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Heroes: A boy named Isagi and an unknown person named Nero so the events revolve around bullying, but turn into horror

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In progress - New chapter Every 10 days
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the beginning..

Our hero suffered from it in a brutal way


One day he decided to stop this farce.


You might think that Isagi is an ordinary high school boy.


He is a scary person and sometimes you will think he is cursed....

One day, Isagi was sitting in his dark room and thinking about the reason for the bullying he was suffering from~

A suspicious online forum asked:

﴾Am I really a person who deserves to die?!..or am I cursed as they say? there a way I can stop the bullying?..﴿


After a while (not too long)...

It was answered by a text message from a person named (Nero).

This stranger replied:

My friend, the solution is simple...let the flames burn them all!...burn them! Kill them! ...let the fires of your heart burn them

Unexpected reaction:

Isaigi laughed a rather scary laugh!

He said: Does this person think that I did not have this idea.. is he an idiot?

Silence prevailed in the darkened room.


Another message arrived from Nero: Why did you laugh? Is what I said cause for laughter?

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To be continued... New chapter Every 10 days.

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