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When Marcus Butler, Joe´s best friend dissapeared on morning, Joe knows exactly that he got kidnapped. He needs to find Marcus to help him before something bad happens to him. But will he find Marcus before it´s too late? Find it out in "Students Takeover"

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Episode 1. The Mail

When Joe woke up this morning, he knew that something was wrong with this day. He felt a little bit sick and also he got a bad headache, which was forcing him to sit or lay down on the sofa, after he went out of his bed.

"God damn it! What is going on?" Joe was looking for the stuff, he had put into bags and suitcases, a few days ago but nothing was on the place it was before.

"Marcus? Have you grabbed my stuff again?" Joe shouted to his student friend Marcus who lives in the same apartment as Joe but Marcus wasn´t responding to him.

"Marcus this isn´t funny at all! I need my stuff for my vacation trip in 2 days and you know this exactly!" Joe was shouting again but Marcus wasn´t responding again.

"God, why are you always so childish?" Joe jumped up from the couch and went to Marcus room, but then he realised that something was wrong. Marcus door was open, but normally it was closed like every single door in the apartment. When Joe entered his room he stopped and looked around shocked. It was a big messy room and normally Marcus is a very clean person.

"Oh no what happened?!" Joe was stumbling backwards out of the room and grabbed his keys. He needs help from his other friends. He knows for sure that Marcus got kidnapped.

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To be continued... New chapter Every Monday.

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