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En el universo de aether convergen los 9 reinos nordicos: Asgard(reino de los dioses) Alfheim (reino de los elfos de la luz) Jotunheim (reino de los gigantes) Midgar (reino de lo humanos) Nidavelli... EMPIEZA A LEER


Una piloto en desdicha de la Federación de Sol, un cazarrecompensas de los Hijos del Cometa y el hijo de un líder galáctico tendrán que descubrir el misterio de un sistema a 80 años luz. Llegar has... EMPIEZA A LEER

Antes da Nossa Primavera

Quando há perdas, o dia há de raiar sem flores. EMPIEZA A LEER

A Profecia dos Ossos

Após a Primeira Convergência, em 1900, o planeta Terra se tornou amaldiçoado por uma guerra infinita entre humanos e demônios. Quando a humanidade notou que a normalidade nunca retornaria, o nome d... EMPIEZA A LEER

Arcade Venture

“Welcome to Arcade Venture, the only entertainment adventures that leave you wanting more, step onto the ring, and feel the movement drawing you in,” The machine flashes once more… “What is happen... EMPIEZA A LEER

As Crônicas da Ordem e do Caos - A Batalha pelo universo (Livro Um)

Em um universo onde uma antiga raça terrorista espalha o medo de planeta em planeta, uma única pessoa é capaz de restabelecer o equilíbrio entre a ordem e o caos. Kara é uma jovem guerreira que hab... EMPIEZA A LEER

A Swandi Soldier

The young infantryman Dann travels to a foreign nation together with his companions of the Swandia army. There he will know a whole new world, and also stumble upon a secret that will change his li... EMPIEZA A LEER

A Witches Life: The Bloodline Curse

Annie, a just turning 16 year old teen, discovers that her whole life may have to change, due to the curse of her family Bloodline awakening. can she fend off the curse to her life? EMPIEZA A LEER


Locke has been plagued by vivid dreams. Of adventures, battles, victories and losses. Of friends met. Of friends lost. Of shame and honor. And of the end of life as he knows it. Some might say th... EMPIEZA A LEER


La familia DelBien se muda a una ciudad llamada Blueville, el hijo mayor, Norman descubre que hay criaturas magicas y una maligna entidad que a destruit todo, podra Norman salvar a su familia de la... EMPIEZA A LEER


Bonnibel já havia se tornado uma necessidade insaciável para Marceline, mas mesmo que pudesse escolher, ela sempre iria preferir sucumbir a esse desejo do que deixar de desejá-la de qualquer modo. ... EMPIEZA A LEER


Kiara Kendrick is living a happy life in a world to herself. She is now in a high school where she encounters a boy, senior to her who changes her life completely. She has been kep away from the tr... EMPIEZA A LEER

Broken Wing - GoM 1x1

It's the summer of 2008, and what's more important: it's time Alex Corban and her niece Claire take a well-earned week off in Flathead, Montana, to meet with Alex's old friends from school. Two gir... EMPIEZA A LEER

Bullet Holes

Spying on the neighbors through the powerful telescope installed on the top of the apartment's balcony, the young writer Roger ate the last slice of the chocolate cake that his mother, Anastacia, h... EMPIEZA A LEER


Ainda que Jolyne amasse borboletas, jamais conseguia controlar as que moravam em seu corpo todas as vezes que pensava em Anasui. [Analyne] [ Narciso Anasui x Jolyne Kujo] EMPIEZA A LEER

Can't be a fox without the long ears [English]

Let's just say it's a story about a fox and a sparrow having a good time together. Except the fox is actually a girl with a fluffy tail and the sparrow is smarter than her, and all they do is run a... EMPIEZA A LEER

Captured in perfection

The youngest out of six, nobody expects anything extraordinary from her. Infact, she was everything ordinary. Jada has to prove herself worthy of something. So, she decided take up a challenge no o... EMPIEZA A LEER


Carelessness is a disease and all human beings are affected by it. Here, one girl is being careless and so how is she suffering because of his carelessness? Are you careless? No, definitely not! Cu... EMPIEZA A LEER

Chef 3: Part 3- The Third One

The third installment in the Chef franchise. After the end, Chef must travel the world in order to save it from the forces of evil that plague our slowly dying planet. Chef has suffered major loss,... EMPIEZA A LEER

Ciella Book 2

The second of the 4 part saga Fighting for her future with Lewis, Nicole makes it a challenge to even look forward to that. Will Ciella and Lewis fight for their future together, or let their love ... EMPIEZA A LEER


Colourland is the story of Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler. They get into fights and work for a man named Challenger. EMPIEZA A LEER

Crimson Empire

The Dem'Sha lords had been hiding a powerful force sensitive member of their royal family, princess Aydanne. Wanting to secure power and to rise the new Empire on their planet, two of these lords m... EMPIEZA A LEER


One hundred years ago the witches cursed the werewolves, vampires, and humans, and trapped them Unable to leave, the humans quickly realized they would never be able to survive the vampires alone. ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Death of a King

Katherine did not want to return to the Institute. The monolithic establishment- born from dead Gods and mandated to protect humankind- is broken. It is also a painful reminder of her dead girlfrie... EMPIEZA A LEER

Densetsu ni narou: Seoul Nights


Depois da Ruína

Durante a pandemia de um vírus mortal que assola o mundo, os irmãos Annenberg, Alex e Ivan, deixam a vida como conhecem e mergulham de cabeça no desconhecido. A questão permanece - que destino terá... EMPIEZA A LEER

Don't you remember?

Jotaro nunca foi bom em lidar com sentimentos e, apesar de tantos anos, nunca soube seguir em frente com a lembrança de Noriaki Kakyoin em sua vida. Ao conhecer seu Tio adolescente, Josuke, teve ce... EMPIEZA A LEER

Echoes of the Awakening

I was told my awakening would bring power. I do not crave what the gods promised me, my spirit clamors for freedom. English version of my story Ecos do Despertar (original brazilian portuguese ver... EMPIEZA A LEER


He nacido en esta ciudad, he visto a muchos como yo caer en la por delitos estúpidos, algunos eran amigos míos, pero a nadie le importa, solo a mí. Llamar a la policía es incluso peor, te arrestan ... EMPIEZA A LEER

El vestido blanco

Andrés y Pedro se embarcan en lo que ellos creen que es una experiencia sobrenatural. Pero lo que ellos creen que es una aventura más se convierte en algo mucho más siniestro. EMPIEZA A LEER

El vestido blanco

Andrés y Pedro se embarcan en lo que ellos creen que es una experiencia sobrenatural. Pero lo que ellos creen que es una aventura más se convierte en algo mucho más siniestro. EMPIEZA A LEER


Esmee is the famous mermaid in her town of Levanto. When she returns to Portorosso, she meets up with old faces and opens a new door to questions she never expected to find the answers for. EMPIEZA A LEER


Until we rise and fight, we'd be trampled on. It is WAR! EMPIEZA A LEER

Fear to Dark

"La familia Joestar son estrellas luchando en la noche... Tú ahora eres una estrella consumiéndose. Me da miedo pensar que me vas a dejar en esta obscuridad, alumbrame más ¿si? Jotaro" Long-fic. ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Freedom of Space

The Transnational School of Space. Friendships will be forged, beliefs challenged and victories won but will they be enough to unite the world under one banner or will the world again be torn apart... EMPIEZA A LEER

Ghost Hunting

20 year old, Norah Beckett found herself in an unfamiliar place and an unfamiliar situation as soon as she woke up in a cabin in the woods that looked to be untouched by mankind. As many times as s... EMPIEZA A LEER

God's faulted star [unedited]

Mukhetwa is forced to leave everything she has ever known when her family has to move to a new city. Her life is turned upside down by her so called friends. Find out if her Christian morals will s... EMPIEZA A LEER

Gods of the Gaps

They say God never makes mistakes. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the deities you call "God" almost always screws up. It is up to us to fix those problems. Our presence is usually... EMPIEZA A LEER

Gray Aria [English]

We don't know when, we don't know how, and we don't know why, but something, or someone, tried to wipe out humanity, and it almost succeeded. That was centuries ago, and we know little about it. We... EMPIEZA A LEER

Her Protector

'I hear them calling for you, I feel the waves getting started. It's a rush inside I can't control, your eyes keep pulling me in," Alec whispered as he placed his head against mine. I sighed as I ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Hers Forever

𝘔𝘦𝘦𝘵 Annabeth Scrowly, 𝘢 𝘯𝘰𝘳𝘮𝘢𝘭 𝘨𝘪𝘳𝘭 𝘭𝘪𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘪𝘯 𝘢 𝘴𝘮𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘵𝘰𝘸𝘯 𝘪𝘯 𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘤𝘢, 𝘴𝘩𝘦 𝘢𝘭𝘸𝘢𝘶𝘴 𝘧𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘥 𝘪𝘵 𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘥 𝘧𝘪𝘯𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦, 𝘦𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘪𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘤𝘦 𝘴𝘩𝘦 𝘩𝘢𝘴 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘨𝘢𝘺. 𝘛𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘸𝘢𝘴𝘯'𝘵 𝘮𝘢𝘯𝘺 𝘨𝘪𝘳𝘭𝘴 𝘸𝘩𝘰 𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘦 lesbian, 𝘴𝘩𝘦 𝘯... EMPIEZA A LEER

Hijos del Arca

Un universo abandonado por su creador, es dejado a la suerte de Phy, Lo y Sophie quienes tras varios acontecimientos acabarán siendo recordados como el origen de una religión que domina en todo el ... EMPIEZA A LEER

I.G.O Rookie vs Vampire

In the year 2004, twelve year old Stephenie Hamilton, joins I.G.O when a vampire invades her dreams and threatens to capture her for her powers. Steph trains as an I.G.O agent and ends up travell... EMPIEZA A LEER


IMAGITOPIA. “ WHERE ARE WE?” A journey to another world. A world unexpected, with magic and adventure. “ WE NEED TO HELP THEM.” came to save the world of magic… Imagitopia. ” I have come here ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Inimigos Intimos

Ele se julga um ser perfeito, é um gênio, um louco, psicótico, presunçoso, inescrupuloso, sádico e leva sua sede de vingança as ultimas conseqüências e "ela" é a garota que teve a audácia de humilh... EMPIEZA A LEER


O sol voltou a brilhar, Kakyoin, ao menos lá fora. Eu ainda sinto o mesmo, depois de tanto tempo, eu ainda sinto o mesmo e sinto a sua falta. Eu só queria que você estivesse aqui pra ouvir isso e s... EMPIEZA A LEER

Interplanetary Online

It is 2053. Many things have transpired since then, global conflicts, resource shortages, advancements in technology (entertainment especially), all of it. However in response, world governments ha... EMPIEZA A LEER


''Olhou pro meu milkshake e furtou a minha cereja, não me importei, eu não gosto mesmo''. [Anos 50] [JotaKak] [Jotaro x Kakyoin] EMPIEZA A LEER


Dark magic induced beings threaten the town of Selasia- and soon to be the world. The only one who can stop them is Elowen, a young warlock with much power hidden inside of him. In order to do this... EMPIEZA A LEER

Kaima’s adventures book 1

It’s about an ordinary girl named Kaima that was having fun day at the beach, then she got hit by a meteor and her life changed as she became a mutant EMPIEZA A LEER

Kaima’s adventures book 4

It’s lovely conclusions for the characters EMPIEZA A LEER

Kyle, el Apocalipsis

Xavier y Kyle se enzarzan en una pelea por tener en su poder una droga muy especial. Atención: Fragmento con homoerótica explícita +18 NSFW EMPIEZA A LEER

La Baya Roja de Gérerdu

"Aquí, dejaré escrito lo que vi en esos lugares fuera del hogar ilusionista que, tal vez, pronto desaparezca de donde recide ahora, y ojalá, al menos recuerden porque atestiguo, que El Segundo Sueñ... EMPIEZA A LEER

La hora dorada

Ezra es un joven dios inmortal. Un dios que paradójicamente había muerto y despertado mil años después. Mil años antes, alegre, poderoso y osado tenía el mundo en sus manos. Estaba destinado a co... EMPIEZA A LEER

La Llamarada del Tiempo

En un mundo, donde aún con la presencia de la magia y las diferentes razas mitológicas que buscan cohabitar, existen poderes y seres que van más alla del entendimiento natural. Eiden, un joven huma... EMPIEZA A LEER

La tierra de nadie

En un mundo en que los recursos legaron a su limite, un grupo de amigos deciden encontrar las puertas de "Lomasbajas", un mítico pueblo en que según las leyendas dicen se encuentra un sociedad llen... EMPIEZA A LEER

La travesía de los titanes

Titán, un mundo en pleno florecimiento sociocultural se verá devastado por la llegada de Los Maestros, seres exteriores de tamaño descomunal y porte divino; criaturas tan gloriosas como terribles. EMPIEZA A LEER

Ligação de Emergência

E novamente, dispenso outro beijo para atender a sua ligação de emergência. [Songfic: Ligação de Emergência - Maiara e Maraísa] EMPIEZA A LEER

Living As Trash Villain.

Liam, 26-year-old guy, gets transmitted into a novel he read before his operation. And the body he possesses is going to die soon. How he will change the story in order to live. EMPIEZA A LEER

Lost in Seasons

Choose your own adventure-style story occurring in an alternate dimension EMPIEZA A LEER

manhãs frias e sofá

Era nos braços de Bruno que Leone encontrava conforto. [BruAbba][Feito para o Desafio Februabba][Dia 1 - Warmth] EMPIEZA A LEER

Midnight Eclipse, Book I [Heaven's Curse]

A DEADLY WAR. A POWERFUL WEAPON. A RUTHLESS INVASION. Gothalia Valdis has her demon to conquer and Noel-Len Ignatius has his home to save. What happens when two worlds collide? And, how will they b... EMPIEZA A LEER

Molly Moone and the winged Monkeys

Molly gets lost in the forest, hungry and on the search for her friend Spike she battles evil with her wits and saves the day. EMPIEZA A LEER

Monsters United: Adventures

Riley returns to the next Installment of the Monsters United Trilogy. Now graduated from MU, Riley is excited to work at MI as a Scare Alumni, but her life is once more turned around when her past ... EMPIEZA A LEER


Taking place after Season 5, Nicole, now have graduate college, is enjoying her life as a beginner scientist. When rifts begin popping up and causing problems, she must team up with her dimensional... EMPIEZA A LEER

O Arauto Manchado

Astato deseja ser um escritor, mas não se sente seguro para seguir o seu sonho por viver com uma família inteiramente de Exatas. Para a sua surpresa, seus irmãos decidem ajudá-lo através de uma inv... EMPIEZA A LEER

Ocean Blue

"It's always calm before the storm." That's what my Dad used to say to me, before he disappeared. I hadn't known how true that phrase was until Adrian showed up. And with him, the biggest storm I'v... EMPIEZA A LEER

Of Darkness and Wolves

Arianna always felt weird, as if she never fitted with normal people. Thankfully for her, Alexandra, her Romanian work colleague, is there to be her company and comfort. During a trip to Romania in... EMPIEZA A LEER

Onward and Beyond

Carissa is the typical 19 year old, but she has a strange past that calls her back to where it all started. Returning to New mushroomton 300 years later, she will make new friends and defeat a retu... EMPIEZA A LEER

Perdue en forêt

Jessica se promenait en vélo. Ses parents lui avaient interdit d'aller se promener en forêt, mais la jeune fille y était allée quand même. À cause de sa désobéissance, Jessica va vivre de périlleus... EMPIEZA A LEER

Peter's Happily Ever After

Landon Baptist has the most epic job almost everyone would love to have. He cherishes every winking moment of it and the best part is making people smile and happy. But when will his happily ever a... EMPIEZA A LEER

Pra me refazer

Sabe, Kakyoin...por você eu me refaço todos os dias sem me arrepender. [Jotaro x Kakyoin] EMPIEZA A LEER




Xin, once a warrior with a large, loving family, is now on his own fighting the monsters of this world. In this particular adventure, he meets up with an interesting woman, with an interesting powe... EMPIEZA A LEER

Raven Rise- Book I- Call of the Raven

Twelve years ago, things changed... Twelve years ago, the world changed. Twelve years later, a chance arose to fix it. Nobody thought it would be possible for the Catago to win the war, but they d... EMPIEZA A LEER


Time travel is now a reality. It is now safe for travel in space-time as no paradox can form. But things changes when a young agent starts realising that something is not right. EMPIEZA A LEER

Rise High

Nico Mazepin is an average 13 - year old kid. He seems to lead a pretty normal and boring life. So, when he suddenly gets a free plane ride with his brother Jeffy and his classmates, including some... EMPIEZA A LEER


''Por você, Bruno, eu me desfaço de todos os rótulos para ser só seu''. [BruAbba] [Bruno x Leone] EMPIEZA A LEER


Jules has no idea what she's getting into when she runs into Alex on her way home. She just assumes he's just the bad boy everyone says when he's in an alley with a mysterious suitcase and hooded f... EMPIEZA A LEER

Ruta 57

¿Puedes creer en que al final de cada aventura siempre hay un tesoro? Ciprian Jones se convirtió en Capitán de su barco a una edad muy temprana, él y su hermano Liam siempre habían sido unidos, ha... EMPIEZA A LEER


After the world has crumbled due to a deadly disease, leftover people are divided in two categories i.e adults and kids. All the kids until 20 lives in a place called mainland. But when Sawyer star... EMPIEZA A LEER

Scarfil Expanse

In a World where Factions exist. In a World where Water has Soaked up the Remaining Land, all but One. In a World where Fear Rules and Sacer, a Form of Alchemy, is all but Forgotten. A Journe... EMPIEZA A LEER

Se você quiser

Noriaki tentava se convencer que aquele encontro casual havia apenas significado sexo, pensou em mil possibilidades para ''negar o inegável'', desafiou a si mesmo a esquecer daquela história e nego... EMPIEZA A LEER

She-Ra: La Bizarra Carrera.

Invitados están todos a la carrera más grande y ambiciosa de todos los tiempos. ¡La primera copa “Love Train Race” auspiciada por los colonos del acero! ¡Nadie puede predecir lo que pasará! EMPIEZA A LEER


Simple living is something that Silver has never had the privilege of knowing. Orphaned with her little sister Avery, and dropped into the hands of her stripper aunt, she learned quickly that you h... EMPIEZA A LEER


"Não era segredo algum para o digimon que Takeru e Hikari estavam “enrolados” já há alguns tempos" "Era tão difícil assim para os dois simplesmente aceitarem o relacionamento sem se preocuparem com... EMPIEZA A LEER


Polnareff não sabia se o que sentia era recíproco ou unilateral. Entretanto, esperava que um milagre de Natal respondesse todas as suas perguntas. [Avdol x Polnareff] EMPIEZA A LEER

Spider's Edge

Spider’s Edge hovers on the border between the magical and the mundane, between the living and the dead, between the violent and the peaceful. It is like nothing any of us have ever seen before. An... EMPIEZA A LEER

Squad Files: BlackHeart

The continuation of 'Squad Files', follow the same heroes and some new ones! The multi-perspective adventure thriller. Solve the mystery of BlackHeart, a mysterious villain hellbent on destroying t... EMPIEZA A LEER

Tale of Tales

* Tale of Tales is a High/Epic Fantasy saga based on the motifs of ancient myths, legends, and forgotten fairytales * Senka is no hero, but you never know what is coming for you. And if that burns... EMPIEZA A LEER

Tale of Tales

* Tale of Tales is a High/Epic Fantasy saga based on the motifs of ancient myths, legends, and forgotten fairytales * Senka is no hero, but you never know what is coming for you. And if that burns... EMPIEZA A LEER

Tarde Vazia

Naquela tarde de outono, Noriaki teve certeza que a vida podia ser tão doce quanto seu cappuccino de chocolate. [Jotakak] [Jotaro x Kakyoin] [JotaKak Week] [Dia 2] EMPIEZA A LEER

The Adventurous 3

3 girls go on a boat but... Read on to find out more within The Adventurous.. EMPIEZA A LEER

The Demon of Locerus

"All I want from you is what you already aim to do: Kill the Demon of Locerus." Mithmeia Rhyre is on the hunt for the man, the monster, summoning blackened demons to raze towns and kidnap childre... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Dragonborn

In an immense planet, full of thousands of races and creatures, the story of Kinori stands out, a young man who appears to be human, but within himself carries a unique power, the dragon blood. He ... EMPIEZA A LEER

The GrimJack

Case Sanders has been a hunter for as long as he can remember. Haunted by the guilt of his master's death, he fights whatever evil he encounters and saves the lives of those who can't fight for the... EMPIEZA A LEER

The HACK Team

Cuatro amigas de diferentes partes del mundo, se reúnen en un videojuego que las llevará a diferentes aventuras por medio de la realidad virtual. Historia creada para el reto “El Aventurero” de... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Imitator's Ascension

Casimir Kismet is just your regular weeb who has a hobby of cosplaying, has a loving adorable little sister, supportive parents, and friends with a common hobby as him. An ordinary but conten... EMPIEZA A LEER

Their Bonds of Fate

The land of Elathia is inhabited by those with magic and others blessed by the moon goddess. A place filled with those who can do wondrous things and shift into ferocious creatures, it has long bee... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Lost Sword: Sicrammus

Three kingdoms live in harmony in a world where magic has been sealed for almost 300 years, in what is known as the lost kingdom of Légales. But everything changes when they learn that an heir to t... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Man Who Would be King by Rudyard Kipling

The Man Who Would be King is a short story by Rudyard Kipling chronicling the adventures of two British men who become kings in Kafiristan (now a province of Afghanistan). EMPIEZA A LEER

The Mystical White Fox

This is about a girl that r a white fox turn into human and met a guy outside of the Moonlight forest he was a human and he become a fighter to help the girl that he didn't know she was the white f... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Newcomers

Isis and her family are invited to a party hosted by the new family in town. However, after that night, a series of murderers happens and Isis became the suspect of those (just because she's a litt... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Night They Knew Nothing

Thus, with no critical task to complete and three hours left on the clock, the teens played. Roaming here and there with no purpose. Unraveling their work to do it over. Counting the numbers of cir... EMPIEZA A LEER

The phoenix

My life totally changed because of a story I ignored. ************** Ningzi, daughter of the Chu family, hated her Grandma's story for one thing. Her favourite character in the story died mys... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Remains of Earth That Was

After what seemed like the usual human lifestyle, something horrific changed the world right before their eyes. As a blazing blue comet hurtles down to earth, it destroys a huge amount of the human... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Rise of Darkness

For Kirsan and Nash everything begins with their Lord's warning. The pieces are on the game board and the players have surfaced. Who will move first? But most importantly, will they be mere pawns o... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Sentinel of Cassendar: The High Captain

The Sentinel of Cassendar has stood strong for over 2000 years protecting the kingdom and the royal family. An elite group of fighters and users of the Mystics, the Sentinel is legendary for its s... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Serpent : Part 2

Finding out his wife cheated on him left him heading for work, and things started to happen to him. Sitting a sign leading out of town divided to keep on driving and never looked back. EMPIEZA A LEER

The Shawkin's Lab

This is the story of how friends from Shawkin's High school saved their town "Shawkin". A solution from Shawkin lab was leaked, through that a mysterious creature formed. EMPIEZA A LEER

The Talking Doll

This is a retelling of the Slavic folk tale 'Vasilissa The Beauty'. After the fall of Cintra, Cirilla is left wandering the woods alone. The child manages to avoid people as much as she can, yet it... EMPIEZA A LEER

Time Loop

What's your wish? Riches? Fame? Power? For Kaiser, domain or Digital World. For Miyako, an encounter with his idol. What if there was an old Digimon Genie, capable of fulfilling wishes? Desires can... EMPIEZA A LEER


Quando alguém tão tempestuoso surge em seu caminho, é para acabar com a bonança rotineira. Jonathan Joestar é apenas um pequeno veleiro em meio ao mar revolto que é Dio Brando. EMPIEZA A LEER


En cierta realidad, desde Detera, Kilar es una diosa más allá de los planetas y mundos en constante creación y destrucción. Sin el deseo de intervenir, ella ha contemplado las eras y el tiempo tran... EMPIEZA A LEER

Warriors of Kagolania

In the cruel, full of anarchy and chaos world, power is held by those who possess knowledge. The only way to achieve it is to join one of two organizations that jealously guard their secrets.      ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Wasted Knights: Tales of a dark power

Our tale centers itself around a merry band of adventurers, just trying to make it in a world that seems turned upside down. First there are zombies, then cultists worshiping demon lords, and all s... EMPIEZA A LEER


A young FBI agent sets out on a mission she never experienced before. The most dangerous and difficult mission she had dealt with in her life along with her most faithful and loyal friends. Togeth... EMPIEZA A LEER

When Fear Is Not Afraid

Cats and dogs and high adventure and romance and espionage and food-fights and hotels and explosions and car chases. EMPIEZA A LEER


La amistad es algo que todos hemos vivido, algunos con más suerte que otros. Julián, Guillermo y Romina se conocen desde que tienen memoria, ya que son vecinos y se criaron en el mismo barrio, se ... EMPIEZA A LEER


chatting with tinder boys I was curious to know how their first dates were so then I decided to capture them in this book. EMPIEZA A LEER

Hunting Souls

Pequeno trecho de uma história autoral feita para um jogo. História ainda em desenvolvimento atualizações futuras! EMPIEZA A LEER

Immoral Lovers

Ela não é como as garotinhas idiotas da escola. Ela é uma mulher, sabe se vestir, se maquiar, se perfumar, provocar, enfeitiçar. Ela sabe o que quer, como e quando, quer… E por mais que seja proibi... EMPIEZA A LEER


Ravana said, the most important lesson of life is that you must defer the bad action as much as you can and you must do good action without any delay and as much early as you can. If you follow thi... EMPIEZA A LEER

50 tons de CaeJose!

Se 50 tons de cinza é ruim, então vamos fazer 50 tons de roxo e amarelo para tornar isso bom. [Conjunto de drabbles/double drabbles/minicontos inspirado em Mille Feuille, de Ayzu Saki] EMPIEZA A LEER

A court of Memories and Darkness

"She couldn’t remember anything about herself, not her name, who she was, what she looked like, her family, friends, there was nothing. Nothing, but cold, and darkness." EMPIEZA A LEER

A demons lover

Kay has just moved in and is going to start getting used to a new life. But everything’s not what it looks to be. Her house maybe haunted. And soon she meets a demon who she hates with all her hear... EMPIEZA A LEER

Adventures of Mourin Siblings . Topic 1: A delightful Morning.

Read previous chapter. 'Adventures of Mourin Siblings' Introduction. EMPIEZA A LEER

Adventures of Myaleka and Myleka

Myaleka and Myleka are twins living with their aunt and figure out a big secret about their mon EMPIEZA A LEER

Adventures of the Mourin Siblings.

This novel talks about Adventures of Princess Ella who belongs to the Atohama Kingdom. EMPIEZA A LEER

A journey trough snow

In Queen Annavel's time, not a trombone of war was new in the 500 years the three main kingdoms lived in peace. King Samuel, leader of the Engadoriks, polished horns, forged swords, painted helmet... EMPIEZA A LEER

A journey trough snow

In Queen Annavel's time, not a single trumpet was new for 500 years in peace in the three major kingdoms. King Samuel, the leader of the Engadoriks, painted helmets with forged swords and strung a ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Akali: The Rogue Assassin

Join Akali on her journey as the rogue assassin fulfills her role in defending her home village and the people. EMPIEZA A LEER

Além Da Mente

Via Widewolf tem nove anos e vivia uma vida normal com seu pai, ela pertencia a uma família de nobres na Inglaterra. Porém tudo muda quando a pequena perde sua melhor amiga, a mesma desaparece mis... EMPIEZA A LEER


Power and revenge EMPIEZA A LEER

All for One and One for All

It's not just a phrase. It's the code they live by, the bedrock of their brotherhood. Through thick and thin, they have each other's backs. These are the glimpses into the little moments in the liv... EMPIEZA A LEER

Alma the Witch: Alora

Alma the Witch has read much about Alora from her home in the Crystal Forrest, but now she had the chance to explore Alora for her own. EMPIEZA A LEER

"And you are supposed to be a detective?!"

While Elizabeth is playing old board games with small kids in the Green-Village, John is writing a protocol in his laptop in the Linux-City. One day however, these two totally incompatible people a... EMPIEZA A LEER

Ángel guardián

Por asares del destino su presente da un cambio radical afectando no solo a él sino también a sus mas allegados. Atrapado con los recuerdos de la infancia, aprenderá nuevamente a vivir como un adol... EMPIEZA A LEER

An Orderly Life

A woman laments what she feels was an unfulfilled life. She examines her marriage and tries to realize her dream of a grand adventure EMPIEZA A LEER

As Crônicas Galácticas - O Orbe de Alphadron

Atlas era só mais um adolescente comum, até que em uma noite um objeto vindo do espaço cai perto de sua casa. Movido por sua curiosidade, Atlas irá embarcar na maior (e perigosa) aventura de sua vi... EMPIEZA A LEER

A Startling Adventure

Benny goes on adventures alone to chart the unknown and discover secret treasures. But he gets more than he bargained for in a mysterious cave. EMPIEZA A LEER

A Thousand Words

What would you do if someone tried to consume your soul? Lisa's answer was to run. As fast as she could. Away from everything she ever knew. Away from her family so they would be protected. But sh... EMPIEZA A LEER

A trip to hell

The topic of short story "A trip to hell" relevant to adventure which is alter to horror trip The story and it's characters are fictional The main character Rashu and her friends goes to deserted ... EMPIEZA A LEER


Coletânea de contos eróticos, ficcionais, homoeróticos. A cada capítulo uma nova aventura. Podem ser lidos em qualquer ordem. Narram as histórias de vários personagens tendo experiencias secretas c... EMPIEZA A LEER


In a world with no humans, where equilibrium is infinite, the world is different. And yet something is wrong. It is too quiet. Run. EMPIEZA A LEER

Awaken Into a New World

From the void of space, a ship appears. . . with only one purpose-to wipe out all the inhabitants off the face of the planet. Decades later, a young woman, Alecia, with her memory wiped, wakes u... EMPIEZA A LEER

Awaken Into a New World

From the void of space, a ship appears. . . with only one purpose-to wipe out all the inhabitants off the face of the planet. Decades later, a young woman, Alecia, with her memory wiped, wakes u... EMPIEZA A LEER

Azuma Pirate Lord

When a pirate Is marooned on an island he finds he has a second chance at life EMPIEZA A LEER

Blood, Status, Ethnicity, and Nationality

Daphne Yalle: When the great nation Neptune invades her land, Daphne's peaceful life soon changes drastically. And because she is a Neptunian-Plutonian - owns the same ethnicity as the Neptune inva... EMPIEZA A LEER

Bus rider

16 year old girl has to survive a bus crash. EMPIEZA A LEER

Chef: Part 2

The sequel to a Story all about Chef (please read before reading this book, spoilers, duh). After Chef's rebirth, him and the Congress of Heroes, without Logic Man and Music Connoisseur, must stop ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Chef: Part 2

The sequel to a Story all about Chef (please read before reading this book, spoilers, duh). After Chef's rebirth, him and the Congress of Heroes, without Logic Man and Music Connoisseur, must stop ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Chronos: Lua Amaldiçoada

Em um mundo onde tudo é real, a fantasia existe e o impossível não tem significado, os Irmãos Chronos passarão por diversos desafios. Junto de outros jovens prodígios no Colégio Millenium para Apre... EMPIEZA A LEER

Clash Royale Academy:Royal Drama

Andrew and Kevin, royal princes, suddenly have landed in a place very unlucky to them. Clash Royale Academy. Over the course of the year things begin to spice up and cross the line. Can Kevin and ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Part 2: Attack of the Smithson Family

The Bear have sent in the Smithsons, some of the most brutal fighters who want to destroy the romance between Crayon and Colourea. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Part 3: Blackin and Blackina the Ultimate Couple

Blackin has announced his plans to marry Blackina and take over Colourland. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Part 4: Blackin and Blackina the Ultimate Couple Part 2

Blackin and Blackina have challenged Crayon and his friends to the ultimate battle. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 2: Bird's Isle

Crayon and his friends are invited on a vacation but it is not all like it seems. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 2: Bird's Isle Royalty

King Bobby and Queen Starling have challenged Crayon and his friends to a special battle. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 2: Brother Blackburnian

King Bobby has taken action against Crayon and his friends and has ordered Warbler to not hang out with them because his brother wants war. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 2: King Bobby's Justice

King Bobby has demanded justice after Crayon and his friends have refused to fight in the war. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 3: Colourclever and Administrator

Colour King has sent in Colourclever and Administrator to make his opinion the law of the land. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 3: Colour King

Colour King has taken over and has created a lot of new laws. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 3: Dictator

Colour King has sent in Colour Dictator to stop Crayon and his friends fron supporting Challenger. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 3: The Colourlandish Leaders

Colour King has demanded the shunning of Challenger from Crayon and his friends. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 4: Alice and the Smithsons

The Bear have sent in Alice and the Smithsons, one of the most ruthless families to fight Crayon and his friends. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 4: Bear Resurgance

The Bear have returned with a new leader. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 4: Brett

Brett has challenged Crayon and his friends to the death. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 4: Easeion and Melissa

The Bear have sent in Easeion and Melissa, two of their elite warriors to fight Crayon and his friends. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 4: Xax and Whites

The Bear have sent in Xax and Whites, their last line of defense to fight Crayon and his friends. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 5: Continued Battles

The battles of the Round of 32 in the preliminaries continue. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 5: End of the Preliminaries

The last battles of the preliminaries happen. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 5: Matches

The battles in the Round of 32 in the tournament continue. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 5: Matches

The battles in the Round of 32 in the tournament continue. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 5: Preliminaries

Crayon and his friends are training for a tournament. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 6: Finals

The final match of the tournament happens with an intense fight, Warbler has an important decision to make. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 6: Quarterfinals

The quarterfinals of the tournament happen with very intense fights. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 6: Round of 16

The fights in the Round of 16 continue. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 6: Semifinals

The semifinals start with two extreme fights. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 7: Bear on Trial

The Bear are on trial for their crimes they committed in Colourland. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 7: End of the Series

Crayon and Challenger have a special battle to see how far they have both came. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland Series 7: Life After Colourland

Colour King and Challenger make a decision. Due to this decision Colour King and his officials fight alongside Crayon and his friends against The Bear. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland X Part 2: The Big Fight

Colourik, Malicia and the Bear members who they broke out end up fighting against Crayon, his friends and Colour King's officials. EMPIEZA A LEER

Colourland X Part 3: The Big Fight Part 2

Colourea fights Easeion, Crayon and Colour Dictator fight against Colourik and Malicia. EMPIEZA A LEER

Comiclover23’s comical adventures

Comiclover23 takes Devin on adventures, but he brings a treasure home, and something surprising happened EMPIEZA A LEER

Crazy California Chaos: A JoJo Fanfiction

11 years after the events of Stone Ocean, a young boy named Jordan Jones heads to Bear Valley, California to stay at his Uncle's house after the death of his parents. However, Jordan is not an ordi... EMPIEZA A LEER

Crazy California Chaos: A JoJo Fanfiction

11 years after the events of Stone Ocean, a young boy named Jordan Jones heads to Bear Valley, California to stay at his Uncle's house after the death of his parents. However, Jordan is not an ordi... EMPIEZA A LEER

CrossGen: Mara

Han pasado 150 años desde que la humanidad encontrara la paz luego de la Guerra de Mundos. En una sociedad que se reesctructura, Mara intenta hacerse con un espacio en ella para encontrar respuesta... EMPIEZA A LEER


pinterest poems 🖕 EMPIEZA A LEER

Demonic Jewel

A demonic jewel trapped in a forest was being brought out by some guys and it cause a big trouble to them EMPIEZA A LEER

De repente preto

Hayato é um menino de 17 anos que se muda com a família para Fukushima, onde se matriculou no instituto Shika, até aí ele se considerava normal, até aparecer "o bad boy da escola" Ichiro um garoto ... EMPIEZA A LEER


Ainda que todos tivessem uma opinião formada, Noriaki Kakyoin conhecia Jotaro Kujo em todos seus detalhes. EMPIEZA A LEER

Diamant oder doch nur Stein?

Eine Katze muss plötzlich auf die Straße und dort klarkommen. Aber was, wenn er es schafft? Und dabei noch vielen anderen Katzen begegnet? EMPIEZA A LEER

Doce prazer

Miyako:  Cinco anos após a nossa última grande batalha contra MaloMyotismon, todos nós estávamos enfrentando outros problemas, era contra nós mesmos, a adolescência é descrita pelos pais como a me... EMPIEZA A LEER

Doce prazer

Miyako:  Cinco anos após a nossa última grande batalha contra MaloMyotismon, todos nós estávamos enfrentando outros problemas, era contra nós mesmos, a adolescência é descrita pelos pais como a me... EMPIEZA A LEER

Don’t love me too much

Dio Brando chegou à mansão Joestar com um único objetivo em mente; tornar-se o único herdeiro enquanto transforma a vida de Jonathan Joestar – apelidado carinhosamente de JoJo – num verdadeiro infe... EMPIEZA A LEER


𝐃𝐎𝐍𝐓 𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐏⤓. when a group of pirates gather the needed pieces for their long-lost ship , the task is either life or death . 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘪 𝘴𝘮𝘪𝘳𝘬𝘴 𝘢𝘴 𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘰𝘣𝘫𝘦𝘤𝘵 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘱𝘪𝘭𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘳𝘶𝘣𝘣𝘭𝘦 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘥𝘪𝘳𝘦𝘤𝘵𝘴 𝘩𝘪𝘴... EMPIEZA A LEER


This story talks about a guy who grew up been bullied but in the process turned out to be the chosen one of a lost kingdom and he is trained to face is worst nightmare will he be able to destroy th... EMPIEZA A LEER

DRAGON SOUL: Fire and Ice

A war happening between the ice dragons and fire dragons kept the ice dragons prince wondering how the war started. He gathered a team to make some researches about the mysterious war and was ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Dual Génesis.

La pequeña familia de Klarth vivía completamente apartada de la sociedad, al punto en que Klarth y su hermana no sabia de la existencia de vida inteligente en ese gigante planeta, vagando en su inm... EMPIEZA A LEER

El Diario De Noah

¿Como Pasara La Vida Este Chico Noah?, ¿Que Aventuras Tendra?, ¿Que Sorpresas Tendra?, ¡Que Le Pasará en el futuro! EMPIEZA A LEER

El Dulce de sus Ojos

Para Marshall, no había otro par de ojos como los del chico que le gustaba. Sobre el rompimiento y la reconciliación. Historia mega corta, con dos o tres partes tal vez. EMPIEZA A LEER

El Dulce de sus Ojos

Para Marshall, no había otro par de ojos como los del chico que le gustaba. Sobre el rompimiento y la reconciliación. Historia mega corta, con dos o tres partes tal vez. EMPIEZA A LEER

Elementals - Prologue

17 years ago, there was a planet far from the solar system, Nidra, on that planet there were warriors who possessed the vital element of fire, the King of the planet, Flame, and his wife, Queen Fro... EMPIEZA A LEER

El hombre de la máscara

El mundo digital y real se encuentran una vez más en peligro a manos de un hombre enmascarado EMPIEZA A LEER


¿Se han preguntado cómo será el final? ¿Lo que sucederá en los últimos momentos de la historia humana? Bajo la mirada de una inesperada compañera, un joven se enfrenta a estas preguntas y a la real... EMPIEZA A LEER


In an alternate universe, magic exists, but its not called magic and it's illegal. Also, humans are not called humans and the world is a rectangle. It's weird, but you should read it. What will hap... EMPIEZA A LEER

Epsilon's Heart

Iris is a young woman looking to join a group and become a hero, on the way she meets the man of her dreams but will it last? Will she become the woman she wants to be or someone else? EMPIEZA A LEER

Escape of the town: a Minecraft story

Mya has to run away from her village to find safety. How will she do it? EMPIEZA A LEER

Factor of Units

Join Norri and her companions on amazing journeys throughout the days and nights! EMPIEZA A LEER


The whole reason I feel like I exist is because of the terrible, blood-soaked history I have barely scratched the surface of. EMPIEZA A LEER


With the past few years; however, I am certainly practicing temperance but I am confident the play will happen at some time. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Month 4

I enjoy the mix of history and conspiracy and the fact that we started out playing as one of the enemies of the games namesake and found out that our main character is actually related to both the ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week 1

Adapt and overcome to succeed. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week 10

Crisp, cool air and just the right amount of precipitation are certainly a winning combination. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week 11

I have seriously been missing Black Clover, but will appreciate the episodes even more when they return. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week 12

Finally, I watched Scream and wish I hadn’t, there are a lot better movies out there. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week `13

Covered all the bases this past week and even broke away from the spookiness. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week 2

Any sayings about Summer changing into Fall, or just the old adage about April showers and May flowers? EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week 3

I hope when it finally turns to the appropriate season that we will be able to languish and enjoy it to the fullest. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week 4

I suppose it all balances out with night falling earlier; at least that is something that won’t change anytime soon. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week 5

I was able to watch a movie called The Forest and enjoyed the glimpse of the spooky side of Japanese culture and hope I will be able to truly experience all aspects of Fall soon. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week 6

As if by magic, it seems as though I finally spoke Fall into existence. The days this week have been quite enjoyable and moderate. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week 7

I feel like the latter is almost over, and will be sad to see it go but hope to find something just as good or even better to watch when it is. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week 8

No one can predict the future, though. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall - Week 9

The Black Clover anime is also ramping up to something amazing, and luckily it seems like it is here to stay for quite a while. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall Year 2 - Month 1

If people weren’t constantly reminded to live in fear, we could all accomplish anything we set our minds to, but too many powerful entities survive on its constant reinforcement and suppression. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall Year 2 - Month 2

One day, this may change, but not without incredible, and necessary sacrifice. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall Year 2 - Week 1

Life is certainly a roller coaster, full of ups and downs and various speeds, but what is important is remembering and learning from the positive and negative. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall Year 2 - Week 2

How often do you take the time to just pause and take a step back in life? EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall Year 2 - Week 3

If our lives are already decided for us, does it really matter what choices we make? EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall Year 2 - Week 4

Perspective is a very powerful concept and can be life-changing on both ends of the spectrum. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall Year 2 - Week 5

This crazy rollercoaster will always end up being what you make of it, and it is, I believe, a waste of this gift to get caught up and bogged down by the negative. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall Year 2 - Week 6

Life experience is probably the most valuable goal for people to strive towards. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall Year 2 - Week 7

Fall is a time of closure and reverence, and in my experience, that closure is something that few beings actually achieve, even though it is incredibly important. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall Year 2 - Week 8

I firmly believe that any legend has bits of truth in it and this time of change has some of the best legends in my opinion. EMPIEZA A LEER

Fall Year 2 - Week 9

This can both be negative or positive, depending on the person, but never the less, it will be something different and revolutionary, which is the only way things can be improved, I believe, and al... EMPIEZA A LEER


This is a One Piece inspired story about a boy who wants to become the king of the pirates! EMPIEZA A LEER

Fern : The Cure

In a dystopia where there are no forests in the world. Brazilian Silvia Ramos will embark on a journey to achieve what could be the cure for humanity. But the cure for what? *THE FULL STORY JUST AV... EMPIEZA A LEER

Genshin Impact - El Aria De 2 Viajeros

Un niño y una niña que pasaron en medio del tumulto, bajo un cielo desconocido. Un par de gemelos viajeros, pasando por innumerables mundos durante su viaje. Descendieron en un continente llamado t... EMPIEZA A LEER

Gray World

This book contains triggering/ mature/ controversial themes, ideas, and content. My Idea with this book is to bring up debates especially about the characters and there actions. For instance my mai... EMPIEZA A LEER


About 2 teenagers became wonderers about a task or quest to accomplish something. EMPIEZA A LEER


About 2 teenagers became wonderers about a task or quest to accomplish something. EMPIEZA A LEER

Heart White: una princesa, poco princesa.

Creo en los propósitos, en la idea de que cada ser nace con una misión, una meta; y cuando esta se cumple, por primera vez, es nuestro deber mantenerla para que no sea corrompida y el bien la use a... EMPIEZA A LEER

Heavy Battle

Uma história que se passa no futuro onde a raça humana foi reduzida a um por cento do que já fora um dia, a maior parte da população humana reside em um planeta construído por máquinas e antigos te... EMPIEZA A LEER

high school dxd: MOKUJIROKU NO SHI KISHI

Probablemente piensas que esta será otra historia más del montón, de yo reencarnado en dxd, pero creeme esta historia está lejos de ser así. No soy dueño de los personajes de. High school dxd D... EMPIEZA A LEER

Historias Ocultas

Historias ocultas son cortos relatos de ficción y aventura protagonizados por “The Hidden”, cuya especie ficticia, las marionetas, se han maravillado con sus historias durante años; con el fin de e... EMPIEZA A LEER

Home ***Harry Potter Next Generation Fanfic***

A fanfic based on a rp I am doing with a few of my friends. I know some of it might be random but I just thought it might be fun to recreate it. It is over the Harry Potter second generation which ... EMPIEZA A LEER

How to deal with The death

How heavy could possibly be the heart with perjury? After a stranger in an absurd cloth had run in my room saying that he was Anubis, god of death, my whole life turned upside down. Suddenly I had... EMPIEZA A LEER


Dr Ren ,Sou and Rema went to an another world by a time machine and could not get back to earth as their time machine broke. They faced many dangers. Then they decided to meet with the sun king of... EMPIEZA A LEER

Ink y Moira

Las aventuras de dos razas enemigas que se volvieron amigos. EMPIEZA A LEER

Interview With Fight Gone Bad

While browsing through the myriad databases available to me, I discovered this interesting interview. EMPIEZA A LEER


A genre blending romp following well developed characters as they explore their presence in each other's lives. EMPIEZA A LEER

I saved a sex slave and she will be my new friend.

After defeating the Demon King, the only thing I want is to live a quiet life. A normal life... Although it's harder than I thought. My dream is to have a girlfriend and have friends. As long as I ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Jojo bizzare adventure the light is eternal

Jojo bizzare adventure uma série de protagonistas diferentes sendo eles os joestars, mais enfim a parte onde o protagonista não é um joestar nem um brando ele é o KOHARU DRYDON EMPIEZA A LEER

Kell’s tale

Kell’s tale is about Kell is set off an adventure with friends to help somebody by getting something EMPIEZA A LEER

Kenyako- Kawaii Love

Quer uma trama que retrate todas as complicações do primeiro amor? Está no lugar certo... Como um simples gesto, pode causar tantas alterações? Roubar a fome, levar o sono e trazer milhares de que... EMPIEZA A LEER

Kenyako- Kawaii Love

Quer uma trama que retrate todas as complicações do primeiro amor? Está no lugar certo... Como um simples gesto, pode causar tantas alterações? Roubar a fome, levar o sono e trazer milhares de que... EMPIEZA A LEER

Kostas's Odyssey

Kostas is a young man looking to fulfill his dream of traveling the Greek world. His journey begins in Kythera and spans the whole of Greece. The Greek world is in turmoil with the events of Thermo... EMPIEZA A LEER

Kuroyoru The Midnight Tale Vol. 1: The Reason And The Will

Takes place in a mythological world where Fables and Mortals live. The tale is about a young man who is a Demon who goes on a journey to find his Orgin Of Creation, while adventures to save his wor... EMPIEZA A LEER

La Estudiante de Intercambio

Ella, una chica intrépida, descubrió la increíble oportunidad, detrás de un programa universitario de intercambio, de recorrer el mundo. Y en uno de sus viajes al hemisferio sur, se cruzó con él. U... EMPIEZA A LEER

La Última Expedición

El oxígeno se acabó en la tierra hace ya cuatro siglos. El conservatorio está en su peor momento, y la gente necesita respuestas. Por ello, el gobierno decide realizar una doceava expedición en la ... EMPIEZA A LEER

La vez que me convertí en leyenda (acto 1)

La historia trata sobre como un niño con una misteriosa habilidad y con un pasado duro se convierte en un ser supremo, lleno de amor, suspense y dramas EMPIEZA A LEER


La historia es un hecho ficticio con trama real.. Así es, todos los datos de la arqueología prohibida son reales. Espero que con estos granitos de arena pueda ayudarles a ver la gloriosa verdad de ... EMPIEZA A LEER


my adventure in Mexico.... this time in "Los Cabos San Lucas" EMPIEZA A LEER

Life in Verdansk

A girl in the city of Santon (A made up city) has to move to Verdansk after the prices in her hometown become too high and the living conditions are slowly going down, turning the city into a small... EMPIEZA A LEER


Una chica misteriosa que esconde muchos secretos de su pasado. No le importa nadie excepto si misma, y únicamente desea tener sabiduría, o eso piensa... EMPIEZA A LEER

Little Holly

Holly tried to take a short cut through the forest but she runs into several problems. 1.Hugo’s missing! 2.Mysterious monkey 3.So hungry! Holly must get back her precious Hugo and get out of this s... EMPIEZA A LEER

Los Elementos de Cristal

Cuenta la historia de algunos elementos que fueron creados y encontrados en un mundo futuro. Con el paso del tiempo, un grupo de personas aparecen para portarlos pero no sabian que les iba a pasarl... EMPIEZA A LEER

Louca, depravada

"Silêncio no ambiente...a brasa fresca queima quente.'' [Jolyne x Ermes] [Jolymes] [Songfic] EMPIEZA A LEER


"CHAPTER 1"it is the story of a girl who is very sad but her life changes when she settled in "NEW YORK" EMPIEZA A LEER


Ainda que aquela decisão fosse difícil, Noriaki sabia que podia contar com o apoio de sua família. [Jotaro x Kakyoin] [Jotakak!Famliy] [Jotakak Week 2019] [Fluffly] [Dia 4] EMPIEZA A LEER

Mi Piaci

"Me gustas." Dos palabras. Escritas a mano con una letra desastrosa en un pequeño trozo de papel que bien pudo haber sido arrancado de una de sus libretas. Ni siquiera se había tomado la molest... EMPIEZA A LEER

Mountain Adventure

About something that happened me EMPIEZA A LEER


Trouble sprouts when a girl steals needed supplies. What happens when she's brought before the King? EMPIEZA A LEER

My life in another world

I walked in through the door and all you can hear is my parents fighting and screaming again. I walked to my room as sad as it might be I knew it I knew deep down it's my fault... EMPIEZA A LEER

Mysterious Rock

This is a story where kids find a mysterious rock and try to figure out what it’s about! And it’s really fun the more you start reading it. EMPIEZA A LEER

My Wolf Pack

This is a story about Girl Named Tekla. Read the book to hear what happened to Tekla with Wolves. Book Has 6 episodes. Have fun, Enjoy! EMPIEZA A LEER

Ninety-Nine by E.A. MAX

Are there not unique And faceted obliques? EMPIEZA A LEER

O Caçador de Almas

Um menino de 16 anos e uma menina de 15 embarcam em uma viajem para se vingar dos scallers, uma raça de espíritos malignos que assombram a Terra a 3000 mil anos. EMPIEZA A LEER

O diário da princesa

Olá querido diário, sou eu Miyako Inoue, ou simplesmente Miya como fui apelidada pela minha amiga Mimi Tachikawa, serio parecemos gêmeas, fiquei super feliz quando ela disse que voltaria a viver no... EMPIEZA A LEER

O diário da princesa

Olá querido diário, sou eu Miyako Inoue, ou simplesmente Miya como fui apelidada pela minha amiga Mimi Tachikawa, serio parecemos gêmeas, fiquei super feliz quando ela disse que voltaria a viver no... EMPIEZA A LEER

O diário da princesa 2 - O casamento Real

E viveram felizes para sempre… Essa frase põe fim a todos os contos de fadas, no meu caso pensei que eu viveria isso após o beijo e declaração, mas a expectativa passou bem longe da realidade. Após... EMPIEZA A LEER

One Desire

Uma noite louca, um suposto devoto a Deus e o pecado em pessoa. As memórias de uma noite intensa se haviam varrido e davam lugar a uma bagunça de cabelos verdes e lábios manchados de liptint. E o p... EMPIEZA A LEER


This is the story of an extraordinary woman in prehistoric times. EMPIEZA A LEER


After completing my drawing class, I started studying theater and hope to learn all about the myriad aspects involved with live entertainment. EMPIEZA A LEER


I have, however, spent the few good days this past month walking laps around the strange field that has started appearing as of late. EMPIEZA A LEER


Now I have found and have started a very…surreal drawing of a skeleton and a rainbow in a paisley sky. EMPIEZA A LEER


Ho hum, now where to begin this time? I think it will be with my discovery of tabletop RPG’s and one in particular called Cyberpunk RED. EMPIEZA A LEER

One Week

I plan, for now, to write a monthly journal of my time…here, in a different prison than the prison of the world as I knew it. EMPIEZA A LEER

One Week

Work is somewhat satisfying at least, even if it is easy, simple, work. Almost Zenlike to be honest which is quite fine with me. EMPIEZA A LEER

One Week

Nothing but brown, dead grass, mud, and five sets of razor wire. EMPIEZA A LEER


Hopefully it will be a fabled spring snow, I always enjoy how peaceful the world gets after a fresh snow. EMPIEZA A LEER


However, I am certainly ready for the next chapter of my life to begin and I hope that happens soon. EMPIEZA A LEER


Besides, it’s not like anyone actually reads these anyways, how could they? EMPIEZA A LEER

Opal Tsubasa Chronicles

the story takes place in an alternate universe Humans don't exist and and in their place are people made out of living crystal. However there are alien machines that attack the gems and use their ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Paraden High

The Kingdom of Paraden was once a peaceful place before chaos ensued. Dakurodo, also known as, The Dark Lord, threatened the fate of humanity and, along with his allies, had escaped to the outside ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Planet X2.0

Book is about but four people that go into outer space and find many different things explore different things and just have an amazing time and an encounter many different challenges EMPIEZA A LEER

Prisoner's Journey

Frustrated by the world around them, two best friends Estan and Jacobin choose to carve their own path in the fantasy land of Arkansia. Around every corner they face exploitation and cruelty as the... EMPIEZA A LEER


Eu não sei do futuro, mas prometo que estarei sempre ao seu lado como um bom irmão mais velho. EMPIEZA A LEER

Quando você voltar

Saudade. Palavra com diversos significados que poderiam ser explicados em um dicionário. Porém, para Jotaro, ela significava a ausência de alguém que lhe foi tão importante por um longo período. ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Realm of truth

🔞Novel plus 18, contains scenes of violence and sexual content. Amid scarlet flames and sparks, the dark minotaur is slaughtered by the honored Royal Guardian. In front of the great danger is Lumi... EMPIEZA A LEER


PRIMER HISTORIA DE LA SAGA DOS PIEZAS DEL ROMPECABEZAS En un pueblo pequeño todos se conocen, los secretos van de boca en boca, los escándalos se esparcen como incendios y hay pocos lugares donde ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Sam and max Journey to the end. The Hidden Forest

Two friends go on another adventure but this adventure would change their lives forever. Questions will rise and more will be made soon to come in the nearing future. Contact info: [email protected] EMPIEZA A LEER

Seeing double sam and max Journey to the end

This won't be like the usual adventure sam and max will go on and this story will unlock the things that will make us think more. Twitter @call_me_JJ_16 Intagram Call_me_jj_15 EMPIEZA A LEER

Senkan No More War

La vida diaria de Seiko un chico que lidia con los vestigios de su pasado en busca de encontrarse como persona y superarse EMPIEZA A LEER

Serpiente roja

Una vez mas estoy frente a una puerta que podría cambiar mi destino, el abrir la cerradura de mi cuarto me llevo a un mudo completamente diferente lleno de intentos de asesinato, trafico de esclavo... EMPIEZA A LEER

She is not a human

Nate was really excited about this journey. He thought it would be the best journey of his life... EMPIEZA A LEER

Shikhara's naked Mishap: the curse of the sorceress

A young 18-year-old school by the name of Shikhara Henson that goes to an all-girl's school how visited a Jamaican psychic name Merge Jenkins aka Mrs. Jenkin with both her friends Sara and Jody aft... EMPIEZA A LEER

Sons of Eden

At the brink of an apocalypse, the fate of two worlds rest upon Vaan and Blaine's shoulders. Across scorching deserts of ash, and turbulent, bloody seas, they set to reclaim their rightful throne a... EMPIEZA A LEER

Sorry Sorry Answer

Three-shot - CaeJose - MENÇÃO A JOTAKAK - PWP - +18 - ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE. Joseph era apenas mais um empresário bem sucedido. Caesar apenas mais um estudante universitário tentando ganhar algum ... EMPIEZA A LEER


As I walk through the forest, the cool wind lifts my spirits. After a few decades of struggle, I finally have a small sense of freedom. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spiderma: Nuevos Comienzos

Es una continuación a la última película de Spiderman, si no la has visto es muy recomendable. ALERTA SPOILER: Si no quieres ver la película aquí va un adelanto para que comprendas: Después de la m... EMPIEZA A LEER


This being tells me we only have a little time to exchange ideas, but we are doing so judiciously. EMPIEZA A LEER


I will take full advantage of this time while we have it, but am a bit anxious about what will happen when it’s gone. Ah well, no sense getting worked up about something that hasn’t happened yet. EMPIEZA A LEER


My relation was to someone very confident & grounded so I weighted the lines of the heel and padding. EMPIEZA A LEER


As a bonus, though, I discovered the magic of hot chocolate and French vanilla creamer. EMPIEZA A LEER


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I will take this next week to embrace that fact. EMPIEZA A LEER


Also, though, the dandelions are not only surviving relatively extreme conditions, for them they seem to be thriving. EMPIEZA A LEER


I honestly do not know why the opportunity never struck me before. EMPIEZA A LEER


I can certainly sense the sleeping flow of the times, but very little outward signs appear out of my single world window. EMPIEZA A LEER


As such, I haven’t had much time to walk around outside, but at least I can still admire the families of rabbits that still visit my lonely window. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Month 1

Until then, writing is another form of stories I can find myself in, so please look forward to more to come. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Month 2

I think it is rather disconcerting when the world around me seems to move at a much slower pace than I am used to. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Month 3

Escapism is a funny thing, a bit of a catch-22, honestly, because it is a driving force and focus of creativity, which is almost a guaranteed by-product of necessity. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Week 1

Life would be boring without a little bit of variety though, so stay tuned! EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Week 10

As remarkable as humans are, more often than not we do not fully embrace all of our strengths. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Week 11

Since I have been learning the basics of cooking as of late, I have {not} been able to spend as much time outside. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Week 12

As such, I think people are better off living for their own beliefs rather than those expectations of others around them. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Week 13

Balance is an essential component, I believe, of a successful life and people tend to forget that it goes both ways. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Week 2

As I said before, it is quite a struggle for me to make it through these transitional seasons, especially after a Winter that seemed very unlike its true colors. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Week 4

As I write this at least, we are still getting delayed snow from Winter, which is better than nothing. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Week 5

Makes me curious about if there are anymore movies out there with that strange mix of fantasy and society. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Week 6

If you really think about it, chaos is inevitable, but also non-existent without order and balance is always something to seek and respect. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Week 8

As I sit here lost in music and reverie, I can only bask in the power that is life. EMPIEZA A LEER

Spring Year 2 - Week 9

You know, life is really what you make it and humans are some pretty amazing creations. EMPIEZA A LEER


Synopsis: 2 young martial artists from New York city, In love with their own skill and motivational efforts named Charles and Oliver. Soon meet their downfall and weaknesses as their relationship b... EMPIEZA A LEER


Para Kakyoin, Jotaro sempre foi suficiente. [Jotakak Week 2019] [Jotaro x Kakyoin] [Dia 3] EMPIEZA A LEER


It is probably the most inspiration I have seen lately. EMPIEZA A LEER


So long as the days remain fairly cool all Summer, this will be a very rewarding time for me. EMPIEZA A LEER


Purple reminds me of respect and this particular flower had very contrasting yellow and light blue as well, so it was memorable to me. EMPIEZA A LEER


While certainly a summer week, this past one has been rather uneventful. Also, it has been too hot to even think about going outside, so I have only been getting my warmth from hot chocolate. EMPIEZA A LEER


Let’s see, where to begin? I’ve begun to teach myself how to sew. Just doing small garments for right now, but it is certainly a productive way to pass the time. EMPIEZA A LEER


I have taken on the significant challenge of being a Lighting Designer for one Julie Rada’s take on a play titled “Antigone” so will be quite busy bringing her approach on this classic play EMPIEZA A LEER


I’ve just begun to read the script for Julie Rada’s take on “Antigone”, as well as learning more about all that goes into bringing a play to life. I already read about scenery, and plan to read ab... EMPIEZA A LEER


Unfortunately, it has been almost triple digits every day, without a drop of water in sight. EMPIEZA A LEER


We have also started to research the history of Greece and theater, so we hope to share this hard work with a myriad of people soon. EMPIEZA A LEER


At least nothing beats a summer night, but sometimes I wish it was that cool 24/7. EMPIEZA A LEER


Personally, I don’t care who wins but certainly admire all the gifted athletes who are dedicated to this lifestyle. EMPIEZA A LEER


A single day of drizzling rain is almost enough to refresh the soul, but not when every other day is the hottest temperatures to date. EMPIEZA A LEER


The band’s name is Fight Gone Bad and their debut album “Because Bureaucracy” is quite an audio treat. EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Month 1

People oftentimes get caught up in mistakes they have made, rather than learning from them and making sure they do not repeat those same mistakes. EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Month 2

Regardless of your personal beliefs on what happens after we die, I think most people agree that life is what you make it and that, as long as you accomplish whatever goals you set for yourself dur... EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Month 3

While certainly a double-edged sword, I think the very brevity of life is one of the most essential keystones of existence. EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 1

You know, as I think about it, the whole point of revolving around cyclical patterns is one of the keystones to society maintaining balance. EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 10

Dreams are powerful tools that many beings can use to their advantage. Just the concept alone is a complex topic, covering both waking dreams and sleeping ones. EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 11

Luckily, I am a firm believer that appreciation is a very subjective view and one that most beings fully embrace truthfully, that is probably one of the biggest reasons why it is possible for so ma... EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 12

While I haven’t dabbled too much in mythological topics, I believe it is quite an interesting topic and incredibly varied. EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 13

I have been studying more mythology, and have been specifically been reading up on Greek Mythology. EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 2

Nothing really overpowers the majesty and beauty that is the ever-surprising gifts of nature. Just when you think you have the world figured out, a curveball is thrown your way that upsets your pe... EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 3

Throughout history, humans have definitely been on quite a journey and covered both positive and negative events. EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 4

Maybe that leans more towards science than supernatural, but is there really a difference other than approach in the long run? EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 5

One thing is for certain, though, every experience will be unique. EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 6

Honestly, I wouldn’t change this existence that I have been given for anything. EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 7

Personally, I think mankind’s’ ability to create something wholly new through creativity is a major uniqueness. EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 8

Even with a limited perspective, I hope most beings realize that even the simplest actions, both positive and negative, can change the world and the lives of people around you. EMPIEZA A LEER

Summer Year 2 - Week 9

You know, it is quite a conundrum when you start to think more abstractly about what is known as life. EMPIEZA A LEER

Takari: confía en ti

¿Qué pasa si la esperanza se pierde? Takeru Takaishi, comienza a sentirse inseguro de el mismo, por la culpa de esa voz en su cabeza. Los personajes no son de mi autoría, ya que pertenecen a Toei... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Author

A young lady goes to sleep every night but is always having a dream where she saves people. Little dose she know that the people she saves are real people! EMPIEZA A LEER

The Beginning of Something New

Follow the journey of Elena as she explores the Percy Jackson universe. The original story was the one with five thousand views, but I have lost the account info, so I have started updating on her... EMPIEZA A LEER

The boy with a dragon tattoo

a boy with an ordinary life didn't expect that going into the forest with his friend would come with more than he expected. finding out that his part of an ancient bloodline that must stop the ... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Dreamer's Fall

Arthur is a noble-born reincarnator searching for absolute immortality to avoid the terrifying fate he witnessed in the afterlife. Thanks to a failed spell designed by an unimaginative ancestor, he... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Familiars

Rosilyn Grey. A talented witch and an even more talented archer. Just like her mother, and her grandmother before that, and her-well you get the point. She's feisty, headstrong and independent. And... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Force

Military war action thriller EMPIEZA A LEER

The forced jade- book 1- -Queen prickle--

Should a Queen really go to school?… prickle didn’t think so until she got placed in a winglet with quibble who she quickly fell in love with. She can feel the love but something isn’t right…. Some... EMPIEZA A LEER

Their Mistake

no, you can't die on me!!" 𝙰 𝚜𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚢 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚔𝚒𝚍𝚜 𝚠𝚑𝚘 𝚠𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝚍𝚒𝚏𝚏𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚝 𝚊𝚌𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚖𝚒𝚎𝚜 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚑𝚊𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚜𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚙𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚜, 𝚕𝚒𝚟𝚎𝚜, 𝚏𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛, 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚎 EMPIEZA A LEER

The Journey to Stralork

In a time when dragons were puny creatures, and men were nothing to fear. Three boys are brought to the village Gan where their lives begin. War, love, honor, bravery, and courage. Find out where t... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Knight's Promise

Isaac is a simple man, trying to lead a simple life. Or as simple as life can get for a professional conman but that is neither here nor there. Of course, all of that changes when a mysterious ma... EMPIEZA A LEER

The last parallel mission

En esta historia Colin y sus amigos se van a ver encerrados en una misión pararela, una misión que consiste en devolver el oxígeno robado. Becka, Leah, Andrew, Arnold y Colin. EMPIEZA A LEER

The leagand of the dragons

A story about Shadow and Ash fighting Trickster EMPIEZA A LEER

The Light of tomorrow

Being pushed to the verge of society and surrounded by hate and despair, Indara decides to simply end it all. He wishes for everything to change. Suddenly the world as we know it turns upside down.... EMPIEZA A LEER

The matrix: The Trinity story

A young lady the goes by the name Tiffany McConnel that goes by an illegal hacker name Trinity is found and recruited by Morpheus to crack the IRS database and to find The One as she becomes a memb... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Mighty Antimagic Spell

Who would expect a story titled ANTIMAGIC to be about wizards, mystical creatures and fantastic, unusual adventures? Yet, it really is ... It's even more than that. You'll see if you read the sto... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Moon Kingdom

“When darkness rises a warrior of light will manifest from the ashes...” After an epic battle between light and darkness, one world is split in two. Centuries pass and once again the shadow of dar... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Mushroom Queen

An interactive story in which you and your friend are murdered, you are brought back to life but you’re not the same as you were before, patches of spotted mushrooms grow from your skin and you are... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Power of Guardians

It's a fictional story based on some leading characters those are supposed to be guardians. They have to kill their enemy but it's not easy. It can let them to even their death EMPIEZA A LEER

The savior of Hongcun

This short but exciting story takes place in an ancient chinese village. Discover how Tai chi changed a young girls life. The story takes you on an adventurous journey . Feast your eyes on this spe... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Secret

"Fay over here" Davina says waving her arms in the air so Fay can spot her. As Fay is running towards Davina she slips over and falls face first. Davina bursts out laughing whilst running towards ... EMPIEZA A LEER

the statue of Mariana

A moving city, a legendary statue, & a history final for a very prestigious school. It should be easy for Wolfelda and Adrianne to finish it, the hardest part will be the city but after that it’s c... EMPIEZA A LEER

the stories of a sunflower manic {a collection of original works}

a collection of different stories made by a sunflower lover. gacha club is sometimes used for visual purposes, I do not associate with it's community. gacha club belongs to luni. also most of the... EMPIEZA A LEER

The Story of the dragons 2 The fight

The story of the dragons added two more characters that are heros. And one bad guy EMPIEZA A LEER

The Story So Far

The loneliest dreams necessitate forgiveness, but tragedy strikes. EMPIEZA A LEER

The Tail of A Child of magic

this story is fictional in this story there is a child who goes to other galaxies EMPIEZA A LEER

The Wonderblood

Cassadee Stormstrum, a seventeen-year-old teen girl, is excited to attend a world-famous school, one that nobody can ever find. The school of Valenyer is a school in a magical land, and when Cas... EMPIEZA A LEER

The zone

This story alternates pov of, Layla and Cora two best friends in middle school. But they soon realize that strange things start to happen, they find themselves the last ones (+ a few others) and tr... EMPIEZA A LEER

This Isn’t a Dream...

I’m not about to tell you what the story is about because that’s for you to find out! EMPIEZA A LEER

To Blunt The Sharpest Claw

The Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels are a series of New Fable genre novels that involve cats and dogs and high adventure and romance and espionage and food-fights and hotels and explosions and car cha... EMPIEZA A LEER

To Blunt The Sharpest Claw

The Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels are a series of New Fable genre novels that involve cats and dogs and high adventure and romance and espionage and food-fights and hotels and explosions and car cha... EMPIEZA A LEER

Uma noite inesquecível

Para comemorar nosso aniversário de um ano de namoro, meu namorado Takeru decidiu me proporcionar uma noite maravilhosa, uma noite dos sonhos de qualquer garota, entretanto nem tudo saiu exatamente... EMPIEZA A LEER

Uma noite inesquecível

Para comemorar nosso aniversário de um ano de namoro, meu namorado Takeru decidiu me proporcionar uma noite maravilhosa, uma noite dos sonhos de qualquer garota, entretanto nem tudo saiu exatamente... EMPIEZA A LEER

Un destino en un año.

Esta es la historia de un joven hechicero con una promesa en su colgante y un terrible destino en su cuello. El se embarcará a un mundo que ya ha caído en las manos del mal, donde la gente vive co... EMPIEZA A LEER

Un revés en el universo

Reverse toma lugar en Japón donde seres de todo tipo viven en armonía haciendo foco en un grupo nuevo de agentes de Shinra, una agencia que se encarga de mantener al margen las actividades paranorm... EMPIEZA A LEER

verde greenery | yves + hyewon

"quem é você?" ela pergunta. ora, aposto que ela é mil vezes mais interessante do que eu. parecia pertencer a uma coleção de bonecas de porcelana, e a voz adocicada era a última comprovação necess... EMPIEZA A LEER

Wake Up And Run

Kidnapped and sent to another world in another dimension, to save his world he have to save this one and first of all he have to survive l. EMPIEZA A LEER

Westridge: Part 1,

Group of friends decided to spend the weekend hiking in the woods, Not aware of the terror lurks within. EMPIEZA A LEER

When The Tree Man Awakens

First time writer. Dipping into my imagination and experimenting with, Fantasy Erotica. Writing for fun and enjoyment, and sharing my thoughts and fantasies with like-minded individuals. I wish to ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2

I dare say that it even feels like Spring, which is not good news for me… I can only hope that things get better and more accurate soon. EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Month 1

Go big or go home is quite a great motto to live by at times EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Month 2

I look forward to what this final month will give me in this roller coaster of life and hope you all will continue to enjoy the ride with me. EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Month 3

The world certainly needs this pure cleansing every year, to help people reset and refresh, viewing the world with new eyes. EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Month 3 Continued

There are certainly a few options out there and it would be a productive use of my time, and hopefully I may even learn something new. EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Week 10

Stay tuned for updates on my own adventure that is called life. EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Week 11

I look forward to the continuing story. EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Week 12

I still think a quiet, snow-covered world is one of the best experiences out there too. EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Week 13

Nothing against the blooming energies of Spring, but this Winter has left a lot to be desired as an accurate representation of the seasons. EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Week 2

But this will at least pave the way for the best season of the year. EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Week 3

While the world may not reflect the accuracy of the season, I will still act accordingly and cozy up with a few great movies. EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Week 4

I guess, we all get to wait together, hmmm? EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Week 6

I worry that this is a sign of the rest of the season and may have to reconsider my love of snow if I never see it. EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Week 7

At last snow has made an appearance out of my single lonely window, and after what seems like weeks with bitter cold weather and no other sense of Winter! EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Week 8

If nothing else, I will still be here, so I hope you will be too. EMPIEZA A LEER

Winter Year 2 - Week 9

I also started Assassination Classroom season 2 and am already hooked. EMPIEZA A LEER

X vezes que Gyro percebeu o popotão grandão do Johnny

Porque era simplesmente impossível ignorar certos atributos de Johnny. Coleção de pequenos capítulos, que podem ou não ter relação entre si. GyJo/JoGy EMPIEZA A LEER

Your Birthday

Jotaro poderia parecer uma pessoa fria e desprovida de emoção, mas ao mesmo tempo era a primeira pessoa a pensar em tudo para fazer Noriaki feliz. JotaKak | JoJoVerse | OneShot EMPIEZA A LEER


The Kingdom of Alasiana is under the curse of the evil sorcerer Kanisa. An unexpected young stranger enters the kingdom, will he be their only Hope? Will he able to defeat Kanisa? Who is this young... EMPIEZA A LEER


Não gostando nada do que via, Rohan decide dar um pequeno aviso à Josuke. EMPIEZA A LEER


Joseph nunca pensou que um dia iria passar por esta situação; era agonizante! Ainda bem que Caesar estava ali para ajudá-lo. EMPIEZA A LEER


Devaneios perdidos o levam à comparações nada honestas. Talvez estivesse vivendo ao lado de uma cobra perigosa. EMPIEZA A LEER

Complex feelings about my best friend

Caesar amava Joseph, um sentimento não recíproco, muito claro por seus olhos, afinal conhecia o amigo como a palma das mãos e sabia que nunca receberia nada além de uma forte amizade. EMPIEZA A LEER


Nos momentos de fúria, era normal saírem brigando em meio ao jardim. A troca de socos, chutes e sangue parecia ter sua própria beleza. EMPIEZA A LEER

I feel that I was born for something big

Kcire Abdu Wilkoe a young university student creates a virtual world from his computer and then promotes it throughout the network. As the days pass he realizes that many investors are interested i... EMPIEZA A LEER

La niña de las estrellas

Cuando la población renace de las cenizas de la historia de la humanidad. Los sueños vuelen a escribirse de nuevo y encontrar los recuerdos sobre los siglos olvidados. EMPIEZA A LEER

Long Live

The final Descendant of god will rise on Earth, and Alba, the girl carrying its spirit, is hunted down as a threat to the Empire. Her only help will be from Hiro, an exiled soldier from a foreign l... EMPIEZA A LEER

Mike Stunning

Es la vida de un joven, pasando el tiempo le sucedera algo que le cambiara su vida EMPIEZA A LEER


¡Aventuras!, ¡SuperHeroes y SuperVillanos!, ¿Emboscadas Y Juegos De Ingenios?, ¿Escapar De Trampas Malevolas?. ¿Que Sorpresas Habra?, Creo Que Lo Tendran Que Leer..... EMPIEZA A LEER

O menino bom e o menino mau

Jonathan tinha uma visão perfeita de Dio, onde o mesmo não tinha defeitos. Se um dia acreditava que o loiro era merecedor de todos os elogios, o garoto percebeu que não era bem assim que as coisas ... EMPIEZA A LEER

Singularity Point

Alternate universe Sci-fi action adventure about two minds coming together. EMPIEZA A LEER

That's so us (Gumlee and Bubbline)

George and Bonnie had been Marceline and Marshall's best friends since diapers. One day, they grew up and decided to get married to each other. In this story, you'll know their life as a full family. EMPIEZA A LEER

The adventures of the light hero

O tempo é relativo quando todo o universo entra em desespero, Humanos tolos...o fim se aproxima e voces nem esperam por ver os anos de trevas, escuridão e sofrimento que os esperam EMPIEZA A LEER

Violent Star

Vill was a blunt, rude boy with ambition for a better future. One day he finds himself a star fragment, a valuable treasure and a source of great power, which left him with joy-ridden. Before he co... EMPIEZA A LEER
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