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The end of the world began very unexpectedly, for all people. At the beginning, no one understood what happened, but in the future everything will become clear. The story comes from the face of a hero who grew up in the apocalypse, he narrates his path of searching for a person, passing through difficulties and memories along the way.

Post-apocalyptic All public.

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What has the world become.

Year 2009.

This year was remembered by mankind as the last year of people at the top of the food chain. Every now and then people tried to show themselves as the best, and there was a war.

I was very young, I was seven years old and I remember almost nothing. But these minutes before the end, I remember as if it were yesterday.

It was night outside, my mother urgently went to work because of some problems that had arisen. If only she knew what the problem was.

The sounds from the street were getting stronger, ordinary conversations were replaced by screams, sirens from cars were getting stronger. Explosions were heard in the distance, a constant roar, similar to shots. At that moment, I was at home with my father, but due to problems with electricity in the apartment, the lamp was constantly flashing, and the lights in the windows were brighter than the sun.

I felt that something was about to happen, but my father did not let me look out the window, at that moment I thought only about my mother, and hoped that she would now knock on the door, but I did not wait.

My father reassured me, saying over and over again that it was just a parade, but the trembling in his voice betrayed the truth. And at some point, everything suddenly calmed down. Silence has become, like in a forest, only a small sound of whistling and rustling, but a second later screams return with triple strength.

At this moment, the father turns in my direction, tears began to appear in his eyes, he ran up to me, hugged me as tightly as he had never hugged before, and began to whisper in my ear.

Father - "I love you very much, be strong, I believe in you as always, run to the bathroom and cover yourself with a blanket, and wait for me there, and don't be afraid, you are a strong fighter"

I ran to the bathroom and lay down in it.

A little bit later.I heard my father's crazy scream, I couldn't understand anything, and I started crying, after a second there was an explosion and I passed out.

After some time, I woke up in a gas mask, there was a crumbling ceiling around me, and tiles from the wall, and my father lay at hand.

I tried to wake him up, I was sure that he was playing me.

I - Dad wake up please I need you I hurt, dad.

He did not get up, and at that moment I still did not understand that I was left alone, in a world that is no longer happy with a living person.

Everyone would think that a boy of seven years and a week would not last a week in such a world, but here I am, celebrating my twenty-fourth birthday, with a can of some shit inside and telling all this nonsense to a cat so as not to go crazy, at least today .

I - Do you hear a cat, and where do you get food, can you tell me a secret? And I'll tell you all the other garbage goes?

Cat - Meow ..., the cat answers me lazily.

Me - Yeah, that's cool!

After I realized that dad would not get up, I began to collect things, in the window I tried to see what was there now, but a lot of dust settled on the window and I had to go out blindly.

I left the house and saw fear in all its guise, the houses where my acquaintances and friends lived looked like a bunch of bricks, there were ruins on all sides, a couple of floors were left from the house where I lived. Dust was flying in the air, only a gas mask saved me from it.

Military equipment in the city stood in every corner, but all burned down. And the worst thing was the people. Lying all over the corpse, after the corpse. I was sick every second of my journey. I wanted to run away somewhere. But I was surrounded by horror, I wanted to sit down and cry. And I wanted to find my mother. But an hour later, I became so scared that I ran home.

I sat at home for a long time, but the smell of my father haunted me, I left the house a week later. And I went further, it was even worse there, people began to show their nature, a lot of people were killed, people were hanged everywhere, adults, children, it was scary. At that moment, I realized that I needed to hide somewhere and for a long time, but the only place I knew was my kindergarten, there should have been a lot of food, a strong basement, and all my toys, and hardly anyone would decide that in the garden, someone will sit.

About a month later, I decided to leave. While walking around, I saw people, and when I decided to come up and ask for help. I saw horror, which I could not imagine, two adult men brutally raped a girl of my age. She screamed with all her might, while holding a small teddy bear, on the muzzle of the bear, a trickle of the girl's blood flowed, which dripped to the ground. It was terrible, but I couldn't do anything.

And at that moment I realized what the world had become...

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