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I was fully aware of the destiny I had chosen
If tranquility ever came to me, it didn’t last much
since memories from the past only brought madness
and even though some illusions had their power, I was resigned.

I really was.

I was resigned to expect nothing from daylight
and my heart got sickened by any thought that came to my mind.
My stomach hurt out of nowhere.

Out of nowhere did you appear to restore life in me.
Never thought that the presence of your countenance
would make my heart beat so vigorously
something it would never have considered. To be virtuous again.
To beat for pleasure instead of pain.

Would I contemplate all my previous miseries as if part of some kind of game?

I did.

Your laughter for God’s sake.
Should I thank this season for such a beautiful climate? I thought-
Or is it that the sky was cloudless because it heard your laughter?
it seemed I’d forget all the misfortune I had ever been a slave of.
Was it all a gift from nature? I couldn’t decipher it.
I only watched with extreme enchant.

Your smile was even better.
You were majestic in nature. I understood that I was no longer that wretched.
It was all too much, I got to say.
And when the sky didn’t only hear you but also saw you just like me,
it brought the most beautiful flowers and scents of cheerfulness.

Your appearence, I wish I could tell
I couldn’t even tell whether I was listening
for I was caught up in this stunning view
if I could have explained,
I would only have screamed out loudly
for everyone to listen, “happiness, happiness”.
I felt like an enthusiast finding peace in a thunderstorm.
Highly ironic for a miserable person like me, I won’t deny it.

A sudden change can mend a distressed mind
Seeking for tranquility would not be my task. Not anymore, thought. Man, I had never felt so alive.
Restless, exhausted from my oppressed state of mind
from sleepless nights and efforts to keep away from anxiety
All the misery became blurred by enthusiasm.

Still, you were my wildest dream alive.

“Say my name” in that fancy way of yours I thought
and this everlasting feeling of freshness
brought back my inner child.
Should I say cheerfulness and admiration?
No. It wouldn’t be enough.
It filled me with sensations of all kinds.
I really felt in extreme debility, but not like the one mentioned before.
It was one which I enjoyed.
All I had ever wanted was to be calm.
but now that I’m an artist, you’re my favorite task.
All the previously destroyed hopes,
were brought to life again in this ardent desire to know you more.

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The End

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