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I wrote this for me. But modified it for you.

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I wrote this for me.  But modified it for you.  Because we can both be badasses now.

The Badass Pledge

I promise to put me first in everything I do.

The Badass Motto

If she can do it, so can I.

The Badass Rules

He/She makes his/her own rules.

Diary of a Badass

6/26/18 Tuesday

I'm using my new bag.  It's cool.  But sometimes hard to put my notebook in.  Oh, it fits.  I guess I'll use my old Coach bag to hold my old notebooks now.

I need to rewrite Ellie's comics.  Maybe I just get undershirts and the book at Wal-Mart. $8.00 book, forgot about that.  It's always something!

Scott is still my favorite person to see.  But he's married so forget that!

Badass Poem

Like a baller

I dropped a ten

to pay for two 1/2 price glasses of wine

never mind that I'd be broke for three days

(and I did it again with something else a few days later.)

Badass People I know

Paula.  She works the cafe I go to.  She has a heart of gold but she's tough too.  One day the song Paula played and she mouthed the words and pointed to herself when her name played.  Classic badass.

Abe.  He is my neighbor.  We trade books that we read back and forth.  He puts it on my doorknob in a bag and I do likewise.  Mind you, he has these yellow tinted cop motorcycle glasses that he wears.  That is so badass!

My mom.  Who else goes to Japan to do Hula after she had a triple-bypass surgery done just a few months before.  My mom is a badass!

Me.  I know myself.

Badass Vows

I will buy myself flowers for no reason.

I will always look my best despite my budget.

I will get a massage when necessary.

I will buy myself a hot fudge sundae when I feel blue.

I will listen to badass subliminals on you-tube.  (Christians pray about this first.)

Badass Tips

I check my wardrobe.  It is limited.  I check to see if I still love something or not.  If not, out it goes.

I wear lipstick now.  I make a point of it. It adds color to my face.  But it's my lip color, not bright red.

I use body spray now.  Instead of cologne.  I get mine at Walgreen.  It's more affordable.

I eat steak from time to time as a treat.  With butter.  Sorry, Vegans but I love this!  Do your favorite meal instead.

Badass Library

Hero by Rhonda Byrnes

Living a charmed life by Victoria Moran

Strong looks better naked by Khloe

(Sadly I lost touch with the book Badass by Shannen Doherty.)

7 Boss Habits

I notice something good that happens in the day. Two more days till check day.  Got notebook on sale for 50 cents.  Did all my household chores.

I drink a lot of water.  Also, diet cola too.  My favorite is Coke Zero.  But tap water is good where I live.

I walk daily.  Mainly for Ellie my son's dog.  She needs it.  And it makes her so happy too.

I eat nutrition too.  Just started this.  God, help me! No weight loss yet.

I read for fun.  I love Self-improvement books.  I also read Romance too.  Love this!

I write a lot in my notebook.  It's so much fun!  I did not think I would write a  book like this.  Because I wrote the Bombshell book too.  But this one is free!

I nap. Often.  Except, today. Sigh.

Four Baller Moves

I wanted a new bag.  But did not have the money on me.  My friend Julie gave me a bag.  It is black leather by Liz Claiborne.  So I used it with an old black wallet instead.

I would only pay part of my bills.  Gym, not electric or cable.  Because I gave my word to Shi to pay it.  I keep my word.

I have an envelope for spending money.  I put it in there.  So far I got money for Ellie Comics books and camera for you-tube uploads.  Wish me luck!

I wrote this all in one day!  And typed it too!

Three Badass Decisions (this year that changed my life)

Save the children sponsorship.  My girl is there.  The guy who signed me up for it called me a unicorn.  Becuase (I changed my mind and decided not to pay my phone bill and do this instead.  No, he doesn't know that.)  I left him and came back.

Get my Ellie, my son's dog.  At the Humane Society.  She was a six-month puppy now she's going on ten months.  God, I love her!  Best of all she was free!  (For Valentine's Day they wave the fee and I paid ten dollars for her license and eight dollars for a collar.  They gave me a leash too.  I had only a twenty dollar bill on me.  They gave me free sample food which I use to this day, Hills.)

Changed churches.  I was Mormon now I'm Catholic again.  Love the people at the Mormon church so loving.  But I want a mainstream religion instead. 

Tribal Bellydance

I decided to go back to Yoga.  Still not taking yet though.  But as I was registering for it I saw a lady with a sign. It said take tribal belly dance.  

Well, I was interested.  I had no money on me though.  So I talked to her in the registration room.  I told her I'd take her class but I don't get money until later the next month.

It cost twenty-five dollars.  I had zero on me.  She was so happy I was interested that she gave me the money to register for it as a loan.  So of course, I paid her back.

Tonight is my second class.  But imagine if I wished to take it and not speak up.  I would not have the opportunity for it.  Yes, a badass tries something new.


I am a work in progress.  And so are you.  Badassness never ends.

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Congratulations! Very well written.
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