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Meet Savanah! Her life is pretty simple! Or so that's how it looks from an outside point of View. Go to school, Hang out with friends! You know your everyday day to day activities of a Highschool senior. With Abscent parents, An aggressive boyfriend and a protective bad boy that lives next door. Her life becomes pretty problematic. Follow Savanah as she learns lesson's in what's right and what's wrong! What's acceptable and what is not! In this High school Drama! Filled with Handsome guys, Hightened Jealousy and a tornado that is Savanah's Life. "One girl, Two Brothers & a whole lot of problems"β€οΈπŸ’–β€οΈπŸ€― "A Swirl of emotions & A Heartache Romance"πŸ’– MATURE CONTENT Ahead. Violence, Sex and probably moreπŸ‘€πŸ™Š A New Update Every two days. Wrote the first few chapters years ago so bare with me it gets better promise 😊 Slowly editing. Savanah - Previously known as 'Me, The Aggressive & Mr.Badboy Protective' Copyright Β© 2019 All rights reserved to the author Ashleigh Johnstone. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Copyright Β© 2019

Romance Young Adult Romance Not for children under 13.

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Savanah's Pov

My eyes snapped open, I inwardly groaned at the sound of my beeping alarm clock.

It was that high pitched Beep! Beep! Beeeep! You know the one? Well yeah, It was highly annoying and I was so not ready to get out of bed.

I was exhausted, physically and mentally. Last night was a rough one I didn't sleep much at-all With the nightmares I had been having lately and today? Well today I have to get up and go to school. Yeah it sucks but at least it's my last year considering I'm a senior the year shouldn't be too bad.

Kicking my quilt cover off lazily I climbed out of bed crossing my room to the bathroom.

My bedroom wasn't small nor was it large. It was simple but warm, consisting of a walk in wardrobe and a en-suite bathroom and the basic bedroom furniture I'm sure everyone else has.

Stripping out of my pajamas I tied my long brunette hair up out of my face before hoping into the shower.

I finished my normal routine pretty quickly washing my body you know the normal things you would do in a shower. I turned the water off climbing out of the shower and wrapping a towel around my body.

I brushed my teeth and put a little bit of natural make up on before heading out the bathroom to my wardrobe.

My eyes drifted over all my clothes I'm not one for spending a lot of time getting ready I get bored pretty quickly when it comes to making decisions.

I pulled out the first outfit my eyes landed on, A Grey vest top, light blue jeans and a pair of white trainers.

My top didn't completely cover my stomach but I couldn't really pay no mind to it, everyone else in school wears much more revealing clothes than I do.

I made my bed and opened my curtains, letting the sun light brighten up my room. Pulling my hair out of its bun I let the natural curls of my long dark brown hair fall over my shoulders.

Grabbing ahold of my hand bag, my phone and a jacket in-case it gets cold. I headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Drifting my eyes around the room, My dad was nowhere to be seen.

That wasn't a surprise to me I guess as he is always working to the point that he is barely even home these days and my mother? Well she left me and my dad.

If I'm honest I couldn't really care where she is or what she is doing.

I haven't herd from her in a few years All I know is that she has a new family. A new husband and a new daughter. Well two new daughters.

My eyes drifted to the clock upon the kitchen wall, If I didn't leave for school now I'd be late for class so I quickly grabbed a cereal bar from the cupboard and a can of coke from the fridge before heading to the front door. I don't really do breakfast not that I don't have an appetite I'm going to be honest I am just lazy.

I locked the front door on my way out dropping my keys in to my hand bag. "Need a ride?" A voice came from the right of me.

I smiled turning my head to see my next door neighbour Stefan walking towards me with a cigarette in hand.

Stefan was the typical bad boy at our school, The kind of guy that no guys messed with and all girls drooled over. I'm not going to lie he is very handsome like extremely handsome with his green eyes, Brown hair, a Chi-sled jaw and the famously black leather jacket all bad boys wear Stefan was for sure hot as hell.

His half brother Seth is my boyfriend of seven months. He also has that extremely very handsomely gorgeous bad boy vibe with black hair, Brown eyes and a Defined Jaw.

The brothers had similar looks for sure. If I'm being honest with myself I won't deny that I am very attracted to both brothers. I mean who could blame me? If you could see them you wouldn't judge me. I wouldn't dare admit my thoughts out loud though.

They both have the same farther but with different mothers. Stefan lives with his mother next door whilst Seth lives with only his farther.

"How about it princess" I Turned my attention back to Stefan "Its okay Seth should be here any minute to pick me up" I replied to his offer.

"Don't you have a girlfriend to pick up anyway?" I asked with a wave of my wrist in dismissal.

"Ah technically not my girlfriend princess, she can walk if it means you ride with me" He replied with a teasing wink, The all so famous Smirk upon his lips.

I shook my head with a small smile. As you can see Stefan would flirt with anything that had a pulse, His flirtatiousness doesn't bother me though as I have come to know the bad boy over time since he does live next door.

Just on cue Seth pulled up.

"Gotta go Seth's here." I said as I began walking towards Seth's car.

Stefan followed by my side until we reached Seth's car. "Hey babe" Seth greeted me through the rolled down window "Brother" Seth said with a nod of his head in Stefan direction.

Stefan opened the car door for me, I thanked him before proceeding in taking my seat in the passenger side. "Morning" I greeted Seth with a smile as he leaned in for a kiss.

I pecked his lips lightly Seth encased my face between the palms of his hands firmly keeping me in place in an attempt to deepen the kiss.

I pulled away not allowing our kiss to be anything more since we did have company.

Seth frowned "Is that all I get?" He sulked.

I laughed turning to face Stefan.

Seth groaned "Stefan your killing me here" He confessed to his brother.

Stefan smirked his oh so famous bad boy smirk that has every girl in the school swooning over "Sorry bro, but I need a ride" Stefan asked.

Now I was the one to frown didn't Stefan just offer to give me a ride? Did I imagine that? Now I'm confused the lack of sleep must really be taking its toll on me.

"Yeah man" Seth replied nodding his head in the direction of the back seat.

Stefan shut my door gently before proceeding to climb into the back seat. I put my seat belt on whilst Seth started the engine and began driving.

It was kind of awkward I barely spent time with the two of them together.

I only really ever talked to Stefan when I was at home, sometimes in math class and a few times we hung out with friends of a friend.

The boys talked about some party they wanted to attend on the weekend I kind of zoned out of their conversation the whole ride to school.

I just wanted to go back home and go back to sleep.

Since school was only about a ten minute drive from my house

We pulled up into the parking lot in no time.

I took my seat belt of before We all climbed out of Seth's car

"Thanks for the ride bro" Stefan thanked his brother over my shoulder.

"See you in math class princess" Stefan flashed me a smile. I smiled giving him a small wave as I watched him walk away.

I was unexpectedly spun around as Seth grabbed my wrist pulling me towards him roughly "What was that?" He asked clenching his Jaw.

I frowned he's mad? "W-what?" I stuttered a little.

Did I mention Seth can get a little jealous sometimes.

Honestly I hate it when he goes off on one he can get quite scary at times when he can't control his anger.

"That with Stefan? Since when does he call you princess?" He gritted.

I pulled my wrist out of his tight grip. Stefan calling me princess is nothing new to me nor should it be new to Seth, Its not a big deal

"Seth it doesn't mean anything. Stefan and I are just friends" He cut me off "Friends since when?" Seth scowled at me.

I rolled my eyes "We are neighbors remember besides I met you through him did you forget?" I said looking into his stormy blue eyes.

Seth was classed as one of the most handsome guys in our school along with his brother. Seth was on our schools football team and one of the best players they had.

Without another word he crashed his lips to mine dominantly.

I kissed him back allowing him to have control.

"Your mine Savanna" He breathed into our kiss as he held me tightly by my waist.

Usually I would have butterflies erupt in my stomach at the feel of his lips on mine but I guess his temper had scared them away.

After awhile He pulled away

"Come I'll walk you to class" He said. Throwing his left arm over my shoulder we walk side by side to our first class that we where now ten minutes late for.

I apologised to the teacher when we finally arrived to the class.

She wasn't too impressed that me and Seth disrupted her class by walking in late but what can I do about it now? what's done is done.

I took my regular seat next to my best friend Lauren whilst Seth sat with two of his friends Jake and Harry.

Lauren and I have been friends since we where ten years old.

With red hair and blue eyes she was pretty no question about that.

My mind kept drifting off to how angry Seth had gotten in the parking lot leaving me with a million questions, one being does he not trust me? The other being why was his jealousy reapearing again its been calm for a while now.

Lauren spoke up taking me out of my thoughts "You having lunch with me today?" She asked giving me puppy dog eyes.

I sighed, Lauren eats with her boyfriend Jasper and his friends.

I do the same eating with Seth and his friends.

The only problem with that is our boyfriends are in two different social circles. "Sorry I already told Seth I would eat with him today" I informed her with a soft smile.

"Whyy! You eat with him and his dumb friends everyday" she whined.

I let out a small laugh "And You eat with Jasper and his dumb friends everyday" I retorted.

Lauren rolled her eyes at me

"Fine but date night tomorrow night? There is this party I want to go to and You are going with meee" she dragged out the me.

I could actually do with some me and Lauren time a party seems like the perfect place to let loose

"I will have" I began but She cut me off

"DON'T even say it Sav" she said firmly.

"You didn't even let me finish" I said with a frown.

"Thats because I already know what you are about to say, You have to ask Seth's permission blah blah blahhhh" Lauren rolled her eyes at me for the second time.

I groaned putting my head in my hands she hates Seth.

"Its not asking permission it's just seeing if he minds me going to a party with a bunch of drunk and drugged up sexually frustrated teenagers" I defended.

"Yeah Yeah, your coming no buts" She said sternly sending me a look telling me no point in fighting her.

I felt like I was being told off by my mother. If I had a mother around that is.

I smiled at my crazy bestfriend

"Okay but we are getting ready at my pla" before I could finish she cut me off yet again "Yesss deal" she said smiling widely at me.

I shook my head at her excitement. A small laugh escaping past my lips.

I'm not going to lie I'm excited for the party it's been a while since I have attended one or spent a little time having any kind of fun with Lauren.

πŸŽ²πŸŽ²β™ οΈβ™₯️♣️♦️♠️β™₯οΈβ™£οΈβ™¦οΈπŸŽ²πŸŽ²

πŸŽ²πŸŽ²β™ οΈβ™₯️♣️♦️♠️β™₯οΈβ™£οΈβ™¦οΈπŸŽ²πŸŽ²

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I wrote the first few chapters years ago so bare with I promise the story gets really interesting the more chapters you read.

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