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"I'll love you beyond life and death. I'll love you every moment of my life." This story was written together with H.F. Ártico, a wonderful woman.

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That Special Day

“— I promise to be faithful to you, to love you and to respect you, in joy and sadness, in health and in sickness, all the days of our lives.”

Each of the guests listened and repeated within themselves the same oath that I made to her at that moment. She received each of my words with an open smile and bright moist eyes.

Although the lightly colored shades of makeup made the beauty of her face even more special, the dark marks of deep circles under her eyes were perfectly visible. I knew of her effort to keep herself upright as the ceremony unfolded. She was still weak. In her thin arms there were marks of recent perforations for the application of the drugs that helped her stay alive. Alive for me. Alive for us.

In that moment I wanted to kiss her and make love to her right there in front of everyone. She knew it and looked at me with an excited eyes that made me hard inside my pants. My desire was to pull her and press her hip against my face. She kept looking at me with the eyes of someone who commands me to do it. We smiled.

I was on my knees at her feet, vowing total loyalty and ready to place in her left hand the wedding ring so carefully chosen. I stood up and kissed her forehead. Her skin was very cold. Even so she smiled at me with her smile of promise.

I gently gripped her left hand in order to place the delicate alliance made in gold and with the three small diamonds that signified eternal love, union, complicity for all life, death, eternity.

That was our day. The day of being one single flesh. We looked into each other's eyes and in her eyes, I relived every minute of our love, every dream, every laugh, every promise, every pleasure we enjoyed. We penetrate each other's gaze as if diving into the depths of our soul. Then, before I could take her as a wife, her body softened and she fell into my arms, fainting and cold.

I screamed in a mixture of dread and anger. I called her back and she remained motionless. Paralyzed. Dead.

In my desperation I repeated the words the priest had spoken, vowing to be faithful to her and to love her, in joy and sorrow, in health and sickness, forever.

I slowly repeated and repeated all the words and promises but she did not move, so I ran through the church to the huge door, between flowers and veils and ribbons and guests, carrying my bride in my arms and the wedding ring in the pocket of my suit.

My soaked eyes saw no obstacle in the transit of that unhappy Sunday. The car was like a boat that carried us to hell to condemn us to the damnation of separation.

Not! Not for my fiancee! Not! Not for us!

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