DeAndre Howard

The conflicting of the soul when it comes to love. Delusional dreams that attacks Demetrius

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Dance of love

Dance of love

The same rhythm, thesame beat. We must dance to it. Our life story thrives upon that beat. Don’t u wanna be…..

There it is again the fantasy of what our souls could do. The magic of what it can create. The dreams, the fantasy.

The desire of what the soul lust for the thirstiness of the gluttony of love. What must he give up to want it? It is his soul clause he would gladly give it up Demetrius thought. Just hold on to me he thought one last time as you fade away and you become just a speck of dust. Please don’t forget me, don't let me become a distant memory. We dance til it’s nothing left in us. The dance of sorrow, love, and despair.

You may call it desperate or call it knowing what a man loves and understand his heart and soul and his fantasy.

The soul joined dancing in joy. In peace and in the presence of another, he loves and cares about her Who reciprocates his soul’s desire. The dance of love.

“Trapped in this never ending dream”!!!

Moonlight shines as you are in a vibrating color of blue thats reflecting your emotions and moodmaking you transparent . As you are looking into my eyes and as I hold you there my soul grabs yours and it’s in and never ending tussle of love to begging to be set free but I won’t let you til u understand why.

Damn again, Finna just stay up Demetrius thought. I can’t keep having these dreams. It's driving me insane but In a good way. But how does it tie into the dream that started it all 13 minutes to 10……

Is it just a curse that I keep falling for u. Knowing that we are apart Sophia please God free me of this curse but is it something I deserve. Love and being attached to u in ways that aren’t humanly possible. You have infiltrated my dreams. My love for u is still strong. When we meet again hopefully it will be in Gods kingdom and I could have my chance with u I will wait 1,000 life times for u my love. My little princess you are so divine. Blinded by love not just any love your love. Forgetting all sense of who I am as a man a man of nothing. So intoxicatingyou are my poison ivy.

“The thorn of my thorn is what torturesyou but consumes you whole!!!

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