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What Brein discovers the magical world of his heritage.

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Chapter One

"You're a model right?"  Brein asked Jazman at the Hilo airport upon meeting her.  "And you're Brein 8 going on 29," replied Jazman. "Pleased to meet you,"  Brein said surprised.  "But I'm not a model, I just look like one,"  Jazman replied.

Now Brein was a puzzle to most people.  Extremely bright and in the 6th grade for an eight-year-old.  He was smaller than his sister Jeni and less behaving too.  Still, he did not look forward to his stay with Grandma Luci.

But that was Alroy and Karole's idea to spend the summer with his grandmother.  Alroy and Karole were Brein's parents of course who lived in Kailua on the island of Oahu.  "What a drag!"  Brein thought as they drove to Luci's Wainaku home.

Brein did not say much on the drive there.  He had his pocket knife taken away at the airport.  He made a mental note to tell his Grandma Halen to get him one in New York.  New York was where Grandma Halen lived and where he would start his new school in September.

Chapter Two

"You don't look like a grandmother!"  Brein said.  Grandma Luci thanked him for that compliment,  Once settled and knowing the drill she showed him the gold book which meant the descendants of the gifted ones.  There Brein read it.

"So we're magical folk?"  Brein asked later to his Grandma Luci,  "Oh, we make magical things."  Grandma Luci replied.  "How?" asked Brein.  "With prayer," said Grandma Luci.

"Show me something as proof,"  Brein said.  "Here, I saved this for you." She handed him a black and green watch. TYOMFW. "What's it do besides tell time?"  Brein asked.  "You ask it a question and it answers you." Granda Luci said.

So Brein asked a question.  "What's today's date?"  A fairy appeared and said, "I'm not going to tell you since you already know."  "What, the...!" (the word not printed because this is a children's book but let's just say he said "hell!")

Chapter Three

"Brein speak properly."  Grandma Luci said.  "She's mine!' said Brein.  "I can ask her anything?"  Brein asked.  "Anything within reason," replied Grandma Luci.

Eventually, Grandma Luci showed Brein the fairies.  She also said that if he hurt them, he'd get bad luck.  JIC (just in case people)  Brien did not hurt them but did water the yard a little too excited.  That day Grandma Luci's dog, Bombi bit him.

Brein never saw more magical things in his life!  He also got a yo-yo that could do tricks by itself.  He kept that in his right pocket.  And sadly went to church every Sunday in the summer.

He would eat cream crackers with condensed milk.  (a special milk that would make him behave but he did not know that at the time.) And soon it was time to head home.  To start his trip to his new school in New York.

Chapter Four

Karole Potcheko was crying.  She hugged both her children goodbye at the airport as Grandma Halen helped them on the plane.  For Brein and his sister Jeni it was a long flight.  And Brein slept.

"It's so big!" he said of New York. When living on a tiny island it's not every day he'd see so many people.  People were everywhere.  Jeni met Tonya, her bodyguard at the airport.

"Hey!  Where's my bodyguard?"  Brein asked.  "He's coming," said Grandma Halen.  "What's he do?" asked Brein.  Grandma Halen mentioned something about special forces. Yet. she did not think Brien heard.

Brein being Brien had a private room at Tellsworth Academy. "All to myself," Brein thought.  It was arranged by Principal Kogima.  Mr. Kogima met with Brein as Brien got settled into school.

Chapter Five

As the days passed, Brein and Jeni got busy with school.  There was also Karate class for Brein to take.  And Brein met his bodyguard Kealu.  Kealu was big and strong and did not take any gruff from Brein.

One day, Brein was in the school library and his watch talked to him.  "Treasure!"  "Treasure!"  "Treasure!" said the fairy. That got Brein's attention.  It never spoke without being asked a question from him.

"Where?" asked Brein.  "Behind the back wall in the library, near the fountain." replied the fairy watch.  So then Brein went to the back of the library.  "There's nothing here," he said.

But the fairy watch kept talking.  So Brein touched something.  A bookcase and it sprang open.  He quickly closed it and went inside.

Chapter Six

"A girly room!" he exclaimed.  It was all in pink.  (Pink curtains, pink chairs, pink sofa, etc.)  Be he saw a knife stuck in a table.  "Suddenly, this girly room looks interesting!" he thought.

On the knife was a paper pinned to the table.  A bible verse was on it.  "Man this is lame,"  Brein thought.  Little did Brein know it was a key to a great treasure.

The fairy watch kept saying treasure.  Brein thought his watch was broken.  For it was no longer helping him with his math homework.  But he did like his computer class.

He met a friend named Danyel.  Together they would push girls into the water fountain on the school grounds.  The fountain had three swans.  These three swans had black glass eyes which looked scary to see, but sometimes they, Danyel and Brein just played in the water.

Chapter Seven

Months later, bored with school Brein checked out the girly room again. He did not tell anyone about the room.  Not even Danyel.  And no one could see him because he was in the back of the library.

He checked out the paper again.  Brein looked for a bible in the girly room.  It was on a small pink bookshelf.  So he opened the bible.

There it was highlighted again with the handwritten words, "The treasure is in."  He saw the word bird highlighted and starred.  This is the verse Brein saw:  Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or stow in barns, and yet your heavenly father feeds them.  Are you not much more valuable than they?  Mathew 6:26 (Young woman of faith bible N.I.V. by Zonderkids)

"The treasure is a bird?"  Brein asked.  "A bird," replied the fairy watch.  "Like a swan?" he asked.  "Yes!" said the fairy watch.

Chapter Eight

"Well, why didn't you say so sooner!" said Brein.  Brein closed the bookcase door and ran from the room.  He quickly checked the school fountain's swans for treasure.  One of the swans had an eye that was shut with stone covering it.

There Brien paused.  Pocket knife in his left pocket, he was about to pluck the stone out.  And he remembered Pastor Waine Corderno's words.  Pastor Waine said one Sunday, "fast forward the tape."

Brein thought about it.  What it meant.  He said to himself,  "If I destroy this swan,  I'll get in trouble,"  bad thing.  

Brein also thought, "If I destroy the swan and find a treasure,  I'll be rich."  good thing.  He remembered Principal's Kogima's warning not to get in trouble again.  

So Brein made his decision.  Knowing even though he may never return to school again.  And he chipped around the swan's eye with his knife.  Out fell a package, and in the package was a large diamond.

Chapter Nine

Then the school's security guards came.  Which then led Brein to Principal Kogima's office.  Brein said, "Bet you're happy to see me."  But Principal Kogima was not happy.

After talking, Brein showed him the treasure.  He also showed the girly room and the bible verses.  "So the treasure is mine?" Brein asked.  And after a week later Principal Kogima agreed to it.

Brein thanked the fairy watch for helping him.  The fairy watch was glad.  Her name is a magical name.  It is unspoken.

So Brein liked school for a boy.  He and his sister Jeni went home for the summer.  He was not mean to his sister Jeni thanks to the magical milk.  But the diamond was deposited in the bank for safe keeping.

The End.

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The End

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