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"At heart I am a warrior." Friedrich Nietzsche

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Chapter 01

"This is the Arena, our soldiers use it during their training "
There were about 20 people in the visitors' group, they were in the Arena, one of the largest areas of the Fortress. Weapons of all kinds decorated the walls ready to be chosen for practice or picked during an emergency. At the first floor about 2 people were practicing in the huge Arena.
"Who are those ?" One of the visitors points to the arena, where a short girl with long brown hair girl was training combat with a man that was twice her size.
"That's Captain Nathaniel and Belona our soldier"
After the answer a wave of murmurs began.
"The one who killed the entire southern fortress?"
"I thought she was in prison or sentence to death"
"Isn't she dangerous? What if she tries to attack someone?"
From one of the doors that surrounded the hall they heard footsteps and turned to look.
"I am really dangerous, so I think you should pay more attention to what you say." The visitor looked at her with a mixture of anger and fear.
"How did you ...? How did you get here so fast?"
Belona just laughed

"Magic, I can't believe that the level of people that visit the fortress has dropped so much "

she said as she stood in front of the visitors.
The guide soldier didn't find it so funny, he just sighed and said softly,

"Belona, go back to your training."

"Understood ..." the girl headed back to the first floor when someone decided to make another comment.
"Looking at her now I think they exaggerate,there is no way that a woman this weak could have killed...." The visitor's sentence slowly vanished when a man's shadow appeared. He was tall and strong with black hair and a beautiful skin color , they all fell silent in his presence.
"I hope you have finished with the comments, we don't tolerate this kind of behavior in the Fortress" he directed his attention to the soldier in charge of the tour. "Soldier ,continue the visit with the visitors"
"Understood captain ..." the young soldier opened a big smile to the people present
"Following the next door on the left you will see the main refectory." The team followed him while the captain looked at Belona reprovingly.
"Don't look at me like that Nathaniel, it's not fair with me....yes, I destroyed my fortress, but it wasn't without a reason"
The captain looked at her with pity.
"The truth, and what they think matter so much? Regardless of what we say, each one will always create their own version of the truth, the one that suits them the best"
Belona sighed, and began to put away the weapons that they had used.
"We only can't tell the truth because it's not an advantage for you and the other leaders that the people know what's really happening here in the Fortress, or even better what happens beyond the Fortress," the girl laughed as she walked to a wall. "Imagine if they knew all this was just a fa├žade ? "Patentibus" at the last word, the wall began to get darker and a knob appeared in front of her .After she entered the door it came back to normal, Nathaniel only looked and said "If only you knew ..."

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