he is through the power of love, or will he forever stay who he was born to be,... EMPIEZA A LEER

My experience with this side chic

It's a story of an upright Christian man who fell in love with his house help not knowing that the house help was on a mission to blackmail him and destroy his home. It's a story as told by the man... EMPIEZA A LEER


Anastácia Steele tinha uma vida perfeita... ou quase! Nasceu em berço de ouro, filha única, dona da maior editora de Seattle, para a sociedade não passava de uma mulher arrogante e pretensiosa, p... EMPIEZA A LEER