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Chapter One

Once upon a time, there was a witch.  She was not a bad witch.  She was a good witch.  She lived on the edge of the forest.

One day her sister came to visit her.  She brought herbs for the good witch.  See the good witch like to help people.  She used the herbs to heal the townsfolk who came near and far from the village.

Autumn was approaching.  However, the sister was not a witch.  Instead, she was a love maiden.  A girl who could cause anyone to fall in love with another.  And together they used their magic to create a happy kingdom.

Thus, it was not to be.  For a knight found the lovely maiden and took her away.  The good witch who was at the well getting water did not know her sister was taken.  So after waiting a while, the good witch was worried.  She consulted her looking glass to see where her sister went.

She saw her sister bound upon a horse.  Now the good witch was angry.  She decided to use her power for bad to get her sister back.  So she summoned the winds of the air.  So she sent rain as well to stop the knight.

Lo and behold the rain with the mixture of her anger turned to frost.  It trapped the man and her sister to a solid frozen form.  When the witch caught up with them, she cried.   The good witch was very sorrowful.

She realized using her power for bad had hurt her sister.  There she vowed never to do that ever again.  At that time, the sun heard her vow and melted the maiden and the knight.  Relived she was so happy as the form blinked the snow from their eyes and became well again.

It turned out that the knight was in love with her sister.  He did not know that he had taken his maiden from her.  So he said he was sorry to the good witch.  And it so happened the love maiden loved the knight too.

So the good witch said goodbye to her sister and the knight.  There they returned to their homes.  And the good witch was so happy so decided to celebrate on her own.  That her sister found true love the greatest magic of all.

It was Hallows eve (aka Halloween) time.  She caused a good energy to fall upon the land and to keep bad energy away.  That is why Halloween is celebrated to this day.  The town folk found out about what happened and called her the Halloween witch.  Which she is known to, to this day.

The End

Author note:  Ok not my best work.  I was drinking my daily diet cola sans breakfast.  Read I was starving people.  Happy Halloween!

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The End

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