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Las Baladas de Alentë

Ancient myths and legends happened in the Seven Worlds of the Alentë Nebula in Unir. When the Nameless came, the Lord of the Darkness was influenced, and the civilizations were corrupted. Is there any hope to prosper? Non Verified Universe Imagined, Mythological Age Share

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Stories of Unir - The Lays of Alentë / Las Baladas de Alentë

The Lays of Alentë - Unirenta Canon
Millenia ago, the universe, called Unir, was originated by Assian and Emial, the Primordial Beings. They also gave or...
The Lays of Alentë - Scripts Canon
These are scripts written for videos that can be found in Youtube, although the videos should be updated.
Las Baladas de Alentë - Unirenta Canon
Hace milenios, el universo, llamado Unir, fue originado por Assian y Emial, los Entes Primordiales. También dieron or...
Las Baladas de Alentë - Guiones Canon
Estos son guiones escritos para vídeos que pueden encontrarse en Youtube, aunque los vídeos deberían ser actualizados.
The Lays of Alentë - Summaries Canon
The Lays of Alentë, or Alententa, is how is called the set of stories that occur in the worlds of the Alentë Nebula, ...
Las Baladas de Alentë - Sumarios Canon
Las Baladas de Alentë, o Alententa, es cómo se le llama al conjunto de historias que ocurren en los mundos de la Nebu...

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