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Product update - November 2018

Hi everybody! It's that time of the month when we do our routine catch up about all the new things that we have been adding to Inkspired during the month. Let's get started!

New front cover's templates, new colors, and new formats 

Undoubtedly, the biggest and most impactful change on Inkspired during November. We have finally improved the overall experience of uploading cover pictures, we have added new beautiful designs with amazing colored templates and filters, and that's not all. We have also incorporated 2 new formats plus the classic vertical book cover.  You can now upload a horizontal promo banner which will help your story get promoted in several other places around the platform. And that's not all, the new story background banner lets you personalize your story profile. The latter will also be incorporated in your User Profile soon!

PayPal payments

We have been listening to you. We know everyone has a favorite payment method, and we have just incorporated one of the most popular to make things easier for you when checking out. From today, it's possible to pay for your Self-Publishing services and your Writer Premium Subscriptions not only with a credit card, but also using your own PayPal account. If you have been waiting for it to upgrade, try it now :)

We care about the user experience of our community as much as making our platform more secure, every day. Adding another secure way to pay online is a step forward to that.

Set up a password for accounts linked to Twitter and Facebook

On the same line, we are aware that some of you signed up on Inkspired using your social networks, but at some point, you want to change that. Now it's possible to "unlink" any social account that was used while registering (be it Facebook or Twitter) and set up a new access password to your account.

If you want to do it, it's very simple. Just go to Settings > Edit Profile. If you have used Facebook or Twitter as a registration method, at the start of your profile you will see a link that will allow you to start the process to unlink and set up your password.

Better news updates on-site!

Many of you have noticed a green or red bar on top of the website from time to time. That's our new "news" flash. It's a very simple way to keep you all posted on emerging top releases on-site. By the way, if you want to dismiss it, you just need to click on the bar and it will be gone for good :)

Announcements on your User Profile

Every time you share an announcement or update now it will be posted on a highlighted location in your public user profile. And that's not all, now it's possible to make comments on each announcement :) Wanted to engage with your audience? This is an ideal form of keep all your stories' followers updated with your new releases, and start conversations about it.

Multilingual e-mails

We got started with the last phase of our platform translation with the aim to make you feel at home, covering  the only thing that was left to translate: our e-mail notifications. Soon you can expect clear e-mails in your preferred language (English, Spanish and Portuguese to get started), and also more useful notifications about your own writing progress, your stories' interactions, and reading recommendations.

Support form is back on the Dashboard

Not much to elaborate on this, but we have added the support form back to the left menu bar on your Dashboard. In case you need immediate assistance, you know where to go now :)

Oh, and one more thing! An update on our mobile apps

A very long expected update on our mobile apps is just around the corner. Yes, finally we are making a major release fixing all the multiple issues with the current version, and keep it more in line to our website's look & feel and capabilities. You will not have to wait long. The iOS new release will make it to the App Store around the Christmas holidays, and the Android new release will be available on the Google Play Store in January 2019.

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