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Now that Class 1-A grew up, they found out that being adults is harder than fighting Villains. How will they learn to deal with their problems without their quirks?

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Eijirou Kirishima arrived at Shinsou and Kaminari’s house. In their mansion, all the pro heroes were in the party, in a mixture of quirks and personalities, drinking, dancing and smoking. The lights were out and there was a layer of smoke covering his view. It smelled like weed, alcohol and bubblegum. Music was loud and energetic, just the way he liked.

“Hey Bro! Took you long enough to come, huh?” Kaminari welcomed the man into his house, smiling. He was probably drunk. “Make yourself at home, yeah?” The blond then joined his husband in the couch, drinking something Eijirou couldn’t figure out.

The pro hero saw some of his old friends, like Pinky and Cellophane, as well as Jirou and Yaoyorozou and… Ground Zero?

“…Suki?” He thought.

PopRocks wasn’t usually the one to fool around at parties. He looked around and didn’t see Shouto or Izuku. He must have come alone then.

“Hey Red… Mind if I get you a drink?” Some random girl threw herself onto him and smirked. Sure, he was pansexual, but she wasn’t his type. Plus, once he saw Katsuki, he knew he wasn’t coming home with anyone but Blasty.

He looked gorgeous, almost like a greek god. He had an undercut, and was… smiling? Bakugou was sweaty, but a hot sweaty. The man was drinking root beer and seemed to have a good time. Did Kirishima see a prosthetic arm or was he just high from the smell of weed?

Certainly not. Ground Zero had lost his arm in a battle alongside Shouto and Deku, that’s when all his shit hit the fan.

“Hey Baby! Come here!” Pinky stopped his train of thoughts, sending him a smile and signing where she was.

The hero grabbed a bottle from the table and went towards his coworkers, always looking at the blond man dancing.

“Hey everyone… How are you?”

“Surely not as good as you, man. I mean look at you! You look absolutely great!” Cellophane smiled and took a sip from his can.

“Ha! Thanks guys…Um… Is that Katsuki?” The stronger asked, pointing to his ex.

“Uh…Yeah… I just don’t know if it’s fine to talk to him. He looks like he wants to get wasted, y’know?” YaoMomo said, on her wife’s lap.

So…He didn’t wanna talk to Eijirou…Which was kind of fair ‘cause Kirishima was the one who broke up first. He didn’t like Bakugou’s explosive way, he didn’t appreciate that Bakugou didn’t know how to have a normal conversation instead of screaming and making out once he calmed down, he didn’t like that Bakugou kept his fears and insecurities to himself instead of talking to Kirishima.

“Yeah…Do you know if Shouto and Deku are here or nah?” The redhead asked, taking a long sip of his drink. Bad choice, it was vodka and it stung like hell. Not that manly to almost choke on vodka, he thought.

“Heck yeah they are. They’re probably fucking somewhere actually. You know their style, yeah?”

Kirishima heard a loud laugh and looked over at who it belonged to. It was Kaminari, who was making out with his husband. If only he could be happy like his bro. If only he didn’t screw up by breaking up with Katsuki…

“I’m happy for them… Kaminari finally found his Prince Charming…”

“Yeah Yeah…”

“Hey guys…” He heard Deku’s voice and looked at the #1 hero.

“Here they are, everybody! Let’s hear it for the #1 and #2 heroes!” Pinky shouted at the top of her lungs, raising her cup.

A wave of cheers and claps filled the massive living room and the heroes simply smiled.

“Thanks everyone…” The green-haired man said shyly. After people got back to their own businesses, Izuku and Shouto could finally talk to their friends.

Izuku looked a lot taller and a lot manlier. He looked handsome with an undercut and so did Shouto. The half n’ half had let his hair grow, yet he was still taller than Izuku. They were a beautiful couple.

“Where were you guys?” Ojiro asked, smirking.

“I was doing stuff, actually.” Shouto smiled awkwardly and took a sip of his husband’s drink.

“I’m stuff.” Deku almost made him choke, smirking as the friends laughed.

“I know you wanna have fun and all but I really need to talk to you guys.” He was serious and was staring at Izuku deep in the eyes.

“Is it about Katsuki?”

“How do you know that?”

“Oh sweetie we brought him only because we knew you were coming. Plus, there’s free drinks, and if there’s something Bakugou likes it is free alcohol.” Shouto hugged his man from behind and smiled.

“Good. Now I need your help to get to him. But first, is he okay?” He knew Katsuki wasn’t doing good. He was always drunk and it was starting to affect his job. Bakugou dropped drastically in the hero rank and was now surpassed by Mineta.

“I mean, if someone is at a party just because of free drinks, and is a worse hero than Mineta, they’re certainly not doing great.”

Yeah, they were right. Still, Katsuki looked so damn fine, in his leather coat and his ripped jeans… Kirishima could only dream of getting in those pants.

“Chill dude…You are really tense, bruh. We’re helping you tonight, promise.” Jirou smiled softly and finished her drink.


Kirishima’s POV

I can’t actually believe I saw him, I mean he’s not the one to go to parties, even if there’s free alcohol. I remember the last time I saw him like it was yesterday, we were at prom and he looked miserable as no one danced with him.

Yet here he looks like he’s having the time of his life.

I remember when we broke up, it was not a pretty fight. He started punching and trying to hurt me when I told him I wanted to break up with him. We both decided that I had to move out and move in with my best friend, Tetsutetsu.

Tetsutetsu and I hooked up once, both of us drunk. In the morning he told me he was straight and only loved me like a brother. It hit me hard, but there’s nothing I could do.

Hands shoved me to the crowd and I felt myself drowning in a sea of people. I felt a bump in my arm and looked at who it was.

“Watch your fucking step you fucking assho-” It was him. “Eijirou?”

What do I do? What do I say?

“Hey, Suki…”

He looked absolutely pissed and mad at me. Bakugou’s body got tense and he stared at my eyes like I was the worst person in the entire universe.

“The one place I go and try to numb my pain, you’re there? Is this some kind of prank? I-I’m… I’m out of here, dude. For fuck’s sake…” He was ready to go home and was running away from me.

“Wait! Katsuki…” I grabbed his arm and used my quirk on him.

“Let me go right now you shit for brains… Or else I’ll-” He tried to let go and I heard the sound of his little explosions.

“We both know you won’t do anything to me, Suki. Can we please just talk?” I begged him.

He tried to walk away, but I gripped his arm tighter. Please, just fucking accept it, I’m begging you.

This is my only chance to make things right…


“Oh! Looks like he didn’t really need our help that much, huh?”


Katsuki’s POV

We got in his car and I sat in the front seat with him. This shit is pointless. I’ll try to trick him to letting me go.

“Listen, I know you wanna tell me that you still love me and shit, but Eijirou, this is useless.”

“Always stubborn, huh Katsuki? I wanna help you, because I know everything that is going on with you.”

Oh hell no… Can’t I just trust anyone that won’t fucking betray me like that?

“Did fucking half n’ half and shitty Deku tell you my shit?”


“Oh my God! Oh my fucking God I can’t fucking believe this shit… I’m outta here you idiot.”

“I’d like to know how you’ll do that without shaking as much as you are now.” I only realized I was trembling when he said that, and felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I’m such a fucking mess… I am that useless to the point of not succeeding at killing myself. Even that I can’t do.

I really want some heroin right now…

“Remember what I told you, Suki? Deep breaths, yeah?”

I can’t do that shit now, you idiot.

“Would some water help you, Suki?”

“Please don’t…call me that…”

It’s just too much…It’s all too much… I feel like I can’t breathe…

“Okay…What do you want me to call you then?” I felt his hand fondle my hair, trying to reassure me of how miserable I am. “This used to calm you down. Does it still work, huh?”

“I don’t…I wanna go home…”

“Okay, sweetheart. Can you tell me what’s your address?”

“I don’t have a home… I live with shitty Deku and Shouto.”

“And they’re at the party…Okay, do you wanna go back to mine?”

“If I’m not a burden to you too…”

“You’ll never be a burden to anyone, Suki.” I felt a grip in my hand and he held it tightly. “Everything is going to get better, yeah? I promise.”


Katsuki’s POV

I sat at the couch with a mug in my hand and stared at him. In his house, I took a warm shower and borrowed some of his clothes.

His apartment is nice, he lives in a penthouse, and it is possible to see almost all of Tokyo by his window. Inside, it’s warm and cozy, he kept the curtains and a lot of things from UA, like the Hero Figures and some flags.

I wish I had been successful enough to make my mom proud like his. I wish I hadn’t done drugs. I think I regret most of my life…

“You look nice, y’know? I’ve been wanting to tell you this since I saw you at the party.”

“You know you don’t need to compliment me just because you pity me.”

“I don’t pity you, I just feel really bad that someone I love has gotten to this point.” I have a lot of scars from self-harm and doing meth… A lot of bruises from a lot of different places and people…

“Do you want to fuck me? That‘s why you brought me to your home, Eijirou?”

“Why can’t you realize that you’re so much more than something to be used? That really hurts me, Katsuki.”

“Do I look like I care about what hurts you? It’s your fault that I hit rock bottom, Eijirou. You made me feel like I’m a burden, like I don’t belong in the Hero world.” That is true.

At that age, I didn’t know how to express myself other than hurting people and I know that. Still, he made me feel like I was a monster, like I didn’t have my own voice, which I only had to work it out.

“I know that, Bakugou! I always make sure to remind myself that it’s my fault that you’re wasting your life, that you’re giving up on yourself and that I can wake up one day and you won’t be there anymore, Suki…” I saw tears streaming down his face as he buried it in his hands. “I know I lost you already, but I can’t bear the pain that is to see you like this, completely destroyed and remember that this is all my fault…”

I let him cry, and took a look at my body, all the bruises and the scars… All the scars that battles fought alongside him left, the Red Riot tattoo I tried to scratch away…

He still had my ‘Ground Zero’ one…

We were a good team, a good couple…

“Please help me get better then… Help me find my path once again… Help me get back to you, Eijirou.”


5 years later…

The blond opened his eyes to find an empty bed, his husband was gone and left his plush shark on top of his pillow, with a note.

He rubbed his face and put on his glasses to read what it said.

“Went on my morning run and already took Ren to school. Brb. Love you.” As soon as he finished reading the note, he heard some plastic bags and smiled, his man was home.

“Morning, Sleeping Beauty.” And there was Eijirou, in a hoodie and sweatpants. He looked handsome with his hair in a ponytail, and his Vietnamese features were simply gorgeous as always. “Ren kissed your cheek before leaving, don’t think you felt it though.”

They adopted Ren when she was just a baby, now she’s 2 years and a half old.

Kirishima crawled in bed with Katsuki and started leaving sweet kisses in his husband’s neck.

“You’re sweaty…”

“Well… We can fix that…” He started caressing the pale skin and smirked. “How about taking a shower together? It’s been a long time since we done that… I miss your nails clawing at my back…” He scratched the skin lightly, making the blond whimper. “I miss your moans when we did it just the way you like…”

“Eiji…” Bakugou breathed.

“What do you say, Blasty?”

“I’d like that…”

The Vietnamese then got up and started undressing. The tattoos slowly revealing themselves, driving the other crazy.

“Like what ya see?” Katsuki blushed and buried his face in his hands. Mei had made him a new prosthetic arm, with a gold band on the ring finger, to look like a wedding ring. It was orange, green and black to match his Hero costume.

Soon, the house was filled with moans and love sounds.

Everything went according to Eijirou’s plan that night.

Bless Izuku and Shouto, he thought.

“Aki?” Eijirou huffed, and smiled at his man.

Katsuki was a panting mess, huffing, moaning and whimpering.

“Yes Mr. Kirishima?” Said the robotic voice. They had bought a house system from Mei, Iida’s wife and #1 Inventor for the Hero Support Team.

“Remind me of thanking Kaminari Denki for that party five years ago!” Katsuki smiled and kissed his husband.

“I love you- Ah! S-So much…”

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