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I'm Eva Oduro from Ghana. 19years old.. I always loved writing either by inspiration or imagination. I live in different dimensions through writing. I'M A STAY❤️ https://authoresseva.wordpress.com. Cape coast, Ghana.
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My Stories

The Fellow Gents.

Who do you call if you need a quick hit made? But don’t want to get your hands dirty. This consortium of highly trained, self taught assassins. But when the last hit, successfully got their boss killed, what would you do? Being his right hand man ...
2.9k views 11 8 New chapter Every 15 days

Proud Girl

Non Verified story A proud girl
407 views 2 1 New chapter Every 30 days


Non Verified story My life isn't colourful... In search of who will be able to paint my world together
1.0k views 6 4 New chapter Every 30 days


The story talks about a high school student having a journey in high school. In high School life, love, fantasy.
#1 in Scripts/Screenplays 27.7k views 43 23 Story completed

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Prosecutor Peterson

After being framed up for a murder.. Peterson was released from jail after spending three and half years in jail
#2 in Crime 7.3k views 12 13 New chapter Every 30 days

The unnamed Town

AFRICAN TALE An unnamed Town with full of mystery. Will the town be named or not.
#2 in Scripts/Screenplays 10.0k views 20 14 Story completed



"Reading through the line and words are like the secret code to knowing my life" We've read through the first code thus let's get through this code of life
2.1k views 1 4 Story completed

SHOW OFF: Romance from another planet.

Non Verified story Even the sky have someone to show, what of you?
112 views In progress


Reading between the line and words are like the secret code to knowing my life.
13.3k views 42 9 Story completed

Included in: Eva's membership ($3/month)


Non Verified story "Is it reality or imagination?when Mike thought he had escaped and needs to find a way to save those captured, on the journey he learnt he never escaped but was a released dog on trial"
1.5k views 9 4 New chapter Every 30 days

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