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Starting Day On Inkspired

Well, I have learned about many different author platforms and discovered this one. let's get flying into action and start with seeing what all I can pull off with this app.

I hope myself to be publishing many of various works of writing, however I am going to admit now not all will be posted on each platform as I do want to thank each community which supports my writing. I find that my readers are kind of like a family in my mind. I'll explain why happily but I am just elaborating a bit about myself with this audience as I know I am only on so many platforms.

if you know of other platforms I can interact with please feel free to let me know. I am currently writing 7 works and one of the works is a sequel to my upcoming debut novel "The Draconus Wars" on October 5th. I have taken my time to figure out how I want to keep releasing novels and varying stories outside of my main Anthology Series that "The Draconus Wars" kicked off. the Series An Abrupt Incitement is all about differing characters in each book, while still keeping to a larger plot that takes place.

nothing can stop me from keeping on pushing more and more writing as I find easily I need to get my ideas out as they come. another current work I have in progress is "A Witches Life: The Bloodline Curse" which starts a trilogy I am working on. finally I have another one shot work I am proud to say came to mind, "Coming of the reaper".

all of my works so far have one thing in common, they are all in a dark fantasy setting. an Abrupt Incitement takes place over a very lengthy time period in one massive universe.

if you think of something about my worlds feel free to ask. who knows maybe it will be an element I even take to the novel, so others may know the answer to such a question.

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