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Elea's journey led her to a certain place. She now had to decide whether to be submissive or arrogant to her mischievous brother Sebastian. But when she suddenly saw him again, she had not expected any result and the reserved horse whisperer Kai helped her to finally come to terms with her life. But he paid a very high price for it.

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Part one.

"I want something to eat." "Forget it." Sebastian's cold eyes looked at me meaningfully and he continued to look at me chewing with pleasure. His rice looked delicious with the butter and freshly harvested lamb's lettuce. I was used to it. Used to being hated. Sebastian had always been like that and since my parents were no longer alive he let his hate out on me all the more. But inside me it screamed for revenge, the hatred whispered daily things in my ear that I regretted two hours later and I knew I would take revenge one day. On him. My brother. The night was icy and starry as I left the farmhouse - with all the houses around it in the mountains - on that snowy January night, where my brother had lived with me until the end. The church bells rang one o'clock in the morning. I went on. All Sebastian had taught me was to hate him. I was very skinny because he sometimes gave me nothing to eat for days. Sometimes he would lock me in the basement for nights on end and starve me. Beat me up. I had endured everything silently. Until today. I visited a boarding school in the city but in the vacations where I had to go home to my brother I experienced bad things. By now I was almost eighteen and a young woman with empty gray-blue eyes, my hair was light blond and shoulder-length, I was tall and all I could do was hate my brother. Sometimes I had the feeling that life was playing a trick on me, but it was reality. Everything. I had been walking for two hours and reached a waterfall. Involuntarily, memories rose up in me. My mother as she had whispered to me at this waterfall tenderly in the ear: "Keep away from the waterfall. Wolves and crooks dwell here." And we had gone home after her words. Our backs loaded with a backpack full of branches for the fireplace. I blinked away the tears, but they would not go away. Hot and salty they burned in my eyes while they ran down my cheeks incessantly. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a figure stood in front of me.

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