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The story of a scientist

Dear journal, I'm Amia Wells, a scientist that does whatever it takes to make sure my experiments are successful, and in order to do that, I must look at the impossible.

Ever since, I was a kid I would believe in monsters, vampires, anything supernatural, and with my parents not being around, I would use their lab to make small experiments like on TV and most of them were successful, the only one that knew about, besides me is my brother, Jake.

I was looked at as crazy for some people and a genius.

I was only looked at as a genius by the people I was in school with because I would always get good grades.

Now, everything will know about my genius as I unless I experiment.

The story starts with a woman who has red hair, wearing a lab coat, purple dress, and pink heels approaching a field of flowers, where wolves are eating their lunch, since their cave is blocked by rocks, Amia is holding a ville filled with green liquid.

The wolves notice Amia and are about to attack, but she uses a bow and arrow to shoot them with what was in the ville.

The wolves run wild, which is when Amia notices a bunch of mysterious rocks that have writing on it, one of the wolves bumps into Amia, this makes her drop the ville on the rocks.

"What a waste", stated Amia, with an emotionless face.

"Yeah, but look what's happening", Jake pointed out.

The chemicals in the vile breaks the potential energy in the rock, and changes it to kinetic and radioactive energy.

As that happens, Jake and Amia feel an Earthquake, then they see the rock create a sound wave, which spreads all over from where they are to all over America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, and even Antarctica.

In those continents, pyramids, artifacts, old ruins, and even houses that were rumored to be haunted; All those places were hit by the sound wave, after that any tourists, people that explore or work at those places run away.

This gets the attention of newsmen and women, also people that like social media's attention.

All this drama goes back to America specifically, Dakota, and yes.

North and South Dakota mix into one big Dakota.

Quiggly, Dakota is where Kaima and the others live.

In the Greensdale Mansion, Kaima is hanging outside with Neddy practicing her senses.

Kaima is wearing a blindfold that is black, and Neddy is shooting at her.

Mostly, Kaima has been able to avoid the bullet, but then both of them hear a voice say "Neddy! Kaima! Trouble, we got in big trouble".

This distracts them, that Neddy accidentally shoots at Kaima, and she gets hit and says "Ow! Jasmine!"

Jasmine runs to Kaima, and says "Are you okay? I'm so sorry".

"Jasmine, what could have possibly happened that you needed to interrupt my practice?" asked Kaima, taking off her blindfold.

Jasmine shows a news report that has pictures of monsters, magical creatures, and all kinds of things appearing like magic and chases people.

"What?" gasped Kaima, shocked.

"Marvin is already about to tell Dr. Liama", Jasmine replied.

"Uh! Wait, are we houses being affected too?"

asked Kaima.

"Yeah, why?" answered Jasmine.

"Annabelle's house!" They remembered.

"Annabelle went back to get some items she collected", Jasmine tells Kaima.

Kaima takes out her phone, sets up the teleportation app and they disappear.

Annabelle is fighting zombies in the cemetery with her umbrella.

"Get out of my home, you undead creeps", said Annabelle.

"We just want to go back to sleep", said one of the zombies.

Annabelle stops hitting, and says "Wait. You can talk".

Annabelle smiles, looks at a zombie, and says "Fascinating, do you know why you're awake, if you do please tell me".

The zombies look at each other, and says "You are a strange girl".

Annabelle smiles, has her phone out, and says "I get that a lot".

From a distance, Kaima and Jasmine notice how Annabelle is doing.

"Annabelle is getting along with the zombies", Jasmine smiled.

"I knew she would be fine, but I don't know about everybody else", Kaima stated.

Kaima's tail starts wagging, showing something is wrong.

"I'm guessing that's a warning", Jasmine guessed.

"Indeed, it's my parents at the museum", Kaima sensed.

"Okay, let's go", Jasmine insisted.

In the lab, Marvin tells Dr. Liama about what's happening.

Dr. Liama takes off her goggles, and puts down her screwdriver; then says "A magical radioactive soundwave. Interesting".

De. Liama gets out her phone, goes to 'Contacts', and it shows a projection of Cat.

"Dr. Liama, good timing, I'm kinda dealing with mummies and yes, the Egyptian ones", Cat answers her phone.

"There are different mummies that aren't from Egypt?" Marvin questioned.

"Not really, she's just nervous", Dr. Liama tells Marvin, while drinking tea and sitting down in a chair with wheels.

"Cat, teleport yourself here, and contact Rose and Steve or if you're neat them get them".

"Of course, bye", said Cat.

"Bye", said Dr. Liama, then hang up the phone call.

"How did your research go?" asked Marvin.

"Successful, I found the author of the article and I know who is the cause of this current event", Dr. Liama proclaimed, as she finished her tea.

"They connected the article and what's happening now", Marvin assumed.

"Correct, both of them are caused by Amia Wells. She's a three-year college student, and she's the only one who has used science to create magic and that's what caused the soundwave", Dr. Liama explained.

"No way! Can anything stop this", Marvin wondered.

Dr. Liama gets up, walks up to Marvin, and says "Simple, we just need to reverse it and that can only be affected by Kaima and Mina".

"Here we go again", said Marvin.

Mina and Lily are dealing with orientation at college, when they see ghosts.

The other college students and the teachers run to, but Mina and Cat grab guns that have ancient writing on it, that is on display.

A teacher sees them, and says "What are you two doing? Put those back".

Instead of listening, Mina shoots about ten ghosts that got hit by the bullets of the gun, the ghost turns to goo and disappears for good.

The teacher watches both girls shoot at all the ghosts, clearing the gym.

The left Ms. Alligator, the teacher, has long red hair at the back, and in the front is short spiky hair, wearing a red dress that resembles a sunflower, and has red heels.

Mina and Lily put the guns back, but Ms. Alligator stops them, and says "Take them, I don't think those are the only ghosts here… I mean in the school".

"Okay", Mina decided.

"We're ghostbusters today", Lily giggled.

Mina groans, and says "Please don't make that reference".

"I mean the carton", said Lily.

"I guess that's better", Mina sighs, as they walk out the gym.

At the museum, Rose and Steve are dealing with mummies with Egyptian artifacts.

"Why aren't these things working? There, supposed to ward off evil", asked Rose.

"Sweetie, I think you're supposed to say a spell, while holding it", Steve remembers.

"You couldn't have told me that earlier", complained Rose.

"I would've, but I was getting and still being attacked by mummies", said Steve.

A raven swipes the artifacts out of Rose and Steve's hand.

"Hey, bring that back", said Rose.

A hand stops the bird and grabs the artifacts.

Rose and Steve turn around to see Kaima is holding a scepter, her hair is sticking out like a crow, an Egyptian dress, and golden heels; along with the scepter there is a sign of sunrise.

"Annabelle! Jasmine! Get my mom and dad out of here", Kaima called.

Annabelle and Jasmine take Rose and Steve's hand and exit the museum.

Kaima raises the scepter in the air, and says "Mummies, halt!"

The mummies do as Kaima says.

'I can't believe I said halt, that is so lame', thought Kaima.

"As your goddess, I command you to go back to your tombs and only awake by the sound of my voice saying 'Rise', understand?" Kaima says, as her eyes glow, making mummies glow too.

Soon, all the mummies go back to their tomb;the tomb glows, and seals itself.

After that, Kaima put the artifacts back on display.

The phone rings as Kaima puts the display where it belongs, so she answers the phone.

"Hello", said Kaima.

"Is Darrel there?" asked a woman.

"Sorry, everybody left including the employees, How can I help you?" answered Kaima, looking at the projection of the woman.

"Who are you?" asked the woman.

"The girl that defended the mummies. Need some help?" Kaima tells the woman.

"I could use some help, could you teleport to Flower's national museum?" The woman asks Kaima.

"Sure, I'll be right there", Kaima declared.

"Thank you; You can tell us your name when you get there", The woman waves goodbye.

Then, the woman hangs up.

Kaima sends a message to her parents, and friends; then she opens a portal and teleports to Vegas.

The museum is dark, showing that there's powerful magic coming.

Kaima walks through the museum, and starts to hear voices from a room that shows a bunch of bright lights, once she walks in; she sees the woman along with five highschool students.

"Hello, you must be the manager, I'm Kaima, the girl you talked to on the phone", Kaima tells the woman.

By the way, this woman is a person who has blonde hair that looks white, wearing a purple dress and purple heels.

Her name is Penelope.

The five Highschool students are three girls and two boys.

The three girls have spiky long hair looking like a porcupine, wearing a highschool uniform from a prep Academy, the two boys have long red hair, and are wearing regular highschool uniforms.

They have cute faces that they look like they are from fifth grade.

"So, Kaima, do you know about what's going on?" asked one of the boys.

"I do, now hurry I sense something", said Kaima.

"Sense something?" asked the boys.

"What do you mean?" asked one of the girls.

Before Kaima could answer, a cloud of shadows appear, and the shadows surround Kaima.

The shadows become a vampire.

Kaima looks at Penelope, and asks "Is this the museum of supper creatures?"

Penelope nods.

The vampire tries to bite Kaima, but Kaima tackles him down, and shows her fangs.

"Is she a vampire too?" asked Jessabelle.

Jessabelle, Kate, and Anatte are the three highschool girls; and Andy and Tony are the highschool boys.

Anatte looks closer at Kaima's fangs, and says "No, those are fangs of a python".

The vampire turns back into a shadow to escape Kaima's grip, he returns around and faces Andy and Tony.

"Kaima!" called Tony and Andy, seeing she disappeared.

The vampire tries to bite Tony first, but something wraps around him, and it gets striked in the heart.

This is done by Kaima, who has blood coming from her claws, which makes Tony, Andy, Anatte, Kate, and Jessabelle cheer.

Back at flower field, the wolves change into various different animals, one of them turns into a deer.

The deer runs down the fields, when it almost runs into a boy who has short brown hair that is curly, wearing a red dress and heels and red lipstick.

The deer stops itself, turns around, looks at the cross-dressed boy, and turns into a dog.

"No way!" The boy's eyes glowed.

The boy picks up the dog, and smiles.

"Danny! Danny!" Called a 16-year-old who has long black/white hair, wearing a rainbow outfit and high heels running.

"Hey, sis; look", Danny waves.

"Uh! Mr. Calwas worried sick, you can't run off like that", complained Danielle.

"Why do you call him, Mr ? He's only three years older than you", Danny pointed out.

"That may be true, but he's also a teacher and I have to respect him", Danielle responds back..

Ben runs toward Danielle and Danny, and smiles.

"Mr. Ben!" exclaimed Danielle.

"Are you alright?" asked Ben.

"Yeah, Danny just found a puppy", said Danielle.

"Thank goodness, I'd love to stay, but I've been called in from work", Ben told Danielle and Danny.

"You're leaving, but what about the monsters? "Danny asks, looking sad.

Ben rubs Danny's hair, and says "A friend's coming for that, and I'll be helped from afar.

"Wait! Before you leave, watch this; come on changeling", Danny begs.

"Okay", said Ben.

The puppy turns into a parrot, and lands on Ben's shoulder.

"Can I keep him, please?" asked Danny. "I'll take good care of him".

"Okay", said Ben.

Through the day, Kaima deals with monster after monster, Mina and Lily start to and finish dealing with any magical items going out of control, Rose and Steve notify any people in danger to come to The Red Pyramid mansion, it's literally a mansion shaped like a pyramid.

Ben keeps an eye on any new creatures and uses a magical baseball bat, Neddy uses guns; Nia uses needles that work like yoyos.

Dr. Liama uses a bazooka, that's full of acid, Cat uses her lasers that's attached to her car; Annabelle uses her umbrella, Marvin has a magic pen that brings her pen that brings his drawings to life, Jasmine uses a scythe and Kina uses her strength.

Everything seems under control, but not for the other people around the world.

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