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Annie, a just turning 16 year old teen, discovers that her whole life may have to change, due to the curse of her family Bloodline awakening. can she fend off the curse to her life?

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The Calm Before The Storm

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am rather excited to write tonight. I have a feeling tomorrow is when everything in my life starts getting better. I already lined up a job at the local diner, even if it is dishwashing. I know I need to get my shit together and move forward, if I'm ever gonna get out of Littlerock. This is gonna rock. Anyways, I better tie this entry to an end, it's almost midnight, I don't need auntie Melinda mad at me again for staying up late.

June 17th, 2021

I put my pen down and close the diary on that exact page and sigh. I look at my hands, the pale skin being met with my dark purple nail polish. I already know in my heart, I'm far from average. I can't even ask auntie Melinda about my mom. That even goes for hearing about my father. I don't even know how auntie Melinda is my auntie.

"When does life really begin?" I ask.

I feel like life has always been passing me by, like something was always missing from my life. I know I don’t get the typical family that people get to enjoy, but I always at least have My auntie. We don’t get into that many fights and she was always there for me.

I hear my door creak as my auntie steps in. "The sooner you sleep, the sooner it comes." She says chuckling.

"That's not what I mean auntie." I sit up in my bed.

"Not this again..." Melinda sighs as she sits beside me.

Auntie Melinda is very farmiliar with this kind of sensation, its become a bit of a routine for us. My mind likes to play with me. Auntie Melinda sighs softly as she takes a moment to adjust her reddish brown hair.

"I just, I feel different from people." I say.

"Because you are Annie." She replies to me. She goes into her pocket and pulls out A silver locket.

"What's that?" I ask.

"Your mother's medallion." She says. "My brother, he was like me, a normal person." She explained for a moment.

"But mom?" I ask.

"Your mom was unique. Things happened around her nobody could explain." She says.

Auntie never did explain my family to me. Maybe she will finally start giving me answers, like why my mom left me here, with her. I never got too much of an explanation about my father either.

"Like when the microwave exploded last year?" I ask.

"Exactly." She says. "You have a special blood. Now that your turning 16, it's time to let you find her." She sighs.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"You, are a Bloodline witch and only your mother can explain the rest." She says.

Well that explains a bunch. Even so, why hide it for so long? Why am I just now able to find out? Questions and confusion quickly invade my mind.

"Where can I start?" I ask.

"Let's start with waiting until breakfast for you to leave. We can talk all you like. After some rest." She replies.

"Fine." I give a lengthened whine. I don't really want to wait till tomorrow, I am getting answers. Finally!

She gets up from my bed. Her golden brown hair is ever slightly glistening as she closes the door. My mind still races.

Is that why I have seen things in my dreams to come to pass in life? Is it why I am always being stared at in school? Does it show? How much Magic does a witch have? Maybe I just need to maul this over. As they say overactive minds gets the imagination going at night. As my mind races about, eventually I manage to drift to sleep.

Bright warm light hits my face. However, the house is still and quiet. The old house creaks a bit with the eerie silence. I get into a blue cardigan and jeans. I slip downstairs to look for auntie. She never had time for a man, she always told me. She's practically like my mother, seeing as I only remember her for one birthday, when I was five.

"Auntie? Where you at?" I call out. Silence responds.

The houses pale beige walls seem to only be met with my presence. No one else around. I move toward the kitchen. I smell eggs, but look around to find she isn't even in the kitchen. The tacky seventies feel to this house always bothered me. Melinda always said it was too expensive to remodel and that we may as well just go get another house at that rate.

As I turn around I see a shadowy figure in the reflection of a mirror hung beside our sink. The marble countertop is softly shining with the morning light. I find myself going towards the hallway door to find the mahogany colored halls. The shadow slips from sight in a moment.

"Auntie is that you?" I look down each end and see no one.

Something's wrong here. I think as I move back to the counter and grab a broom stick. At least this will give me a chance to get out. I think to myself. The straw ends confuses me, this isn't even our broom.

"Who's there??" I call out.

I see a blonde woman slip into the room wearing a black cloak with a purple under cape. Stitching of red is all about the back of it. They look like symbols from Nordic times. Her ruby lips curl as she comes to her eerie smile.

"A friend." Her soft voice meets the hollowed halls.

"Where is auntie Melinda?" I ask.

"The house was empty when I got here." She says.

I feel like that itself is a lie, It smells like fresh cooked food in here. Melinda was amid making breakfast, who is this woman?

"Well I was here, asleep." I snarl.

"Point. Either way, I've been waiting to meet you finally. Happy Birthday, Annie." She says to me.

"Do I know you?" I ask.

"No. But, I know you and your mother." She says.

"Who are you then?" I'm getting impatient. Her face seems to be reading this clearly.

She paces around me in the room. She looks me over and nods. She smirks and paces more. The flowing cloak makes her seem like she is in the winds.

"You really are your mothers daughter." She says with a chuckle.

"Stop dodging the question." I demand.

"My name is Asphodel." She says softly. Creepy name. I think.

And so why are you here? where is auntie Melinda?" I demand more answers.

"To take you to the Crescents of Night." She says. The softness to her voice is getting eerie.

"What is that?" I ask.

"Your mother's coven." She tells me. "As for you aunt, the Eater, she isn't exactly important." She adds.

It feels to me like she is dodging the questions I ask. Every time she finds a way to delicately avoid it. The idea starts to become frustrating. My blood begins to boil.

"The eater? Excuse me?!" I ask while utterly alarmed.

"Yes, non-magickal folks are nothing but useless eaters." She says to me.

My body begins to shake, what the hell is that supposed to mean? My auntie had a little extra, but I would never have come up with such a rude name for her. I clench my fists. This woman dae enter our home to murder and demean us? Disgutsing.

"Maybe you see it that way." I cross my arms.

"Don't try my patience." She replies.

"Annie..?" I hear my aunties voice faintly.

"Auntie! Where are you?!" I exclaim as I run past Asphodel, into the hallway, into the living room.

"Annie, get out of here." She says to me. Her soft face, light blue eyes and voice seem to all be fading. Blue dots begin to fill my field of vision. What is this? I wonder.

My heart begins to race with every ounce of energy the little thing can muster. I feel the blood rushing in my body. The sounds of the blood rushing in and out of my face is just taunting. The sounds seems to taunt me as f it was telling me I am helpless in the moment.

"Auntie...?" I can hear her last breath escape.

"Pity. Anyways, come with me." Asphodel says flatly.

I hit my knees. I feel the overwhelming wash of sadness hit me as I rest my hands in my lap the body begins to feel as if I am being hollowed out from the inside. I feel myself turn cold inside.

"You... killed her..?" I ask.

"She's an eater, Get used to it, child." Asphodel says as she grabs my shoulder from behind me.

I twist quickly and punch her in the face as quick as possible. My hand doesn't even get to make contact before my hand is flung back. I lose my balance and fall onto my ass.

"Your coming home, Annie." She says as she picks me up by the hair of the top of my head.

I screech out in pain from the weight of my body being lifted by hair. I can even feel it being ripped from my head in spots. When I hit my feet it relieves the pain, even still being sore. I glare at Asphodel. She lives up to her name. Reminding me of the place mentioned in mythology.

I don't know what to do. She takes my wrists and ties them together behind my back. I can't even move my arms at all, my shoulders burn with a searing soreness. I close my eyes and I see fire. Not a lot, but a flame. I focus. I need something to get me out of this mess.

"What Annie? Don't you want to learn all of the amazing skills you have?" Asphodel taunts me.

She kicks me in the back as we cross the threshold of my aunts home. Dread begins to sink in. I can't imagine living like this, being kicked about and demanded from. Murdering of helpless people. This is wrong. I think. I can't stand by. I add. The image of the flame becomes bigger. I stare at Asphodel as they pace around and gather up a few small vials and shrink a few objects from the house. I close my eyes to get a bit of clarity and I can feel the strangers hands lift me by the rope I am tied with.

I open my eyes and spin to my feet and trip her. I start to run into the downtown area of Littlerock. I can't pay attention to my exact path, I just need to get away. I tug at the ropes that hold my arms together. The burning sensation of the ropes begins to emotionally get into my system, anger, spreading like an infection.

I spring into a full speed run as I struggle with the ropes behind my back. The area seems to be unaware as I pant, my lungs burning. The multicolored buildings begin to blur as I get farther away from my home. I can feel the cool dampness under my feet as I strive for a place to hide.

"Ugh." I struggle with the ropes. ‘I need these off first.’ I think to myself.

I dip behind a red bricked home. Damnit! I rub my arms against the walls, hoping for the ropes to cut. I see the flame in my mind once more. An instinct washes over me.

"Ignis!" I exclaim quietly and I smell smoke as my arms break free. I look to see what happened. The ropes are burning away.

"I did that?" I ask myself aloud. "Right, I gotta keep moving, no time for questions." I speak to myself.

I turn around to keep moving and run smack into someone's chest. When I look up, it's exactly who I didn't want to see. Asphodel.

"You really should watch where your going, little witch." She says as she grabs me, forcing a potatoe sack over my head. "You're coming home now. So it's time you take a nap. 'Somnum'." She speaks the last word in Latin, as my world goes black.

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