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Sugnan's wife was a ghost.
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A question on imagination

Non Verified story A thought.
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Non Verified story A memory and thought about the pain
140 views Story completed

Inner Peace

Non Verified story A thought about peace .
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Hair -splitting

Non Verified story I don’t know why but I thought nothing bad would happen to my hair.
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Non Verified story The condition of the city was very critical. A political party protested against the city's poor law and order
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Non Verified story Moosak Raj, the king of rats had become old. His only daughter, Chuniya was of marriageable age. Moosak Raj had given a good education to his daughter. He and his wife decided to hold a Swayamvar for their daughter so that she could select a groo...
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जंगल में सभा

Non Verified story बहुत समय से भारत के, जानवरों से भरे एक जंगल में, जानवरों की सभा नहीं हुई थी। बुजुर्ग जानवर चिंतित थे कि नयी पीढ़ियाँ अपने गौरवशाली इतिहास को भूलती जा रहीं थी। उन्होने एक सभा करने का निर्णय लिया।
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A Rainy Night

Non Verified story A young man was invited to coffee by a mysterious woman.
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Please don't spam my message box

Non Verified story Somethings I don't like in my inbox
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The Monkey, Bandar

Non Verified story He was a student of class 3 of a nearby primary school. From the day, his English teacher taught him the English word monkey for a Bandar (Hindi word for a monkey), whenever he saw a monkey, he would shout, “Monkey Bandar!” using both the English ...
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the people who prepared the list of awards should be of higher intelligence."
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The slap of a ghost

One day, a good wisher of my father brought a Babaji home. Babaji circled the entire house and said to Papa, " There are ghosts in the house. They are playing mischief. We have to remove them. "
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My fight against odds

Now started tests of my pain tolerance, perseverance, optimism, and attitude. I found a physiotherapy clinic near my house and started my treatment.
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The Last Photograph

Sanno's grandmother died. When Joseph heard it, he asked his grandson John to follow him and rushed to Kunwar Saheb's mansion. Sanno's grandmother died at the age of 75. Joseph was an old photographer in the town. Sanno's grandmother was his old c...
5.0k views 2 2 Story completed

Men will be men

Short story
4.4k views Story completed

The future-earth

A funny short story
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4.1k views 1 Story completed
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A story about a man and his family, struggling against alcohol addiction.
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Balu from the Danka party filled, the election papers for the ward, but now he was worried about how he would give a speech
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The Undelivered Letter

Over time, Lily and I grew fonder of each other. I thought about it and realized that we had fallen in love with each other. However, neither of us openly expressed our love. The circumstances separated us.The last letter,she wrote to me was n...
8.9k views 2 2 Story completed


All of us need motivation to be successful. Some times we feel demotivated and need to be motivated. There are volumes written on this subject. Book shops are filled with innumerable books of self- help, and motivation. Some of them frighteningly...
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