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What fire in your name I hear,
no song of heaven could ever match,
that music brings my soul to tears,
and my heart, heavy, wonders why.

What oceans in your eyes I see,
deep and great they sing a silent tune,
I contemplated long and free,
how we knew then, our long time past.

That wonder on your head I love,
those golden waterfalls we bathed in,
your fountain behind them I sought,
to ecstasy, it lead my mind.

But your star I could not catch,
for silent energies I know not,
I float now in a vacuous latch,
I cry this night, your wondrous light.

Sept. 12, 2016, 2:20 a.m. 0 Report Embed Follow story
The End

Meet the author

Cristian Orellana In search of sanity and peace. I write short poems, they give me solace and happiness. Rather dark and cryptic, I do hope they connect with someone. I am an amateur writer, and I hope to improve the more I write and learn. Thank you for reading. I also do some instagraming, look for me as @chirimantecman.

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