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Aidan Fang just transferred to a new school and he gets noticed by three other guys: Samuel Mews and Jordan and Maximus Scratch. One is a sweet guy with a grungy, bitter outer shell. Another pretends to be sweet and kind but is really egotistical. One is cheerful, outgoing, and bursting with energy. Which cat with bring home the wolf?

LGBT+ For over 18 only.

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Aidan Fang looked up, his gray tail curled against the small of his back. A grey tabby brushed past him. Aidan opened his mouth to call out but the guy didn't seem to want to be spoken to. He spun on his heel to face a black cat with piercing gray eyes staring up into his face. Aidan stared down his muzzle at the guy, confused.

"So, you're the new guy."

"Uh, yeah?"

"I'm Samuel Mews."

Aidan tilted his head, confusion clouding his eyes.


"You'll want to be around me soon enough. I can help you become popular~"

"Popular? Why would I want that?"

Aidan began to feel uncomfortable. This guy was being way too weird. He glanced around to see if anyone could help him. A silver tabby guy with black hair came jogging up. Hope fluttered into Aidan's chest.

"Samuel, give the new guy some space."


Aidan shook his head as Samuel stalked off. He turned to the tabby with a grateful smile.

"Thanks. He was going overboard with that popularity stuff."

The tabby laughed.

"That's just how he is. He was wanting to be class pres but Will got that. Oh, I'm Maxwell Scratch, but you can call me Max. Everyone does."

"Aidan, Aidan Fang."

They shook hands and started toward the office. Aidan felt better around Max. He wasn't pushing him to be friends with him. Aidan yawned and shook his head. He glanced at Max and smiled. Maybe this school will be better than his old one.

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To be continued... New chapter Every 30 days.

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