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Frays in the Weave

Great tales need to be told, but those that shape the world must be added to the Weave. With the awakening of a god two taleweavers sharing two worlds meet and shape a new future for both. As they add new strands to the Weave in a way no taleweaver has ever done before ripples run through reality and the Weave begins to unravel. Soon there...
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Historia No Verificada Una joven ama al Diablo desde niña,mientras Él está necesitado de amor,ella busca como comunicarse con Satán y decirle que lo Ama,pero en su cumpleaños 18 pide un deseo y se le concede el ansiado deseo Conocer a Lucifer para amarlo eternamente
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Dead to the World 3 - Immortals

Book three of Dead to the World saga
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The Plan

The Plan begins with a post-grad student discovering the 16th Century diary belonging to the Queen of the Kingdom, and how the discoverer and her roommate dissect it during one wine-soaked weekend. The narrative details our hero’s thoughts, and includes relative accurate descriptions of the local geography, history of that time, the weapons emp...
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A magical thing happened to Stef Mimosa when she was only two: she died and an angel confronted Death to bring her back–or at least that’s how she remembers it. Years later, Stef has traded magic for science, working as a freelance hacker. When a simple coding job turns out to be more than she expected, Stef gets in over her head in more ways...
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The Red Book of Magic

In Vanjer, a Land devastated by conflicts between Kingdoms, Empires, Countries and Houses, the Wizards takes on a war against the armies of the Dark Lord Ihrir. Arcanis, a young wizard, talented but avenger, decides to join the war, on a quest to find out the truth about his past and present; in the way, he will begin to discover terrible revela...
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Loop of Dreams

Historia No Verificada Marin is a normal girl, at least, she hopes.One night something strange happens and she is stuck in a loop of dreams. Taylor lives in constant fear of his dad after his sister died because of the loop of dreams.He finds his Ilum partner, and has to save her from the same thing that killed his sister. The only problem is, she is halfway across t...
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Under the Darkest Moon

Evie is in captive of the Evil Enchantress, the woman who cursed sleeping beauty . Somwere else in the world Cinderella's daughter,Snow, is born deformed and sent off to be killed by Evie herself. Evie is determend to keep Snow safe from the huntsman and the other things that may lurk in the forest. When Snow proves herself more magical then eve...
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Dead to the World 1 - Sacrifice

In a world inhabited by monsters, demons and humans, it is all one can do to stay alive or die trying. Kane is one of the strong, the survivors. Left by his parents when he was a little boy, to fend for himself and survive by any means necessary, he only finds out that his fate is to be even more cruel to him than it already was.
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"A contract thief with a supernatural gift discovers that the items he has been stealing share a mysterious connection." *** Arun is more than a common thief. He is able to teleport from one place to another, albeit in an inconvenient manner... And for some reason he always ends up naked upon arrival. He soon discovers that his new found abilit...
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Historia No Verificada the story of two teenagers based on adventures, wars, love, among others. the different gems will take them to different dimensions where they will have all kinds of adventures and challenges to face.
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The Taleweaver

Historia No Verificada One man to change a life Two to change a world An outworlder comes to Otherworld where words come true where he comes true The Taleweaver
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Thieves' Race

Historia No Verificada A young thief thinks there's nothing more to life than proving his love for a girl who doesn't seem to feel the same. All that changes, however, when he journeys to purgatory and starts a war. All of a sudden, he's thrown into a race against demons to get his hands on a weapon that can change history forever. But who can he trust, when those clo...
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Worms Of the Earth by Robert Ervin Howard

Bran Mak Morn, King of the Picts, vows revenge on the Roman governor Titus Sulla after witnessing the crucifixion of a fellow Pict. He seeks forbidden aid from the Worms of the Earth, a race of creatures who were once men but after generations of living underground have become monstrous and semi-reptilian. He secures their help after stealing a ...
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She is not a human

Historia No Verificada Nate was really excited about this journey. He thought it would be the best journey of his life...
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Dream Days by Kenneth Grahame

These eight delightful chapters or stories, reminiscent of the childhood of each of us, are brimming with adventure and pleasure. Here are the joys of youth which grown-up Olympians can no longer experience and only remember, if at all, with nostalgia. A wonderful read for both young and old alike. Contents: The Twenty-first of October; Dies Ira...
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The Gifts of Asti by Andre Alice Norton

Varta, the last priestess of Asti, lives alone with Lur, a telepath of the lizardfolk, in Asti's isolated mountain retreat. Decadent Memphir has long since drifted away from the austere paths of Asti, and now the barbarians of Klem are sacking the city, and the smoke of its burning drifts up to the temple.
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YunokiRoom Monogatari

Historia No Verificada YunokiRoom Monogatari is an successor to Wattpad fanfiction YunokiRoom Bullshittery which ended in June 28th, 2019. It is also known as the adventures of the main protagonists of YunokiRoom Bullshittery's children.
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Angelique's Adventures

This is the start of a fantasy novel, a work in progress!
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A Warriors Tale

Historia No Verificada Scarlet is a young princess who aspires to be a great warrior and leader for her kingdom, just like her mother was, but after her mothers passing her father forbids her. Her guard Elliot and best friend Violet go on a journey to make her a strong warrior and fight a war which it yet to come.
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The Women of the Wood by Abraham Merritt

The Women of the Wood by Abraham Merritt
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Historia No Verificada If you tell me what you saw, there's a few things you should start with.
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Historia visual

Angelic Battles

Historia No Verificada They say Angels protect people, but what's the cost of this protection? And what are they really protecting you from?
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Dead to the World 2 - Apocalypse

Book two of Dead to the World saga
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A Swandi Soldier

The young infantryman Dann travels to a foreign nation together with his companions of the Swandia army. There he will know a whole new world, and also stumble upon a secret that will change his life forever.
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The Last Lords of Gardonal

Vampire stoty by William Gilbert
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A Haunted House by Virginia Woolf

A Haunted House is a 1944 collection of 18 short stories by Virginia Woolf. It was produced by her husband Leonard Woolf after her death although in the foreword he states that they had discussed its production together.
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