METEOR CREATION: The very meteor that created us will destroy us.

Historia No Verificada Eighteen year old Anna has lived her life knowing she's the president's daughter but when a supposed date goes horribly wrong her whole world suddenly changes. In a world forever changed by a meteor, how will she survive it all?
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G - 2

Parte del Universo de G - 2 Historia No Verificada The world after the connection between human brain and Internet is considered - "G - 2" that means - Globe - 2 or, Generation - 2. In this fantasy I will show my dream as well as imagination to create a different world for peace and development of all the people of the world.
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A middle-aged writer's daydream

Historia No Verificada Have you ever lost everything? Hank Preston was a famous writer whose debut book, "Stygian Blues", was a bestseller. His subsequent publications, however, were all low ranked. After a year facing total writer's block, his editor is picking on him with deadlines, his wife is leaving home, and he's under the risk of losing his property. Hank is...
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The Time Seeker

Historia No Verificada The story revolves around the teenager of about 23 years who have lost his mother in tragic accident but recently with the new clues provided by the police investigation he came to know that it was pre planned murder . Now being a son of very famous physicist he decided to bring back his mother no matter the cost while investigating the situatio...
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Careprost Eye Drops for Long and Thick Eyelashes

Historia No Verificada Careprost Eye Drops Contain the bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 for eyelash growth, Make You Eyelash Longer, thicker, and darker using Careprost. Buy Careprost Online at a low price from
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Future of tomorrow's past

Historia No Verificada Still working on 1st chapter
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Guardians of the Cosmos

Historia No Verificada Once upon a time in New York, the city of dreams, an invincible villain was on a roar. Where are those missing New Yorkers? Another dimension or in the future? Who has the key to all these questions? Read all the upcoming episodes of the “Guardians of the Cosmos” to raise the curtain from these mysterious questions. Will three superheroes be abl...
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The Warlock and the Vampire (inglés/English)

Historia No Verificada Meg is a girl, but not just any girl, she's a vampire girl. She lives like any human just so they don't find out. But just knowing a guy's life is a 180-degree turn, but this guy's not just any common guy, he's a sorcerer. called Oriel. Oriel is a sorcerer boy to be more specific is a conjurer he lives like any human lives alone so they don't fi...
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Assignment help

Historia No Verificada We are no 1 assignment writing service provider in the world and especially in Australia. Please connect with us: Phone: +61-2 9191 7405, E-mail: [email protected], Website:, Office: Level 4/22 Harry Chan Avenue, Darwin City NT 0800, Australia
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Golden Moon

The New Big Game is on, this time in Space. Meet the true heroes and villains of the space age. Meet the space thieves and transnational space barons, and, above of all, The Great Hidden Treasure. Witness the fits of human achievements driven by greed. Welcome to the new space adventure!
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Other Side

Historia No Verificada A new government ruled the world, there was no escaping their policies, and there was no point in trying to deny their rules. My kind, the Varian’s, were held in prison for many generations because of their special abilities, and never was given any rights. I was their leader; I was brave, stupid, and naïve, I believed we could make it; I forced...
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Out of the Ordinary

Historia No Verificada On Earth something crash lands causing panic to spread throughout the world... with one way in or out, Colier has to defend herself and find her vessel but in between, she meets a kind boy (Quillan) which shows only kindness towards her and wants to help her... But something else happens in between, Earth as we know it is dying and their only wa...
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Midnight Eclipse, Book I

She's an Excelian. He's an unawaken Excelian. When a second invasion begins a war, a deadly plot is set in motion and a desperate search for the Fragments of Midnight Eclipse commences . . . Gothalia Valdis has her demon to conquer and Noel-Len Ignatius has his heritage to revive. What happens when two worlds collide? And, how will they both su...
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The Incredible Shrinking Dave Seville of Third Edition Series

Historia No Verificada My beloved newlyweds husband Dave Seville been contaminated by radioactive waste goo causes him to shrink down into a miniaturization size and help solve problems and discovers on his third edition adventure episode season.
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Legacy of the Forgotten Heart

Historia No Verificada Can humans and meches get together in harmony after many secrets holding off their own sufferings from their past? But if they do, will there be war or peace?
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The Incredible Shrinking Dave Second Edition Series

Historia No Verificada My husband Dave Seville been contaminated by Radioactive goo waste affected him to reduce slow down into miniature doll-size. He discovered on the second adventure and help someone on solve problems.
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How to Write Better Essays

Historia No Verificada This blog will be useful to those who are learning to write essays
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Cosmo is a Star Command Security Guard, who travels every corner of space looking for evil. When she joins Buzz Lightyear while on a Mission, they're both thrown headfirst into a chase for answers that will change the fate of their lives forever.
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The Chosen Ones

In a post-apocalyptic world, the human race is discovering new diseases. However, the diseases have been mutating rapidly, but only affect humans. The government has noticed this, so they begin experimenting in an attempt to come up with a cure. In order for this to occur, they need to have test subjects. So, with the permission of their parents...
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Altered System

Historia No Verificada The Year is 2063, the Department of Human Resources and the Department of Homeland Security have come together to begin “Project Light”. The means of the project? To continue the studies of the MK ULTRA Project. While doing these experiments, the scientists give a patient an experimental drug, known as “TS-48”, that causes several cerebral infec...
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Altered System

The Year is 2063, the Department of Human Resources and the Department of Homeland Security have come together to begin “Project Light”. The means of the project? To continue the studies of the MK ULTRA Project - this time, trying to transmit the conscience from the present to the future. While doing these experiments, the scientists give a pati...
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He wakes up in a heavy rain, just to learn the water has taken away his past. in his quest for the truth, he enters in a city so cold and hostile it could well be another planet. Should he regain his identity or just let it drain down the sewer?
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Interplanetary Online

It is 2053. Many things have transpired since then, global conflicts, resource shortages, advancements in technology (entertainment especially), all of it. However in response, world governments had become paranoid of each other. Censorship was rampant, authoritarianism even more so, former bastions of democracy had become nothing but mere polic...
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The HACK Team (English)

Parte del Universo de XAE Four friends from different parts of the world get together in a video-game that is going to take them through different adventures on virtual reality. Story created for the challenge “The Adventurer” of The Author’s Cup.
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incomplete circuit

The mind has incredible potential people often oversee. This potential can change reality as we perceive it. Meet Dr. Robinson an invasive Psychologist that will have to reach the deepest secrets into a patient's mind to find an incredible answer that might change a chaotic world.
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Absolute Power

What would do you do if you have superpowers? would you wanna be an hero? Not always virtue is the natural path and not always people want your help. Sometimes things can turn really really bad... and "Absolute Power" is about the worst possible outcome you can get
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Historia No Verificada Iris lanet, 17-year-old teen. Adopted by the Wilsons' family at the age of 7. Wilsons treated Iris as a maid and loved their two own children. Helen and Stella her stepsisters, treated Iris as a piece of trash. Fade-up with her life, Iris decides to leave the house as she turns 18.  Once as she was roaming around the mountains, she suddenly feel...
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A boy wants to pilot the new generation of mecha, however something seems off. Join Ryo in an adventure of heroism, forgetfulness, and hope in an attempt to right the mistakes of human kind.
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