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The Train

I look at the familiar train as it barrels down the railway and it slows to a stop. "I can't wait for my first year at Hogwarts." I smile down at my little sister pulling on my arm, "Well, let me get our luggage and get them on the train." I'm a Seventh year at Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. "Yo Kat!" I hear my best friend Draco call me. I turn to him with a smile, "Hey Draco! How was you're summer?" He gives me a dull look. Right. I forgot that his parents are making him do things. I start up another conversation. " Well, I've got to get to my friends. See you later, Draco." He gives me a small smile that makes my hear flutter. I hurry down the train corridor, look for my friends. Guess who they are. The Golden Trio. Yep, that means, Harry, Ron, and Hermione. This time, I have my little sister. I smile thinking about them. Then my smile falters. They are on the run. I'm going to have to sit with Draco today. I let my sister go off with her friends before making my way down to find Draco. I sigh walking down the train corridor.

"If you're looking for Draco, don't bother." the squeaky voice behind me states. A wicked smile grows on my face, "Oh, would you look at that." I say, "It must be little Pansy Parkinson. Yearning after Draco, still, I presume." I turn to look at her, walking backwards. "No. I've never yearned after him." She blushes. This is why I hate her. She likes him. Draco. My walking backwards stops when I hit a hard chest, "You know, Kat. You wouldn't run into people if you walked forwards. " The look on Pansy's face says it all. I turn around, "Hey Draco. I thought I would sit with you today." The look on his face makes my smile falter. "R-Right," I stutter, "I'll go. I'll talk to you later, maybe." I walk back down the isle, I'm surprised at him. I know that he has stuff going on, but he's Draco. He usually tells me everything. But he can't now because of The Dark Lord. Otherwise known as, Voldemort. I sit in the same booth as Neville and Luna. My other friends. I am one of the nicest people you'll meet at Hogwarts.

"You're head." Luna speaks softly. I look at her with a raised brow. "Excuse me?" I chuckle. She smiles, "You got your hood on. You know how they don't like that kinds of stuff." I take my hood down, whispering a thank you to her. Luna Lovegood is my best friend, we are closer than the trio and I are and Draco and me. Maybe because I was the only one who didn't call her Loony Lovegood.

The train stops shortly in time. We make our way off the train, laughing.

"Just what are you laughing at?" Pansy sneers at us. I narrow my eyes at her, "Don't worry about it. Mind your own, Parkinson." She raises a brow at me, " You better watch yourself. You wouldn't want some puking pastilles to end up in your food, do you?" I smirk, "I would rather eat that than stand here and talk to you." Pansy scoffs. Believe it or now, Pansy and I used to be best friends, but since we both love Draco, we decided that it was best not to be friends. But it looks like she has him in the palm of her hand. I shake by head and head to the castle.

I start thinking about ways to tell Draco how I feel about him. An idea pops into my head. I could just owl him anonymously. I smile. It's time to start the year.


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