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This is a story of how Earth gave birth to seven children who are unique in their own way. But then some of Earth's SONS proved more smarter than others. Find out who?

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In the beginning, God was so much in love with heaven that out of their love,

The earth was born. When Earth was born, she was called Pangea.

Pangea also grew and met a man called the sea.

They had seven children, namely Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, and Australia.

When they grew up, Europe became an industrialist, America became a soldier. The rest of her children became farmers.

Europe went to his brothers Asia and Africa saying, "I need your farm produce to feed my industries, Sell them to me." He bought the farm produce and used them to manufacture goods for sale. He became very Rich.

America also went to Africa saying, "You know I am a powerful man, I need your children to work for me." Africa sold his sons to America to work for him. America became rich as the sons of Africa worked on his farms day in day out.

The rest of the brothers continued to farm but remained poor.

Asia was quite smart and sold his farm produce for good money. He became quite Comfortable too.

Australia was in-between the line but remained neither poor nor rich.

Antarctica remained alone with no real important activity. It was virtually barren.

Africa remained a farmer. Apart from having good farmlands, Africa also had important minerals like gold, diamonds, manganese and others but sadly he still remained poor.

Then Africa finally went to his brothers saying, "you know I helped you with my resources, my farm produce, my minerals and even my children. Please help me. I don't have much to survive on."

His brothers helped him from time to time but on condition that he must also help them by supplying them with her natural resources which they need to produce goods in their industries.

Africa agreed mutually to that agreement.

Currently, five of Earth's sons are rich. They always help their other 2 brothers, Africa and Antarctica.

Sadly, the sons of Africa are running away from their father to their uncle Europe to better their lives leaving him alone in grief.

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To be continued...

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Francis Agamah A passionate writer of stories. Have a free mindset and open to cross culture inter action.

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