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The Shopping Mall

A story about the bless of obedience, and also the effects of the lack of it.
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Separate body and soul as water and oil.
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God included is victim of imperfection
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Morning struggle. | #MicroDrama Contest |
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Some decisions hurt. And some kinds of pain are necessary. | #MicroDrama Contest |
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God included is victim of imperfection
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Also, When it's Rainy

Nothing to say in a Description.
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Girl Fears Ghost Girl

The girl he loves today fears the girl of his memories. Can he convince the living girl that she is now the one? And can he truly get past that other girl who was once so wonderful and so alive?
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Bode Olufemi promises never to date again after his heart got terribly shattered on his birthday. How long can he keep this up when a pretty Nurse lives with him?
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Maybe Lost Be

Historia No Verificada It's about Nolan, a successful man who unexpectedly gets the visit from his troublesome sister that he vowed to stay away, and begins to realize that maybe she's not the person he thought she was and maybe one is as lost as the other.
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About Us

Historia No Verificada When your feelings come in the way. How to say the one thing you want to, the thing you can't?
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Historia No Verificada yes liked
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It had to be you

Historia No Verificada 'It had to be you' is a story troubled by drama. Main characters are César and Valary, a seemingly perfect couple with no problems. One day, for no apparent reason, he leaves and she sank into a depression in which her greatest comfort is alcohol. Five years later, again for no apparent reason, César returns excited to renew contact with Valary ...
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the recovery diaries.

Historia No Verificada Maeve is admitted into a psych ward after a suicide attempt. Between nurses, Prozac and group therapy, she finds Elias, a fellow patient who will change her world forever.
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Historia No Verificada A young boy named Lane has his life rewritten due to mistakes that have him Moving across state. He was talked into it but knew it was better for him if he was going to have a better life. A twist of events cause him to realize that there is nothing more beautiful then life.
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Lingering Pain

Historia No Verificada **WARNING!: MAY CONTAIN SOME TOPICS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 13! READER/VIEWER DESECRATION IS ADVISED** A young girl named Tallia Grey has been having trouble dealing with her depression. She may go to a therapist, but he doesn't seem to be giving her any help. What shall happen to her when she makes her decision?
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Now you see me

Historia No Verificada Cassie Paul has been through a lot lately. she has some bumpy roads her way
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Riverwood Academy

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Writing is a shit with Hank Moody

Historia No Verificada Hank moody tells us how to write is bullshit.
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Leaving Home

Historia No Verificada After years of living with her parents, Avri Lo, a nineteen (19) year old witch, has finally gathered enough courage to pack her things and leave the “god for awful” household she had lived in for nineteen (19) years. She had decided to move to Los Angeles, California to see her online friend, Alex Grace. What will happen when Avri goes to Alex’...
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The Four Crown Princes of Hell

Historia No Verificada -He hates everything about himself. -He loves everything about him. -He wants to become someone else. -He wants to uncover the truth. Discover the truth about the messed up lives of the Four Crown Princes of Hell and the gruesome things they will have to do to achieve what they want.
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The Truth about Forgiveness

Historia No Verificada Emma is an ordinary girl, who does not expect her life to change. Then she discovered that sometimes life is not completely fair and there are god and bad changes.
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Historia No Verificada What could you do when you feel scared by loneliness? What weapons are you going to use against that? What will you do to ease your mind?
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Blood and Roses

Historia No Verificada If your a lover of fantasy and drama, this is a story you might be interested about. An imposible love of a vampire and werewolf , who afther having secret dates see a handsome and malevolent witch
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Poem's Anthology

Historia No Verificada With this anthology, I try to give a variety of feelings that runs through my mind. In this book you'll find Love poems, but also, sad poems, and sometimes you'll feel a kind of darkness, but it's just my mind. I'll appreciate to those who read and comment them. Enjoy, if you are poems lovers.
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Historia tipo Blog

Please help me

Historia No Verificada When Elizabeth Edwards goes missing by the most popular murder the Maze twins it is up to Mrs.Smith her English teacher to find her when the police are ready to give up because the maze twins have never been caught before. Will Mrs.Smith save Elizabeth before she is either sold and never to be seen again or be killed
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The Job

Historia No Verificada About a life well lived, and its consequences (for those who dare only).
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We both inlove

Historia No Verificada kenly and I first meet story.
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