Brett Keeter

Jimmy went camping. Then Jimmy got sick. Now Jimmy is in for a surprise.

Horror Not for children under 13.

#science fiction #sick #cold
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No work today

   "I don't think I can make it in today" Jimmy said to his boss while coughing his lungs up. "OK Jimmy I hope you get to feeling better see you when come back" his boss said. "OK thanks bye" Jimmy said as he hung the phone up. Jimmy hated the fact he had to miss a day of work. He had never missed a day of work in five years. Since he started working for his boss. But Jimmy hadn't been able to get out of bed in three days. He knew he must have got this while camping the previous weekend. His girlfriend had told him Jimmy you don't need to go camping on Black Mountain when its still cold out. He hadn't cared. All Jimmy wanted to do was go spend some time in nature. Where he could get a little peace and quiet. Jimmy now wished he would have just stayed home and played video games. He picked up the phone and began to try and dial his girlfriends number. Even though everything was all hazing to him he did it. He laid there and waited for her to pick up for what seemed like forever. When finally she picked up. "Hello Jimmy is that you" Beth said in her sweet voice. "Yes its me Beth" Jimmy said. "Beth do you think you might be able to bring me some chicken soup. I don't think I can get out of bed" Jimmy told her.  "Yes I can Jimmy, but if you are not feeling better by tomorrow your going to the doctor" Beth told him. " Okay Beth just please try and hurry. I am really hungry and can't get out of bed." Jimmy said to her as he began to cough again. "Okay Jimmy see you soon bye" Beth said. "Bye" Jimmy said as he dropped the phone on his bed. Jimmy slowly wiped his mouth with a rag as he pulled the rag away. He saw it!

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The End

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Brett Keeter Hi my name is Brett Keeter. I am just writing to see where it takes me and to practice my craft. I hope you enjoy my stories. I also hope to get to know many of you.

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