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Yuri Plisetsky is an university student like any other. Except for the fact that he has ceased to be Yuri Plisetsky for some time. Now he needs to get his true self, and for that, he will need to break through his fears and insecurities. Yuri was determined to get his Eros back, and it all gets easier when you have an unexpected help, right?

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Addicted to coffee

Notes: Hello, everyone! This is another translation of one of my fanfics. I'm sorry for any english errors (I'm not native), but I really hope you like it! 

I was on another morning of my third year in Literature college. Bored with the monotonous movement of the corridors, I headed for the empty classroom. There was a lot to study. I had never felt so suffocated with my academic life, I had a lot of monthly work that did not even give me the opportunity to do something for myself.

That says a lot about the person I am today. My name is Yuri Plisetsky, a very busy boy. I am 19 years old. I went to university at 17 and as soon as I entered higher education, I lost myself completely as a person. I've always been very temperamental, determined and confident about life. When there was something to be accomplished, I was the one to take the reins and make it happen. However, 2 years later, my true self was already asleep due to situations that occurred at the beginning of the course.

Now, I might as well use the expression "low profile" to define me. I did not know my freshmen, I was very suspicious of people and had only one close friend whom I trusted blindly. Yuuri Katsuki was my confidant, right arm, left, legs and everything. He was the only one who showed that he truly cared for me, the only one who supported me. My relationship with other faculty members was resumed to brief conversations in the hallway and in the classroom, and even these interactions were usually about bureaucratic matters of academic life.

In the beginning of the evening, I sent a message to my favorite little pig asking him to find me in the usual place. I received a simple but powerful "I don’t know why you keep going there! ". I shivered slightly as I read it, but decided to ignore for the moment. I took a deep breath and continued my way to the Exact Sciences Center building.

Almost every day, traveling 2 kilometers by bicycle from the building of the Center of Languages and Literature to the Center of Exact Sciences, I wondered why I still did it. I was on my way to the Cafe that I loved so much. There were different Cafes in my own center, but none of them mattered the same as the one I was now addressing. Passing through the trees of different colorations, I felt the pleasant spring breeze on my face as I accelerated on the bike lane. It was what I needed at the time, to feel free to think and relax.

I arrived at the Cafe and sat on the counter in front of the wall. It was more comfortable to drink my coffee with a slight touch of milk candy, without people watching me. "2 years before, I would sit right in the middle and have no problem being the center of attention," I thought to myself and gave a faint laugh as I realized that the reason for my change had begun right there. Even my clothes have changed. I always liked wearing feline prints and stylish clothes, but now my favorite colors were black and white. Today in particular, I was completely black. A simple black t-shirt, relatively fair to my body, but without revealing much of my torso, a skinny black pants and a black cowhide. Perfect for anyone who wanted to go unnoticed, but well dressed.

I looked at my cell phone for information about Yuuri's whereabouts and had received a message from him.

YK - "Arriving in 5 minutes"

I - "Okay, just do not take too long because I have to go back for dinner"

YK - "You ask me to meet you and still want to make demands? ; D "

I - "I thought friends were for this..."

YK - "Right. I'm coming, Yurio "

A minute after the last message, I heard the doorbell ring and I turned, imagining it was Yuuri going inside.

How wrong I was.

I knew he would always go back to that place. Living his life as always: in a carefree and irresponsible way.

I immediately turned back to the counter, frantically hoping he had not seen me in the room. As always, it was to be expected that I had noticed, my shoulder-length blond hair and my emerald-green eyes are very striking features, and were part of what brought us together at first. He greeted me.

- Hi, Yuri! You're still coming here, aren’t you?

- That's none of your business, is it?"

- No. But you could be kinder to the person who introduced you to the place you love so much ..."

- Tsc! My coffee has cooled. I'm leaving.

- See you, Yuri. I hope we meet again.

- I'll keep coming here. We will see each other again, but not because of my desire to see you, which is absolutely zero.

It was a lie. I wanted to see him. I wanted to confront him. Not to go back with our relationship, but to recover the he took from me.
I stepped hard to the door and opened it with all the force of the anger I was trying to contain. Blinded by my feelings, I did not realize that a person came in and bumped into him with all my might. As I was putting my backpack on my shoulders as I opened the door, unfortunately my elbow struck directly into the person's face, which I now perceived with attention. He was a young man with a dark complexion and dark eyes, but a bit milky, resembling a gray. Her hair was scraped on the low head circumference, however, relatively long overhead. Within seconds I had kept his image in my mind. It was memorable.

- P-Please, I'm sorry!

- It was nothing! I'll be fine. I guess...

- I was careless, it's totally my fault. If you want I can take you to the hospital or ...

- I do not think that's the case." I guarantee that I'll be fine. If you want, you can buy me some coffee any later, I'm always here.

He spoke so kindly and with such a serious face that I could not make a connection between what he had just said and what his face showed.

Again, I apologized to the boy and left.

I met Yuuri heading for the Cafe and pulled his arm in the direction I was walking.

- What happened, Yurio?" You look a little upset.

- It happened as always do, Pig. Shit happens and I'm the victim of some fatality that approaches me to him.

- I knew he would be there. I always wonder why you keep going back to the Cafe where you met ... I would like to say words of wisdom like "do not do this if you want to recover" or "go on with your life and leave the past behind”, but I know you wouldn’t listen to me.

- I hear you, Yuuri. I swear I do. But I've already lost a good part of who I am because of him, I cannot help doing one of the few things that still gives me pleasure in this shitty life.

- That is true. You cannot quit coffee, because you have abandoned sex since ages.

I punched him on the shoulder and started laughing. Was he right.

We take the driving back to our neighborhood. Yuuri lived near me, which compelled me to wait for him to return home. Although I enjoyed being alone, my friend's company always brought me good times, so putting up bizarre conversations about his relationship with one of the college professors was just a detail. As we got off the bus, we said goodbye and I made my way back home. In the few remaining meters there, an image struck me like lightning. The sky was dark and cloudy in the late afternoon, contradicting the early spring image. I remembered the eyes of the boy I hit at the Cafe. I laughed at myself in the kind and serious manner he treated me.

As Goethe would say: "[...] no one knows how far his forces are going, since he has not yet put them to the test." I would need my strength to return to my favorite place, after all, I had a coffee that was not mine to pay.

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