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Hello I’m Markie Dyan Wilkerson, im 29 years old and am the mother of 4 boys! I am a wife to a loving man of 3 years. My life is beautiful and True. Macclenny, United States.
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My Stories

True love

Non Verified story True love and my meaning behind it
2.5k views Story completed

To many lonely nights!

Non Verified story Being lonely and depressed is my Bestfriend. Nothing is more unhappy then a lonely female who’s mentally depressed and physically tired.
1.6k views New chapter Every Tuesday

Loving An Inmate ❤️

Non Verified story My heart is behind bars &n I miss him so much. He’s my husband and My Bestfriend. Its just not getting easier but I pray for FAST YEARS AND TEMPORARY TEARS!!’
1.7k views 1 Story completed

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