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Franco has had the dream of crossing the seas and distant lands in search of an impossible object that will fulfill all his desires. Many sought it, but only one succeeded. Franco wants to find that thousand-year-old object that legends tell can make any wish come true, even if it seems more outlandish. However, some questions remain in the air: What happened to the first explorer who found it? What was the reason for abandoning that object? and what's more, what makes Franco assume that his wishes will be fulfilled? The darkness is aware of its task and intends to snatch that millennial object. The young seeker must hurry before his pursuers kill him and use that treasure for his evil purposes.

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A dream?

All search is actually a return to oneself.

The greatest danger of man is not death, it is laziness. Take, whoever wants it, this advice, because luck does not smile at all, much less rejoice those who do not change their destiny.

There he was, the traveler, the seeker of impossible objects, face to face with his search that stole so many years of his life. Time seemed to stop. He was alone, that did not matter at the moment. Death smiled at him and he dodged his gaze.

His eyes contemplated, exclusively, the chimerical, unnatural and primal object capable of granting any desire.

The search was over.

At last he had it in his hands. It was his, nobody else's.

It was the apathy that delayed the trip; Go searching for that fantastic object that appeared in your dreams ... and nightmares.

Your wishes would now come true. However, the emptiness that he believed would fill that object, that promised treasure, remained immutable.

A dream?

Have you chased smoke and mirrors as your grandfather warned you?

Was the sacrifice worth it?

He was looking for gold and ended up bathed in blood. He gave everything only to find that chimera that granted glory and wealth.

The emptiness was still there, nothing, not all the gold in the world, could fill the hole in his heart. Then a resounding noise, like a thousand explosions, scared him. The object shone as if it were the sun itself, it came alive.

"Ask and it will be given," a voice from the beyond seemed to say. The seeker was about to ask for his wish, but a thought in his mind interrupted him. The thought of a lonely man yearning to return home. The object understood his desire and set out to comply. However, he did not grant any material fortune. Instead he gave him what he really needed, gave him knowledge ... knowledge of his own ignorance.

The search engine left the object in the same place it found it. He would return to his home. The return to the place where he should never leave. It became clear that the millennial object did not belong to him. It was for someone else. For someone worthy. A man capable of giving it the right use.

Leaving the place would be the most pertinent.

It's been years, decades, maybe centuries, after that adventure.

The learned say that those who do not know history will be condemned to repeat it. A new explorer will resume the search ignoring what happened. It only remains to ask ourselves, will it succeed where its predecessor failed?

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