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For those who wander

I tell Ellie my son's dog, "No means no, no doesn't mean try till you get a yes," whenever she scratches me for attention.  She normally does this when I am just waking up or about to go sleep.  She does not quit at times.  And I tap her under the chin as the last resort.

"Take your time," I tell Ellie as we walk down the street.  She pulls me forward like she's on a search and destroys mission. She doesn't know I have all day to walk her.  She's so excited she jumps from one thing to the next.  Still, I want her to slow down and smell the roses.

"No, it's not for you," what I tell her when I'm eating something that is not dog edible.  She begs like she's dying for it.  I know better than her because what she wants is something like raisins which can kill her.  But it doesn't stop her from asking.

So what's the point of this you may ask?  I am like Ellie when it comes to God.  I pray to God for my request hoping he will change it to a yes.  Or I am so busy hunting down the next best thing that I don't enjoy the moment.  Lastly, I hunger for things that I think will help me but in the long run can hurt me.

But that's just me.  My walk with God as a Christian.  I wrote this as a prayer that you do better.  Amen.

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