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Factoring in my day job as an Oregon Department of Transportation data entry operator, distance running, maintaining my dad's property with yard chores, reading fiction from KN Lee and Stephen King, and writing my own fiction, my 24 hours get filled in a hurry. Oh, sleeping sometimes happens, too. http://www.mwholman.com. Salem, United States.
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"The Stein and the Studebaker: Book 1 of the Norseman Chronicles"

This synopsis to my in-progress novel of "The Stein and the Studebaker: Book 1 of the Norseman Chronicles" summarizes how my main character, Peter Olson, is drawn into circumstances for which he has no frame of reference, no life experience to gu...
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Time Defiant

Non Verified story Another morning begins normally enough for Bill Tannins, but that begins to change once he accepts his dropped wallet from a pretty neighbor, Karen Hiller, who lives in the apartment below his. Before he can even set foot inside the building wher...
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Olaf, a long distance runner of Norse descent and in the master's division due to the fact he's past 50, is determined to make a comeback at another Portland Marathon, his disappointment at failing to qualify for Boston Marathon entry six years be...
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