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And there they were, the worried blue eyes that announced the storm and the fact that Loki would fail again...

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Loki was too drunk to even remember the name of the god seated between him and Thor, too drunk to even think that he couldn't be there, drinking, as he and Thor were best friends or loyal brothers. Nevertheless, there he was! His head was too heavy to keep up, then why not lie on the dirty table for a few minutes? The wood smelled wet, old, and his perfect and soft skin complained about it, but there was no strength to move it. Thor came back to the table with new two big drinking horns, filled with the gods beer, good enough for Loki.

Thor’s laugh made the table tremble, the other stupid and unimportant god punched the wood and then they embraced each other as old friends, even though Loki remembered that, maybe, Thor had almost been killed by the strange god once. They were in front of Loki’s eyes, drinking as they did before a big war! And there was a war… Thanos.

Loki sneered, they all would be dead by that time on the next day. He glanced at Thor. His brother, his… lover, as he refused to call him aloud but not on his drunk mind, was quaffing the bear. Loki could see his throat moving, the liquid running from his lips and neck… And that’s all he could pay attention to, Thor, again and again…

He closed his eyes and wished that, just for a moment, he could have peace, a night without thinking about Thor and all the things that they haven’t done…


And there they were, the worried blue eyes that announced the storm and the fact that Loki would fail again, there was no way he wouldn’t regret his choices… not when it came to Thor and their miserable love…

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The End

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Alice Alamo 24 anos, escritora de tudo aquilo em que puder me arriscar <3

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Jhoan D. Blacio A. Jhoan D. Blacio A.
Buena escritura para leer
November 03, 2018, 07:20

Way Borges Way Borges
Aí que linda ❤ Meu deus injustiçado e suas questões existenciais, tão lindo e controverso, dá vontade de colocar no colo ❤ Quero mais Thorki 😊 Bjs
August 04, 2018, 23:34

  • Alice Alamo Alice Alamo
    O Loki é tão complexo, tão lindo, tão ahhhh. Mano, ele é um personagem que te instiga a escrever, já percebeu? Você quer escrever algo dele porque é fascinante! Muito obrigada pelo comentário! Beijoss February 28, 2019, 00:15
Anne Liberton Anne Liberton
You're too linda
May 28, 2018, 18:33

  • Alice Alamo Alice Alamo
    You are too linda because only you to convince me to write and to train my english hahahha May 29, 2018, 12:47
Isis Souza Isis Souza
That was... emotional. Of course you don't regret, Loki... neither does he, I'm sure. Loved it! <3
May 28, 2018, 16:40

  • Alice Alamo Alice Alamo
    Hey! I have a crush on Loki. A big one... And I love to think about his thoughts and feelings. Thank you very much for the comment <3 May 29, 2018, 12:52