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An essay is a part of academic writing, and media analysis is a integral part of elite communication.
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How to write media analysis essay example


What is media analysis?

An essay is a part of academic writing, and media analysis is a integral part of elite communication. The media analysis essay is a structured way of presenting one’s opinions related to media and communication.

In our today’s guide on how to write a media analysis composition, we shall discuss some key points to remember, so that you construct a very precise and impactful content for your research.

The purpose of writing is to discuss an issue framed by media using literary devices. Who are the main spokespeople? Is the piece covering all topics concerned with the issue? What is the message conveyed by the news article?

media analysis essay topics

The topic that you select is obviously related to communication. Choose a subject that is trending and has some importance and is in the news. Some examples,

·        An environmental issue

·        Effects of technology

·        Role of communication in politics

·        Advantages or Disadvantages of Internet

·        On Poverty and Homelessness

·        Impact of Global warming

·        Influence of films on young generation

In your media analysis paper example, cite references and sources from books or journals from where you have collected credible information.

Media analysis essay example – Expert Tips

A good essay starts with a focused introduction. Plan your thesis statement and portray it effectively in your content. Perform extensive research on the topic that you have selected. Look for findings with concrete proof or evidences to make your analysis strong.

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You should keep your content relevant to your thesis statement. Any deviations will only cause readers to lose interest in your writing. Form sentences with a continuous flow and coherence. One tip to keep the reader engaged is to give it a good structure.

·        Introduction 

·        Thesis Body

·        Conclusion

·        Recommendation

·        Appendices

Use formatting tips to enhance readability and make it presentable. In your conclusion, you are going to re-affirm your thesis matter in a crisp and summarized manner. Concentrate on facts and support them with references. Don’t create a hypothetical piece which derives no meaning.

Use of quotes and paraphrasing relevant to the main intent of your analysis example is a good way to holding reader’s attention. Justification is a must and citation also is an integral part of good thesis writing.

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