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Love twists

Adrien fights with his father and unloads on Marinette. This creates a misunderstanding between the two. Adrien visits her as ChatNoir and a colorful friendship begins. With the arrival of Felix things become more complicated, because this one affirms that Marinette belongs to him. The dispute for Marinette begins: who will win?
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My Art

Historia No Verificada Charlene Chavez is the kind of girl who brings a smile when you feel down. When something bad happens to her she just puts a smile on her face and continues her day. Then one day she just can't seem to bring that smile on her face when she see Simon Delgado, her ex-boyfriend. ____________________________________ "Charlene?" Charlene whole worl...
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Her Secret Love..Does it explored till end?

Historia No Verificada Her Secret Love …Does it explored till the end? She is an intellectual person, An excellent problem Solver . One day she try to find solution for a biggest complicationof her life. She found the answer..Its changes her life… Huh?? mmm.. magic?? -Ofcourse LOVE is magic -Janani as Janu - Bala Chandrakanth as guru -Psychology ...
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I woke in this body

Historia No Verificada Yesterday I was Maria. Today I am Elise. I woke in this body.
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Historia No Verificada Anna's simple life starts to change the day she meets Theo, but at the end the only thing they both want is that simple life. Will they get there?
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Wiggles the Whale

Historia No Verificada A whale. A girl. Destined for love. A man. A orca. love is here
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Clasic Christmas

Historia No Verificada Is a story of plisss
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