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Cynthia Widdowfield is a strip dancer half the time and a private investigator during the rest of the day. She lives in the world of Ecstasy, a dense haven where Humanoid Dinosaur people known as Saurius co-exist with Humans. Hybrids of the two species also exist and are called Urzax. Despite the thrills of being a detective and the excitement of performing on stage, naked, Cynthia is a poor, down on her luck, young lady that is desperately trying make ends meet. Follow her into her adventures as she is getting undressed for money and attempting to solve new cases as misfortune appears to be stalking her every day.

Erotica For over 21 (adults) only.

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We live in a world where dinosaurs roam the planet. Not just during the prehistoric eras mind you, but also in modern times. Here, they never faced extinction. Well, most of them. While those ferocious, ancient creatures were still primarily seen as nothing more than wild animal. The DNA of multiple different species of dinosaurs mutated throughout the years, slowly evolving into its own advanced reptilian race, the Saurius. A Humanoid, anthropomorphic species. Dinosaur people that walked, spoke and behaved just like Humans.

They were often a little bigger and taller than Humans. They were a different race for sure, but they have always walked among us. Ever since they first came to be, millenniums ago.

Members of both species could even have loving and sexual relationships together. It was not unheard of. Rather, inter-species marriage and breeding had become both increasingly popular and encouraged in recent years. Despite the Saurius’s long history of refusing to mate outside of their own species in fear of weakening their gene pool.

This inevitably caused the creation of a third race, a hybrid between the Saurius and the Humans. They were seen as a symbol of unification between the master races, and the next step in Human-Saurius evolution. The hybrids were called: ‘Urzax’.

They all virtually looked like normal Humans but had some significant differences to them... Their eyes didn’t look Human. Instead, they looked closer to reptilian or avian eyes. Some had light scales or small horns upon their bodies. Claws instead of nails. Sharper teeth. Longer tongues. Finally, just like the Saurius, their males had much bigger genitals and the females had fuller breasts. With very generous buttocks.


Friday, during the evening, it was a tradition in town to go to the theater. Not in-doors, but rather an outside stage where live spectacles were often performed. An impressively large group of theater fanatics all watched a show together. Everyone was comfortably sitting in their respective seats. Some of them were Saurius, some of them were Humans, some of them were Urzax. Everyone was accepted. Everyone seemed to be having fun.

The performance was a tongue in cheek reenactment of how the two master races made peace with one another, a few centuries ago. At least, a doctored version of what the general public were told had come to pass... A dense fog slowly started filling the area as the show was now about half-way in. It created a thick wall of gray mist between the stage and the viewers, it obviously made a little harder for people to watch the play, but surprisingly didn’t prevent them from enjoying themselves. The mist kind of fit the fantastical tone and mood of this new, filled-with-liberties retelling of the classic story.

Now, what was currently happening during this particular scene of the presentation? A young Human female actress was dressed as a cavewoman. She wore classic, brown, prehistoric animal skin for her clothing that barely covered her breasts or her crotch. This portrayal of a cavewoman was pulling on a fake, plastic-made chain. Coiled tightly around the neck of a male Saurius. He was a descendant from a breed of raptors, he had an elongated head, claws, and a tail. He currently portrayed a captive creature as the cavewoman walked him around.

Despite the constantly growing mist, it actually wasn’t the only element that altered and twisted the experience of the viewers. Shadows slowly started emerging around the area, cast down from the moonlit sky. The shadows of multiple animals or flying objects hovering high above the stage. Some people thought it was part of the light show, one possible deduction to be sure, but an incorrect one at that...

While a lot of the viewers didn’t care much for this minor discrepancy, it soon caught the attention of one young woman. A blonde lady with large tits who tucked her head to the side and looked up into the sky to see what was creating these shadows. She had come here alone. She was a lonely girl that was gradually starting to feel more and more aroused as she observed the cavewoman dragging around what she perceived to be a poor, little, innocent raptor, unfairly made captive against its will. Needless to say that she was into this type of legend, classic folklore of this world. She was in need. She went to this outdoor theater alone and wasn’t regretting having come thus far.

When fertile females stood in close proximity to Saurius males, they could usually feel their bodies reacting a bit. They could feel their ovaries begin to rapidly release multiple ova at once. This was their body’s instinctual effort to accommodate a male Saurius’s need to fertilize multiple eggs in one round of mating. Only by standing very close to a Human woman, could a male Saurius prepare a potential mate’s womb for inter-species reproduction. Despite the great amount of Saurius in the audience right now, the blonde lady wasn’t currently sitting close enough to any one of them to be able to feel this little, enjoyable tingling within her. Wanting to avoid this unique feeling by sitting in a remote corner of the audience seats could have been the reason why she was behaving a little anti-social right now. She probably had her own personal reasons for it.

Soon following the shadows, she started feeling something moving, hovering above her head, making her nervous at some point. It could simply have been birds or bats flying very close to the ground, she probably had no reason to be worried.

She went back to give her attention to the presentation, taking her mind off those strange noises she heard high above in the sky. Her attention had been focused on the show for a few minutes longer before she heard one more very loud ‘swoop’ noise and noticed a large shadow coming down, getting closer to the ground near her seat. She momentarily closed her eyes for a split moment as she turned her head to her left again – no shadow – it was instead replaced by a person who was staring right at her. A figure with a masculine looking frame. A large Human or Saurius perhaps? She couldn’t say for certain. She only briefly glanced at the dark silhouette, trying not to stare too much, behaving impolitely was not her goal here.

‘’Is this seat already taken?’’ The silhouette, still cloaked in shadows, said to the blonde woman with a handsome sounding voice. It was now a bit clearer, this person was definitely male. That much at least was confirmed for her.

‘’No, it’s all fine, I came here alone. No one has taken that seat yet.’’ She answered.

‘’Thanks. Are you sure it’s all fine?’’

While hesitating for a few seconds, she remembered that she felt lonely that night. She felt so lonely that she found herself very interested. Why not? She accepted.


Not too long after sitting down next to her, the dense mist surrounded the area more than ever. The blonde’s position so drowned in the mist that nobody could clearly see her from afar. She and the only person sitting next to her became nearly invisible to the rest of the audience. Too difficult for others to make out.

The enjoyable, egg-producing, tingling feeling was suddenly felt deep within her. As a result, the young, blonde woman came to the logical conclusion that the being who she had just invited to sit next to her was indeed a male Saurius. Someone ignited the engine of a vehicle in the parking lot, illuminating him with their headlights for a brief moment and finally revealing who he was. A Saurius from the Pteranodon breed. He had a spiky head and tucked in wings. He was incredibly large, almost couldn’t fit his wings next to her properly. Speaking of ‘large’, she quickly noticed his member, a freaking huge cock, about twenty inches long! She was surprised to see that he seemed to be not only naked, but fully erect right now. This girl hadn’t had sex with a Saurius in a very long time. This could be her chance, she thought. This was probably her best opportunity to get some prehistoric action again.

‘’Is this for me?’’


‘’Your junk...’’

‘’I’m sorry, I think it got like that when I first spotted your breasts before landing...’’ The tingling feeling only grew stronger as he mentioned her boobs.

‘’I see...’’ She said while nodding and looking at his crotch. Without asking permission for it, she went down on him and started licking his dinosaur dick. A blow-job quickly followed as she placed her hands all over the base of his member. A solid hand-job helped shape the foundation of what would begin their sudden adventure within the wall of mist, as ‘probably’ no one could see them right now. The Pteranodon accepted everything she offered him. He placed one wing on top of her head, therefore, covering most of her body with his left wing. The tingling feeling grew stronger again, her own body telling the blonde woman that the ovulation process was nearing completion. It seemed as if the two lovers were now fully ready to mate with each other at any time.

It turned her incredibly on to finally be having sex with a Saurius once again. This is something she had put on the back burner for so long. Something that she always came extremely close to doing, but ultimately avoided for the longest time, preferring to remain in ‘safe’ relationships with Humans. She had, had sex with Saurius before, but it had been so long since the last time. It had taken the woman many years to feel somewhat ready to have inter-species sex again. She started changing her mind it recently, as it had become highly encouraged among her social circle of friends.

The Pteranodon truly seemed to be enjoying this sudden moment as well, as he ultimately ejaculated inside of the big titted, blonde woman’s mouth, mid-blow-job, flooding her insides with his fertile, dino seed.

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