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Years have passed and his hunger grows. She is unwilling to accept her destiny. Only time will tell if the two can come to terms with their destiny as it is already set in motion. . .

Paranormal For over 18 only.

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Kole pulled at the chains again. Already more blood coursed to the flood joining the ever-growing puddle of dried blood that he now stood in. Why they could not understand why he had done what he had done was beyond them. And this was how they thanked him. By chaining him up like an animal. Kole was not even aware of how much time has passed since he was placed in this underground dungeon. He guessed that years had passed, but as to how many, he was not sure.

The chains were cuffed to his wrists, ankles, and throat. They were mounted to the wall by multiple chains that lead to each cuff. The chains weren’t any ordinary chains. They were created with a special material mixed into the metal that was designed to enslave whoever was in the chains. Although many of his kind knew of the chains and where they were kept, only a select few were able to use the chains that bind someone. This was due to the power the chains had that tended to drain the energy and power out of the people who touched them.

Growling again, Kole gave another yank, which caused a fresh spray of blood to land on the flood. Blood loss could not kill his kind but it takes so much time to heal. Exceptionally if one has not eaten in quite some time. His kind was the ultimate immortals that have no weakness. But like the full circle of life, by their hands. The females of his kind were the only ones who had the power to kill his kind, Peacekeepers, but they were all dead.

That thought brought a smile to Kole’s face even as he now hung in his chains, exhausted from the bloodless. He killed that murdering bitch and her daughter. All before they could breed more spawns of that a cursed bloodline.

The sound of footsteps slowly reached Kole’s ears. He remained as he was as he waited to see who was coming. Most likely it was one of the males from the previous Queen’s sons who was come to torture him again. The last time one of them came down, they had taken to stabbing him as a form of torture at the time. Even though most of the males who came were quite particular to the silver-tipped cat-o-nine whip. Silver was a problem to his kind, due to any wounds received in contact with silver tends to take much longer to heal and hurt like a mother-fucker.

Slowly light filtered into the room as Lazar entered the room. Kole was a bit taken back to see that his brother was the one who came to see him. The Queen, their mother had made sure that Lazar was hidden away from both him and their father. Lazar stood there staring at his brother. The last time Kole could remember seeing his brother was the day that Kole was imprisoned. Not seen as Lazar was the one who had betrayed Kole and activated the chains that now held him imprisoned in this dungeon.

“Come to gloat?” Kole rasped through his swollen throat. This was the cause of him screaming repeatedly and trying to break the cuff that sat around his throat.

“No, I have not,” Lazar replied. His voice was neutral with no emotions shown on his face.

Kole laughed cruelly. “Then why are you here if not to gloat? It’s not as if there is much to see down here other than the mold growing, blood rotting, and your younger brother slowly going insane.”

Lazar flinched at the last of Kole’s words. True that they were, his brother was slowly going insane, if not from the blood loss then also from the hunger that was most likely clawing at his stomach.

The original plan was that Lazar was to keep Kole locked away until he came to terms with what he had done was wrong, but by the looks of it, that would never happen. Lazar looked at his brother noticing that the once muscular body now was nothing more than skin and bones. His rib cage was pounced and his face was sunken. He could barely recognize his brother. Even Kole’s eyes weren’t the same. They were rich amber filled with brightness and laughter, were now black with rage and madness. With flecks of red were in his eyes as Kole slowly sir-came to the bloodlust beginning to break free.

“I come to ask you if you know that what you did was wrong.”

“It wasn’t wrong!” Kole shouted. “What I did was right and I will never change my mind. Leave if that is all you have to say.”

Kole released all his tension and hung completely in his chains. He closed his eyes dismissing his brother and gave into his exhaustion that pounded at his body.

“Bother, please,” Lazar begged.

“You have no right to call me that!” Kole shot forward with renewed energy. “You and I have never been brothers.”

Lazar flinched at the anguish he heard in his brother’s voice. He signed miserably, then decided that it may be best to change the subject. He thought that it might be best to tell Kole how long he had been in this dungeon.

“How long have I been here?” Kole asked as though he had read Lazar’s. Kole was now standing in his chains staring at his brother. Kole could feel the fresh trickle of blood making its way down his finger from the reopened wounds. This was due to his earlier outburst.

"It’s been a hundred and fifty-seven years since you were. . .” Lazar trailed off unable to complete the sentence.

This awarded Lazar with another glare.

“Since I was what? Brought here. Placed here. Chained here!”

Kole laughed again, unable to hold it in. A century and a half has passed and his brother still could not say what he did.

“Enough. I am wary of this chat. If there is nothing else, then leave.” Kole snared as he once again sagged in his chains. Closing his eyes once more.

“Please brother,” Lazar began again. “All you have to say is that what you did was wrong and the chains will release you.”

Kole ignored his brother. Because even after all these years, his brother will never understand why he did what he did. Even though it went against every instinct, every fiber of their existence, and belief. No one in their history has been able to kill one of their females let alone two. The females were royalty. This behavior was completely unheard of, even to those of their kind who have lived pass a milliner. The murder of both mother and daughter had resulted in the males realizing that there was, in fact, a loophole with their kind. Although normally the females had complete control over the males of his kind, it proves that one born of the same blood such as a son will not feel the compulsion as strongly as others. But even that did not apply to all who were sons. A casing explain, Kole’s three brothers never felt the loose ties.

This loophole can be caused by a mother either rejecting the son or abandoning the child. The child would then be loose of the compulsion in order to live as most rejected son’s are ordered to die before they are left alone. But this was not always the case. As it could have been Lazar in this position, but he was unable to break free of the compulsion and he was over fifty years older than Kole. Lazar was ordered to live far away from the family in complete isolation.

Although Kole was not the only one this has happened to, to be abandoned and survive. He was the only one able to kill where others could not. Kole was not only able to break free of the compulsion but to break the ties entirely. Which gave him his free will and that is what made him dangerous.

Lazar felt for his brother, but he could not help him either. Turning to the sound of laughter piercing the air, Lazar smiled at the five-year-old girl who ran up to him and hid behind him. Lazar recalled his time earlier that day when he visited his brother and felt ashamed. Lazar could not bring himself to tell his brother that he was an uncle and that this beautiful and happy girl was his daughter. Although she was born after their mother and sister were killed. His daughter was born of his love for a human female.

Hearing footsteps approaching, Lazar turned to see his father heading towards them with a gentle smile on his face. Lazar could not remember the last time that he had seen his father smile.

“Come here young lady,” he teased heading straight for his granddaughter. “It is time for your studies. It is no use to hide behind your father. There is no way that you are skipping out on this.”

“But granddaddy, it’s boring and I want to play outside,” Hana replied from behind her father. “Tell him, daddy. I want to play, not sit inside where it is so boring.”

Lazar smiled down at his daughter. He understood that his daughter was a free spirit just like her mother had been. She also hated being cooped up inside.

“I have been thinking about you and your studies,” Lazar pondered. This caused his daughter to pull a face. “If you can keep your studies and grades up, I am willing to consider moving your study hours to the evening, so that you can play outside during the day time.”

Hana nodded her head in agreement. She laughed as she took off running into the garden to play.

“You spoil her too much,” his father stated.

“I don’t spoil her enough,” Lazar replied as he watched his daughter chase a butterfly. “I have to spoil her for her mother as well.”

Derrick stared at his son, knowing what the pain was to lose one’s spouse. As he too had lost his beloved and had to watch her sister, raise his daughter has her own. They all know about the curse that plagues their royal family. A mother can give birth to as many sons as she would like, but she is predestined to die if a daughter was to be born. This curse appealed to any female that was to give birth to a female that carried their blood.

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