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Balu from the Danka party filled, the election papers for the ward, but now he was worried about how he would give a speech

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Balu from the Danka party filled, the election papers for the ward, but now he was worried about how he would give a speech. The party's district president Chotelal had given the opinion that even if that was not a big election, a rally and speech were necessary. Afterward, he had to go door to door and ask for votes.

When he could not think out a solution, he went to Chotelal Ji.

Chotelal asked, "How are you? How is the election preparation going? "

Balu said, "The leaflets are printed. Banners are also ready. There is a problem. "

District President Chhotalal asked, "What is the problem?"

Balu said, "I never gave a speech. What and how will I speak in my rally? "

Chotelal said, "This not a problem. Go to the Knowledge Book Store now. There, prepared speeches are available. Buy Ward's election speech, learn it by heart or read it at the rally.

Balu immediately went to the Knowledge Book Store and said to the Shopkeeper, " I want a Ward election rally speech."

The shopkeeper asked, "How many minutes or hours of speech is needed?"

Balu was skeptical of speaking for long, so he asked, "What about the fifteen-minute speech?"

The shopkeeper said, "I think half an hour's speech will be fine. This is what the other candidates have taken. When you want to stop, shout Inquilab zindabad and stop. Balu liked the idea.

Balu asked, "How much is the cost?"

Shopkeeper, "Just five thousand rupees."

"So expensive?" Balu exclaimed.

The shopkeeper asked, "Are you a candidate yourself?"

Balu said, "Yes."

The shopkeeper then asked, "Fighting for the first time?"

Balu said, "Yes."

The shopkeeper said with a smile, "All right. You give four and a half thousand. "

Balu bought the speech by giving money. The speech was in a booklet form. Balu opened it. The entire speech was replete with accusations and abuses. There were empty spaces in between.

Seeing Balu being confused, the Shopkeeper said to Balu, "Netaji, before reading the speech, fill your opponent's name in the blank spaces. Don't forget this. "

Balu was pleased with the Netaji's address and went to his house with a speech. His main problem was resolved.

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