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I write stories & poems. Peru.
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My Stories

New Zealand

Non Verified story Mark starts a new life.
2.0k views Story completed

Cutting Class

Gian starts cutting classes at the university.
5.5k views 1 3 Story completed

The Workshop

Gian signs up for a creative writing course to forget about his ex-wife.
5.7k views 4 Story completed

This is the last poem you'll ever need to read again

Non Verified story This is the last poem you'll ever need to read again
1.7k views 1 2 Story completed

24/7 Donut Shop

Ryan goes down the path of love.
8.0k views 4 2 Story completed

Space Monsters

Non Verified story Tannhäuser is hired to hunt a 60-foot-tall monster.
4.0k views Story completed

A Future Story

The Future is bleak. But not for Tannhäuser.
7.6k views 15 4 Story completed

Penguin Hill

On the day Gian gets fired (again) he meets someone special.
5.6k views 1 1 Story completed

220 Queen Street Starbucks

Helena tracks down her ex-lover because she's got big news.
5.9k views 4 2 Story completed

Magic Hour

A visit to an art exhibit changes Milla's perspective on life.
7.3k views 3 2 Story completed

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