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You Can Only Dream

Maria was just your average high school graduate enjoying the summer before her first year of college. She went to the mall with friends, kicked back at the beach, and comfortably tucked herself away in her room to binge watch her favorite tv shows. But everything changed when Maria awoke one day to find herself not in her bed, but in another wo...
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A Love Between Us: Edward and Demetrius Story

Six men living in a luxurious mansion.While they live together, they learn how to cooperate with each other and cope with each other's personal issues while pursuing romance in the process. In this story, we go through the lives of a British nerd name Edward Edenburg and a South Korean use-to-be pop idol named Demetrius Webton, as they "pa...
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Historia No Verificada Have you ever wondered what happens on the streets of your city when night falls? Monica Carter is a transsexual who is in charge of one of the busiest avenues in the city of Caracas in Venezuela, after her boss and protector Perez left her all her fortune, leaving her as the only heiress and mother of the entire city , a hellish war will be un...
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Historia No Verificada Live closely the history of monica on the busiest avenue in one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America and witness the passion and betrayal. MOTHER GREAT PREMIERE MARCH 3 Because every mother gives her life for her children
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The Mother

Historia No Verificada Discover the story of monica murillo a transgender man, who lives in the city of caracas venezuela, his story begins when the perez owner and lord of all the avenues of the city where his workers work, naming monica the most beautiful trans of all , as the sole heir of all her fortune, which unleashed anger, anger and hatred for Samantha, mistre...
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Historia No Verificada Aden is cute one he love everyone and think everyone good like him Alvin is dangerous one he don't anyone accept his family So what happen when they both meet with each other
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THE DARKNESS - Vampires - BOOK 1

Historia No Verificada The Darkness follows the story of Alexander Montgomery, a 17-year-old boy who sees his life changing in just two years. And by engaging in the supernatural war of the vampire brothers Mattew and Brunno Warrant, Alexander and his friends will have to deal with a new, bleak world.
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The LGBT+ community is bull----

Historia No Verificada Hello! this a fellow young female pansexual that rants her own community, because this new generation of LGBT+ seems to be a little bit too dumb.
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Bird Came Down

Historia No Verificada “Joey came to me crying cause somebody hurt him.” “They’re bound to,” Felix replied. “ He’s a good boy.” “I wanted to kill them. I feel violent all the time. If it’s a jungle out there, and if I’m a jungle creature, and you’re a jungle creature. If… we’re so wild, then who’s going to protect you from my claws?” “Who’s going to protect you f...
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Beyond the Undead

Historia No Verificada An adventurous, yet romantic story of a friendship between the undead queen and the ghostly newcomer.
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Historia No Verificada Heterophobia: The irrational hate towards the beautiful heterosexuals
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Carlos and James: Short Story Series

Historia No Verificada M/M erotica. James and Carlos have been together for years. They own one of the most elite gyms in town and Carlos runs it while James is hands-off and spends his days in his law office. They have an open relationship and both of them make the most of it.
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