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Uruha kept a secret which he would never have thought could be discovered.

Erotica For over 18 only.

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Sexy Body

It was a custom and only my fetish, at first I never thought it would look so gorgeous, sexy and provocative on me. Gradually it was secretly part of my routine, and since then, when there was no one in my apartment, I would go to my room and wear my beloved and sexy lingerie. He walked around the house with her and even slept with them.

But I did not expect anything more to be inserted into my routine, the funk. After touring in Brazil in 2016 and getting to know more about the country and its culture, I left the country addicted to the funk beat and the ultra sensual dances of that song. And, of course, it was not long before I used lingerie, I started to dance funk along with them, and of course, everything hidden. I just could not wait for that to change someday and something else to be part of my secret.

It was another day of rehearsal that I trained along with the other members, we were preparing for the "Ninth Tour" to which Brazil would be included. We were getting ready for nothing to get out of our control, we had spent hours and hours of training to the point of getting extremely exhausted. Kai decided to close the training for today and gave a suggestion of going out to drink so we could relax and rest. We all agreed and then we went to a nearby bar, and as soon as we got there I asked for a sake.

We were fine and talked cheerfully about random things, drink goes and talk comes and Aoi started talking to me about some problems he had with his guitar.

This business is serious indeed. Come home, I have some materials that can fix her. "I answered him with another sip of drink as he stared at me strangely, it disturbed me a little, but I did not pay much attention and I went back to drinking.

It was not long before I started to feel drunk and I lost track of what was happening around me, I just felt myself being carried and when I came home I was not sure how I got there and I was too tired for random questions and then I fell asleep.

Uruha though thin was very heavy, but at least he was not talking nonsense around me other than Ruki that the last time I took him home drunk, I had to tell a story without much notion and things not decent. I put him on the bed and watched him fumble and cling to the pillows and come back to sleep again. I should leave him alone, but I feared he might get sick of the large amount of alcohol he had ingested, and then I sat on the edge of the bed admiring him to sleep.

I stared at the feminine and angelic face in sleep and also at the body that was covered in sweaty black clothes that stank of sake, and then I had an idea to make it more comfortable, changing their clothes. For a moment I feared for him to wake up and wonder what I was doing, but I left that fear aside, after all, we are men and there is nothing he has and does not have. I went to her wardrobe looking for some clean, comfortable clothes until I came across a medium-sized drawer, "This must be the pajamas drawer." ㅡ I thought. But what a beautiful mistake.

I came across panties, bras, pantyhose and very provocative lingerie, shocked and wide-eyed I looked at Uruha who was still sleeping. Very shocked, my reaction was just one, closing the drawer and giving up the idea of ​​changing Uruha's clothes. I left him alone in his room and went into the living room, sat down on his black leather sofa and started to think, "What if Uruha has a girlfriend?" my tormented thoughts were silenced by an answer that came from my heart that beat frantically and wistfully. Flying through my thoughts, I did not realize that I had already fallen asleep on the couch.

The next day I had woken up with a little headache, looked around me and found myself alone in the sheets and pillows. I looked at my body and realized that I was stinking a lot of sake, got up and tried to remember what happened the day before and what came to me was the day I drank with the boys where I was arguing with Aoi about his guitar, but like me had come home was still a great mystery, but since I was alone and safe at home, so I did not worry too much.

I got up and bathed without delay leaving my body clean and smelling, I left the bathroom in my room and went to my wardrobe, as I was alone, just leaned against the door as a precaution and went to the most hidden drawers and me started to choose what lingerie I would wear that day, I looked each until I came across one that I found the most beautiful in me and the most provocative of all. It was a bra and pink baby panties with black lace details.

I did not take long to dress and look at my body as I did with the lingerie, I looked at my round, soft ass and squeezed, but I felt that something was missing, the lace socks! I searched again in my drawer and found them, I tucked my socks in my legs and attached the small loops to my panties, making my legs more attractive. With everything complete I admire myself, I took my cell phone and I went to the music playlist soon to cheer me up a little.

"Different involvement I teach you, you
I'm going to sit down and I'm going to quit and I'm going down at once, all at once
This hit is chewing gum and in your mind will stay
I sit, sit, sit, sit, sit and take it slow
I sit, sit, sit, sit, sit and take it slow
I sit, sit, sit, sit, sit and slow down ... "

I woke up listening to a loud sound echoing throughout the apartment, it was an addictive, repetitive beat and the language seemed foreign to me, I got up and went to the Uruha room where the sound came from, I approached the door and came across a scene he could never imagine he would see, Uruha rolling in his lingerie in front of the mirror, he would push and shove everything at the same time, I wondered how that being made those extremely erotic movements.

"You do not have to exaggerate, let alone get carried away
You will sit, you will sit, you will sit slowly
You will sit, you will sit, you will sit slowly
You will sit, you will sit, you will sit slowly
Our tram is sinister
Come here and I'll teach you
Going down, up, bouncing and rolling
Going down, up, bouncing and rolling
Going down, up, bouncing and rolling
Going down, up, bouncing and rolling
Bouncing and rolling, bouncing and rolling ... "

Aoi felt a great deal of discomfort in his private parts, and then he found himself aroused by such a scene. When the music ended and Uruha turned around, both of them were startled, Aoi's reaction was to move away from the door and Uruha curled up in the sheet. Aoi hurried back to the couch as if he wanted to run away and wondered what he saw in front of the scene. Dressed normally, Uruha stood in front of Aoi.

ㅡWhat did you see ?!ㅡUruha questioned him nervously and tremulously.

ㅡ You're flapping your ass and wearing a pink and black lingerie. ㅡ Aoi replied static, resting her elbows on her knees as she stared at the room window without blinking. Uruha put her hands in her short blond hair and cursed softly.

ㅡ You know, I did not care. To tell you the truth, I liked it. It was very beautiful in you. ㅡAoi gave him a brief, short smile, making Uruha face him in surprise and then blush embarrassed by his friend's compliment.

ㅡ Do not you dare tell anyone, not even the Ruki gossip! ㅡ Uruha spoke with her face very close to Aoi, the man sitting down took a deep breath and said. ㅡ Do not worry, it will only be between us. Kissed Uruha who was surprised but answered the kiss that began to become provocative.

Aoi kissed and bit his heart-shaped lips desperately, grabbed Uruha by the collar and headed for the bedroom, already inside the room, Uruha detaches himself from the older man and begins to take off the blouse showing the bra of the lingerie and pushing Aoi on the bed.

ㅡI never tried that.ㅡ Uruha said, pulling off her pants and back toward Aoi.

ㅡ Neither do I, but everything has its first time.ㅡ Aoi replied as she began to kiss the desperate blond again as he tried to remove the black blouse from the man beneath him.

The kisses mad and desperate for Uruha's body and her moans, filled the room. Rolling over Aoi, moaning in excitement as he saw the blonde biting his swollen, swollen lips, he drove the man madder more and more. He stabbed Uruha's butt that moaned with such excitement, biting and sucking on the blonde's collarbone, Aoi struggled to take Uruha's bra off, enraged as he ripped his bra off and started for the sensitive, delicate nipples of the man who wriggled against him.

After the stimulation on the nipples, Aoi lay Uruha's body on the bed, and removed the panties of the blonde beginning to suck the blonde's penis leaving him surprised, Aoi's mouth sucked Uruha willingly making the blonde not be able to contain the moans somewhat scandalous Aoi's masturbation and teasing licks provoked the blond too much, and he rose shakily from being too sensitive and ready to cum.

Aoi helps him lying face down on the bed again, Aoi pulls out his soft, round ass making Uruha moan softly in pleasure, the brunette strokes the blonde's back, running his big, firm hands over his body and turning his buttocks Aoi he pushes them away, urging Uruha to look at what Aoi was going to do, with his buttocks apart. Aoi began to spit and lick the blonde's anus, which became more and more aroused and sensitive to what the man was doing about himself.

When he saw the well-oiled anus, Aoi offered his fingers to Uruha who refused to go toward Aoi by opening the buttons of his pants and pulling out his hard, rather luscious cock of pre-enjoyment. As provocation Uruha licked the glans penis looking at Aoi who soon bit his lips with such excitement. Slowly and provocatively, Uruha sucked at Aoi's sighing and moaning penis, until the moment Aoi could not stand the slowness and pulled Uruha by the hair that smiled provocatively.

ㅡ You have already provoked too much today.ㅡ Aoi spoke biting her lips.ㅡ I know.ㅡ Uruha responded by sucking hard and pulling her penis into her mouth making a "ploc" and then standing on the four to the man in front of her.

ㅡ Do not complain later. ㅡ Aoi replied referring to the previous taunts and licking the man's anus.

Aoi spit on his finger and began to penetrate Uruha, which moaned in discomfort and the slight pain, gradually Aoi inserted each finger until he could put the three and move inside the blond that gradually became accustomed with the fingers inside itself. Already prepared, Aoi positioned his penis in the blonde's entrance and gradually entered, Uruha felt a lot of pain, but strangely that gave him a certain pleasure that was delicious, too tasty.

ㅡ Aoi, go. ㅡHe moaned again and began to roll again and then Aoi shuffled deep and made Uruha scream in pain and pleasure.

Still afraid Afi would begin to come and go, and gradually, thanks to Uruha's request, the pace increased.

ㅡ Stronger! Anh! ㅡ He groaned as he held the headboard of the bed while she moaned. Uruha begins to get tired of the position, and with the help of Aoi, Uruha manages to change position starting to ride. Uruha's provocative facial expressions made Aoi even more excited that he allowed himself to slap Uruha's butt causing more pleasure to the blond who begged for more of it.

The prostrate was struck hard to the point Uruha rolled her eyes, and again the blond got tired of the position changing again. Uruha was lying her hands clasped in Aoi's hands, the legs that used the stockings that covered her plump thighs wrapped around Aoi's waist that sent at that point that made Uruha moan louder and louder. He knew that the neighbors listened, but they did not care, he cared for Uruha, who was moaning and begging for his name, desperately asking for it to go deeper, kissed him, bit him and made him feel so horny and passionate.

ㅡFuck me! Fuck me harder Aoi! Anh! ㅡUruha begged loudly as she scratched the man's back above her head, ruffled him black hair, bit down and kissed the man who gave her so much pleasure.

ㅡ A-AOI! ㅡ Shouted the boy's name when it finally climaxed, the anal walls squeezing Aoi's penis, which also reached the climax, moaning softly in the blond's ear.

Tired and covered in sweat, the two of them were hugging each other. Even smeared with sperm, the two did not care. They admired the beauty of each other that made them both feel a strong attraction like a magnet. The two did not hesitate to kiss, kiss the sweaty, dirty skin, just wanted to love each other. Even though this love means two flip-flops in the middle of the ass given by a furious Kai for the delay of the new couple.

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The End

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